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BROUGHT TO YOU BY: TUSHRM How to Import/Export your MIS E-Portfolio.

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1 BROUGHT TO YOU BY: TUSHRM How to Import/Export your MIS E-Portfolio

2 Step 1: Export your MIS E-Portfolio You will need to log in to the MIS Community Site. MIS Community Site Go to your Dashboard (on your MIS site) Click ‘Tools’ in the navigation bar on the left hand side (there will be a wrench icon next to it) and then click ‘Export’. Be sure to choose ‘All Content’, and then click ‘Download Export File.’

3 Step 2: Save the.XML file A box will pop up asking you to open or save the file, you want to ‘Save’ that.xml file on to your computer Log out. Then, proceed to the new HRM site and log inHRM site

4 Step 3: Import your MIS E-Portfolio Create a new site, and again go under ‘Tools” Click ‘Import’ and upload the saved.xml file. Click ‘Update’ on the right hand side to save your changes

5 Reminder! You may notice that the site won’t look exactly the same as your MIS e-portfolio, so you will need to do some revision within your Dashboard to change the theme and layout around if need be. You will also likely need to re-upload some documents, pictures, etc. Make sure your menu headings are still correct Make sure that all of your links are still working!

6 Listing your E-portfolio Once your portfolio is imported. You need to submit it to the HRM community site for approval. Use this link: portfolio/ portfolio/ Fill out the form and select your e-portfolio site name from the drop down box (you must be logged in for this to show up) Submit, and you will receive an email confirming your listing Don’t forget your avatar to get your page fully approved!

7 Additional Resources These instructions are listed on our TUSHRM website:

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