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Mikael Ekenberg, Progman Oy

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1 Mikael Ekenberg, Progman Oy Mikael Ekenberg, Progman Oy

2 MagiCAD for AutoCAD & Revit MEP
Runs on AutoCAD / Architecture / MEP / Revit MEP / 32-and 64-bit Sprinkler Circuit Designer Comfort & Energy Room Ventilation Piping Electrical All applications in one package!

3 MagiCAD - IFC Support Certified for IFC 2x3
IFC 2x3 Coordination View V2.0 certification process - Ready with MagiCAD

4 MagiCAD - IFC Support MagiCAD for AutoCAD MagiCAD for Revit MEP
IFC Export supported and configurable via - MagiCAD Property Set Manager MagiCAD for Revit MEP IFC Export supported by original Revit MEP Autodesk Revit Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) Exporter Code Now Available as Open Source Software; Supporting Greater Interoperability With Compliant Software.” “With access to the Revit IFC exporter source code, users can add custom parameter sets to elements exported to IFCs, or custom quantities to the elements exported”

5 MagiCAD – Property Set Manager
Property Set - definition

6 MagiCAD – Property Set Manager
Property Set - configuration

7 MagiCAD – IFC Export IFC Export

8 MagiCAD – IFC Import / Export
Imports the A-model definition for the project (site, building, stories, spaces) For use in BIM-projects based on IFC (creates an building database) IFC Export Exports the project structure site, building, stories and spaces (and building elements walls, windows if needed) Used as a base for the building services objects export and for Indoor Climate & Energy calculations

9 Thank you for your attention!

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