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CFNC Admission Import V2 Presenter CPCC Charles Cox ITS Project Leader.

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1 CFNC Admission Import V2 Presenter CPCC Charles Cox ITS Project Leader

2 CFNC Admission Import V2 What is CFNC Web Site Managed by College Foundations of NC. Part of Pathways of North Carolina ( CFNC Contact: Robin Greene -

3 General Overview of Admission Import Process CFNCXAP Communicator Colleague

4 Process Flow CFNC On Line Application 4 Flat Files (1 custom) Datatel Intermediate Files Custom Move to Student and Application Status change AAI (ELF) Import Phase I Admissions Architecture AAI (ELF) Import Phase II Datatel Colleague Files Student is ready to register (If qualified)

5 What makes up the Admissions Flat Files The Admissions application produces a set of 4 flat files in order to import into colleague. MAIN File: General Demographic info for a student INST File: Transcript, Degree, and High School info TESTS File: Test scores and times MISC File: North Carolina Specific info (Custom file) All Files are extracted to conform to the defined AAI flat file definition defined by Datatel’s Admissions Application Interface (AAI) process with the MISC file enhancement.

6 Where is the Application? If the.Main file cannot be found no data is processed. Each file must have same file name with the file extension being different (.main,.inst, etc). File name format: School Code + Year+Month+Day+Hour+Min Example  CPCC200602010905.main  CPCC200602010905.inst  CPCC200602010905.misc  CPCC200602010905.tests

7 What’s new for CFNC V2 New Fields being imported into colleague.  New Ethnicity field required by Fed Govt  New Races field required by Fed Govt (all that apply)  Student Cell Phone Number  Primary Language (on Foreign students)  Mailing address (if different from Primary address) Mailing address City, State, Zip, Country  Preferred Name  Mother’s Education level  Father’s Education level

8 Made Possible By Modifications made by CFNC to the online application for requested enhancements over the past 2 years. Modifications made by NCCCS to bring over the new import fields into Colleague. Beta tested by CPCC, Stanly CC, College of Albemarle

9 Download Manager

10 CFNC Control Site Slots

11 Click “CLEAR”

12 CFNC Control Site Slots Click “Pre-generated”

13 CFNC Control Site Slots Click CFNC…Main File V2

14 CFNC Control Site Slots Fill in fields like this example above. (Use Custom selection for Pattern)

15 CFNC Control Site Slots Repeat the other 3 slots the same as Main selecting the V2 versions for INST, MISC, TESTS.

16 CFNC Control Site Slots Click Mark/Unmark

17 CFNC Control Site Slots Click on “MARK DOWNLOADED” on each of the four download formats. Very Important: if this step is skipped you will receive downloads of every application your college has ever received. Date range before School started downloading

18 XAP Communicator Xap Communicator normally runs on a IT Server and may only be accessible by your IT staff. The following needs to be done on XAP Communicator program. Click on Preferences.

19 XAP Communicator Make sure your current CFNC username and password is filled in. Also the XAP server should be your live account if this is your production Xap program. All other items here can default. Click on Download Tab.

20 XAP Communicator Your first 4 items should look like this. You may have other entries also. Click on Main file V2 and click on “edit selected settings” button.

21 XAP Communicator Fill in the directory location you plan to save the downloaded file. The local server space. Then click on “post-Download Actions”

22 XAP Communicator Fill in the URL or IP address of your datatel server, Username used to FTP the files into colleague, password of FTP login. Directory where to ftp the files on colleague. \datatel\coll18\production\apphome\DATA\DATA_I\IMPT.APPL.DATA. Click OK.

23 XAP Communicator Repeat the setup process for the other three V2 download formats.

24 Colleague Updates Mailing address type

25 Colleague Updates Add new fields MRGC - IBIO.PERSON.NCM

26 Lastly Verify the reports are coming out with correct results and no unusual errors.. Check Colleague screens (SHAP, RGPE, XNCA, FPER, IASU) Primary Language (foreign students only ) FPER Ethnicity and Races, addresses, preferred name on RGPE, NAE

27 Questions??

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