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AXC01 DIXF: The Microsoft Dynamics AX Data Import and Export Framework

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2 AXC01 DIXF: The Microsoft Dynamics AX Data Import and Export Framework
Viktor Lesiv | Celenia Software NA Inc

3 Introduction Purpose Assumptions – Audience has: Target Roles
DIXF overview Data migration: alternative solutions Assumptions – Audience has: Technical implementation and development experience, AX 2012 Target Roles TSAs Consultants Developers

4 Agenda DIXF Alternative Data Migration solutions Summary

5 Tools to Compare DIXF In product (dat/def) Test Data Transfer Tool
Excel add-in AIF – not in scope

6 Survey #1 - Experience Which tool you have most of experience with?
DIXF In product (dat/def) TDTT Excel add-in AIF

7 Data Import Export Framework
DIXF Data Import Export Framework AKA DIEF and DMF Export and Import R3: compare and copy Data migration Numerous templates

8 DIXF: Benefits Multiple templates Multiple import sources
Streamlines data migration Simplicity, Intuitive

9 DIXF: Key features 70+Entities (150+ R3) Parallel execution
Number sequence Support Mapper control Multiple Data sources Error handling  Folder support Role Base Security Multiple AOS support Import and Export data Compare Entity Copy data (R3) Custom entity wizard

10 DIXF: Version history AX 2012 R3 AX 2012
Add-on for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 70+ Entities Import / Export data Source: Flat files / XML / Excel AX 2012 R2 CU7 Part of foundation layer 70+ Entities Import / Export data Source: Flat files / XML / Excel Part of foundation layer 150+ Entities Import / Export / Copy / Compare data Source: Flat files / XML / Excel / ODBC Role base security AX 2012 R3

11 DIXF: Data Flow Source Staging Target

12 DIXF: Data Flow

13 DIXF: Setup Source Data Format Target Entities Processing Groups

14 DIXF: Process Load Source data file into the intermediate staging tables Load Source Data Validate Staging Data for data integrity Staging Data validation Converting Staging data into actual Dynamics AX table records Process Staging data into Target entities

15 DIXF: Pros and Cons Pros:
Support for import from files, ODBC data sources, and AX tables Process big data Synchronous processing Cons: Does not process large data volumes Complex troubleshooting process Difficult to extend for complex data structures

16 DIXF: Demo Create custom target entity Import using DIXF
Export using DIXF

17 DIXF: Hint RefRecId: Convert the natural key to a RecId for references
Add a data source so that the referenced table can be added to the target entity query. Create a function to handle the logic

18 DIXF: Recommendation Recommended uses: Non-recommended uses:
Import data from another ERP system that uses dissimilar data structures Import data that requires transformation Non-recommended uses:  When you work only with configuration settings

19 In-Product In-product Import/Export (.DAT/Def)

20 In-Product Built-in with AX Time tested Definition groups

21 In-Product: Demo? Create a definition group Import and Export

22 In-Product: Hint RefRecId: Regenerate RefRecIds if import both related and main tables. Save RefRecIds if import only related table. RefRecIds will be not actual.

23 In-Product: Hint TableId: Tables with the different name
and same table id. Tables with the same name and different table id.

24 In-Product: Recommendation
Recommended uses:  The source and target are AX instances. You are moving data from one company to another. Non-recommended uses:  Move configuration metadata to a new environment.

25 Test Data Transfer Tool
Process Metadata Syntax

26 Test Data Transfer Tool
Process Metadata Syntax

27 TDTT: Metadata Import the MetadataXMLGenerator.xpo.
Run the MetadataXMLGenerator job. Copy Metadata.xml from temporary folder to the [List] subfolder where the Test Data Transfer Tool is installed

28 TDTT: Syntax DP.exe direction directory database server Parameter
Default value Description direction EXPORT Specify EXPORT to export data or IMPORT to import data. directory The current directory Specify the directory from which the data should be exported or to which the data should be imported. database AXDB The name of the database. server The current computer Specify the computer name or instance name of the SQL Server computer that is hosting the Microsoft Dynamics AX database.

29 TDTT: Demo? Refresh data in DEV system

30 TDTT: Pros and Cons Pros: Speed Saves RecId
The data file format is text-based. Therefore, the data file can be compared with earlier versions and can be stored in a version control system. The tool enables export filtering. The tool updates entity IDs, so that the IDs match the IDs of the target system.

31 TDTT: Pros and Cons Cons:
Importing data into a production environment is not supported. The tool does not make sure that any data that you export or import is complete or coherent database.

32 TDTT: Recommendations
Recommended uses:  Export or import a large multi-company data set in a non-production environment. Move data between non-production AX environments that have slightly different customizations. Store business data as a backup Export or import data without running an instance of AOS in a non-production environment.

33 Excel add-in Import Publishing RecId challenge Recommendations

34 Excel add-in: Import

35 Excel add-in: Publish

36 Excel add-in: RecId Relations between tables based on
RecIds are not supported. Alternative keys can be used instead

37 Excel add-in: RecId

38 Excel add-in: Recommendations
Recommended uses:  Low to medium data volumes (<10,000 records) No business logic is required outside an existing document service Non-recommended uses:  Large data sets Content that requires execution of business logic Data sets that require data cleansing

39 Import from another system Change data before import
Best tool for Each Use DIXF Dat/Def TDTT Excel Source types AX, ODBC, CSV, Excel, XML, Text Dat + Def Out + OutModel + XML Import from another system Best Update data Possible Cross company copy Speed Save foreign keys Data entry Copy data to TEST or DEV Change data before import Validation

40 Summary Data migration addressed Tools reviewed: DIXF
In-product Import/Export Test Data Transfer Tool Excel add-in

41 OPEN Q & A

42 Contact details Viktor Lesiv Ganna Kupchenko
Ganna Kupchenko

43 Please fill out your evaluation
THANK YOU Please fill out your evaluation

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