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Philips Solutions for Infection Control Aiding you in the battle against HAI Aiding you in the battle against HAI.

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1 Philips Solutions for Infection Control Aiding you in the battle against HAI Aiding you in the battle against HAI

2 Confidential The high toll of healthcare-associated infections There are an estimated 1.7 million HAIs at U.S. hospitals each year 1 Preventable HAIs in critically ill patients can increase LOS in the ICU by 11.4 days 2 Each HAI adds between $16,359 and $19,430 in excess healthcare costs 1 Import images at 72dpi, 480x508 pixels 22 References 1 Scott II, R. Douglas. The Direct Medical Costs of Healthcare-Associated Infections in U.S. Hospitals and the Benefits of Prevention, 2009. CDC Public Health Reports. ( 2. Beyersmann J, Gastmeier P, Grundmann H, Bärwolff S, Geffers C, Behnke M, Rüden H, Schumacher M. Transmission-Associated Nosocomial Infections: Prolongation of Intensive Care Unit Stay and Risk Factor Analysis Using Multistate Models. Am J Infect Control. 2008 Mar;36(2):98-103.

3 Confidential Helping you balance high quality care with cost constraints 3

4 Confidential4 Flexible Solutions for Single and Multi-Patient Care

5 Confidential ECG Leads Improving Workflow with Connectivity Compatible with Philips Trunk Cables Allows interchangeable use of disposable or reusable leads Connectivity to Other ECG Monitors Enables standardization on one brand of cables and lead sets OR Trunk Cable Provides protective shielding that enables the use of single-patient use lead sets in the OR 5

6 Confidential Non-invasive blood pressure For every pressure you face Convenient and Affordable Single Care cuffs offer the same Philips quality and validation at economical prices Durable and Long Lasting Multi Care cuffs are durable enough to be reused but economically priced so you can dispose of them when necessary Comfort and Ease Gentle Care cuffs are made with a soft, felt-like cover for exceptional comfort Making Safer Connections Neonatal cuffs are designed to prevent misconnections between blood pressure devices and other medical accessories Import images at 72dpi, 320x720 pixels 6

7 Confidential Import images at 72dpi, 480x508 pixels Pulse Oximetry Sensors Sensors that last Outstanding Durability Single-patient use sensors are designed to last throughout a patient stay, helping to reduce operating expenses Versatility Disposable sensors fit a wide range of patients, so there’s less inventory to stock Designed with Comfort in Mind Designed with minimal adhesive and enables better ventilation 7

8 Confidential Temperature Probes Versatility for a vital measurement Improves Workflow Compatibility with most manufacturers’ monitors reduces the need to change temperature probes Cost Savings Near universal connectivity enables you to buy, stock and standardize on one brand for virtually all of your temperature needs 8

9 Confidential Import images at 72dpi, 480x508 pixels Fetal Spiral Electrode Solution Improving the quality of care delivered to mothers and babies during labor Easy to Clean Seamless, one-piece design with a convenient flushing port Versatile Performance Compatible with Philips, GE, and Spacelabs fetal monitors Comfort and Ease of Use Spiral tip handle keeps tip inside tube during insertion for added protection 9

10 Confidential TRANSPAC 4 Disposable Pressure Transducers Invasive blood pressure solutions you can count on Accurate and Reliable Configured to provide high waveform accuracy, clinically proven, and validated to work with Philips monitors Streamline Workflow Many kit configurations and pressure cable options offer convenience for treating patients in a variety of clinical settings and with multiple monitoring brands Peace of mind Disposable format reduces risk of cross-contamination 10

11 Confidential SAFESET Blood Sampling/Conservation System Confidence when you need it most A Sampling and Conservation System that Protects You Both Protects patient’s blood from IV-line contamination and limits clinician exposure to blood-borne pathogens Simple and Efficient Convenient closed, in-line blood withdrawal directly via pressure- monitoring line increases efficiency of the blood sampling process Cost Savings Discard or clearing volume can be reinfused, limiting blood waste and helping to reduce blood transfusions 11

12 Confidential A trusted source for all of your supply needs 12


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