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Ever FSM 6 For more information - questions-about-the-pupil-premium.

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1 Ever FSM 6 For more information - questions-about-the-pupil-premium £600 for each pupil in years R-11 who is: – on roll in January 2012 census – recorded as eligible for FSM in any census within the last 6 years

2 FSM Historical data DfE have made an import file available for schools: Includes historical FSM data up to Autumn 2011 census FSM eligibility periods will be shown as a single day (census day) FSM eligibility periods will be added to the existing list – they will NOT overwrite any existing data

3 Why do I need to import the data? FSM History is now part of the statutory data to be included on a CTF when a pupil changes schools. The FSM History will enable you to see which pupils are eligible for the Pupil Premium

4 Key To Success Website

5 Click on Pupil Premium Preferred method Alternate method

6 Pupil joined school after October census? The CTF provided by the DfE only includes pupils that were shown as on roll at your school in the Autumn 2011 Census. Schools ICT will provide a report to list all pupils that have joined your school since 6 October 2011 (census day) You can obtain the FSM history for these pupils by using the search facility on the Key To Success website

7 A CTF will be created containing any pupils in your search that have historical FSM data. If no historical data is found, no output will be created. Copy and paste the UPNs from the SICTS report into this box and click Search

8 Import data into e1 Import the CTF into e1 – Tools | CTF | Import

9 FSM Eligibility Recording On an on-going basis, as future periods of FSM-eligibility arise for pupils, the school must load in the MIS, the FSM-eligibility ‘start date’ and (when the pupil’s FSM eligibility ends) schools must load the FSM-eligibility ‘end date’ The school must ensure that this is up-to-date before a CTF file is produced (e.g. before a school census or a pupil transfer) The School’s level of Pupil Premium funding will be affected if these dates of FSM eligibility (current and over the past 6 years) are not up-to-date in the MIS before each future school census

10 In Summary: Download CTF file(s) from the Key to Success Website Import the CTF file(s) into e1 Maintain record of start and end of current pupil FSM eligibility Run Free School Meal History report to list pupils who are eligible for the pupil premium under the Ever FSM 6 measure.

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