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Video Production Tutorial Learn how to shoot, edit and export videos from second life.

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1 Video Production Tutorial Learn how to shoot, edit and export videos from second life

2 For Video production Second Life record option. CamStudio software – desktop recorder – Options, Settings, Voice Demo

3 For recording through second life… Go to File> Start/Stop Movie to Disk or Ctrl+Shift+A Select uncompressed option and record.

4 Using CamStudio Software You have basic options to choose before you start recording. You can choose the size/region you want to record and start recording. Records to AVI format only

5 For Video Editing You may have to record audio separately and then put the audio and video together in the tracks in the editing software Use Windows Movie Maker or Ulead Video Studio. Demo

6 Using Windows Movie Maker

7 Windows Movie Maker To import a video/audio go to File>Import Media. Select the video/audio you want to add

8 Windows Movie Maker Drag the video/audio file to the track at the bottom. Add titles/credits at the start and end of your video using the title track

9 Windows Movie Maker To publish your video through WMM click on publish tab on the top right corner

10 Ulead Video Studio You can use Ulead to edit videos Available on 4 systems in the lab 460. The steps are similar to Windows Movie Maker i.e. import a video, drag into the relevant tracks, add music, text and export. For exporting video you can do so in several formats

11 Ulead Video Studio The capture Screen of Ulead is as follows The top left side is the viewer and the right side is the library of videos imported.

12 Ulead Video Studio To import a video go to File>Import Media File to Library

13 Ulead Video Studio Once Media File added to library you can drag it to the timeline and start editing

14 Ulead Video Studio To export a the final video file, go to share tab on the right side top corner and select the format to export

15 Ulead Video Studio Once you select the format, this screen will appear and once rendering is done, your edited video is ready

16 For Video Upload You may use any new age video upload repositories like YouTube, AOL video. Youtube – 10 mins or 1 GB limit per video AOL to be preferred if size is large.

17 For voice recording You can use the Windows Sound Recorder Connect the Mic to your system. Open sound recorder and start recording

18 Audacity Just download audacity software from the net. Install and start recording voice. Export for saving in different formats.

19 Free Ambient Sound Download t-sound.html t-sound.html Files/Samples_and_Loops/ Files/Samples_and_Loops/

20 Do’s and Don’ts While recording ensure that the area/boundary you want to shoot is chosen correctly. Also during recording, keep a 5 seconds gap at the start and end of the portion you intend to record While adding voice be careful about the syncing with video.

21 Do’s and Don’ts You may record small bits of videos and put them together while editing. Make sure you use transitions between two separate shots. Export to mpeg or avi formats as they can be played by most players.

22 Copyright Issues When using multimedia. Use only copyright free software Don’t use music which is copyrighted as background. Do not use copyrighted images, bits of videos.

23 If you wish to…. If you need help with voice recording you may contact Nancy Lorenz at FH546 Sign up on the sheet passed.

24 Thank You!!!! Any Questions: You know whom to contact

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