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1 EndNote Download link: 1

2 Reference Manager Download link: 2

3 3 Reference Management for Systematic Reviewers Michelle Fiander, EPOC Group Doug Salzwedel, Hypertension Group Cochrane Colloquium 21 October 2011

4 Agenda 1. Workshop objectives 2. Principles of file management 3. File naming and organisation 4. Principles of reference management 5. Demo: Reference Manager 6. Demo: EndNote 7. Practical exercises 4

5 Objectives Save effort by establishing file naming conventions for search strategies & results Effectively manage strategies & results by establishing folder organisation Create a template reference database Identify import & export filters for moving references to and from databases 5

6 File Management Purpose To clearly identify & ensure access to the content of files/documents associated with a project in the present & for the future. Planning Decide on abbreviations Define a folder structure where files will be saved Versioning: decide how to identify multiple versions of a single document 6

7 File Naming Principles Purpose: File name should clearly identify the document Don’t rely on Folders to describe content of a file because files may become detached from folders. Process: Decide on abbreviations relevant to project content Decide on types of material to be saved 7

8 File Naming Principles Determine at beginning of a project/systematic review File naming conventions for – Search strategies – Search results – Screening results Decide on an abbreviated title to represent your review – Medication review in hospitals might be abbreviated as MedRev – Reduction of antibiotic use in primary care—Antibi-PC or RedAntib Use this abbreviation at the beginning of any and all files you create for your project Purpose of filename is to clearly define content of file 8

9 Material/content for systematic reviews Search results (raw) Search results formatted (RefMan, EndNote, Excel) Search strategies Screening/selection results Data extraction forms Manuscripts/drafts 9

10 Abbreviation: SR Topic Interventions to reduce antibiotic prescribing in primary care Antib-PC or Antib-Redc-PC Impact of medication review on antibiotic prescribing MedRev-Antib OR MedRev Interventions to improve management of childhood diabetes DM-Child OR DM-Peds 10

11 Abbreviations: Databases ML =Medline PM =Pubmed EM = EMBASE Coch = Cochrane CIN = Cinahl Soc = Sociological Abstracts Psyc= PsychInfo 11


13 Principles of reference management What we need to track… 13

14 Search results Source of search results (database) Date of search Number of search results Format of search results 14

15 Organising search results Separate text files for each database of results Combined file to remove duplicates 15

16 File organisation 16

17 File organisation 17


19 Organising results 19

20 PRISMA 20

21 Organising results – Plan ahead CRD guidance: Set clear rules about who can add, edit records in the database of references retrieved Use clear terminology to record decisions when screening Usually preferable to have one person manage the database of references 21

22 Reporting your search Need to ensure strategies provide enough detail to be reproducible, transparent List all sources searched Search strategy used for at least one database Time periods of the searches 22

23 Well-documented searches… Contribute to transparent, reproducible reviews Make updating the review faster, easier Avoid needless duplication of results 23

24 Live demo: Reference Manager 24

25 Live demo: EndNote 25

26 Hands-on exercises - EndNote Folder: A001 (Walk) Export references from EndNote library Email them to someone who uses Reference Manager Folder: EndNote to RevMan files: Export 4-5 references from EndNote (RIS format) Import to RevMan (check out a copy of a review to test this!) Try moving imported refs to a different folder in RevMan Folder: Files to import to EndNote Import each of the 4 files to EndNote using appropriate filter Remove duplicates Export remaining references as RIS and save with appropriate name 26

27 Creating Databases— Reference Manager Copy a database you have worked with before –especially if you’ve customized it. If not, customize fields to enable you to add content relevant to your project. Useful fields— Search Info [User 21] Inc/Exc TiAB [User 18] Inc/Exc FT [User 19] 27

28 Customizing Fields—Reference Manager: Field Type Edit 28

29 Customizing what you see (RM)--Reference List Display 29

30 Screening in Reference Manager 30 Move Decision field to a position that works for you. Display decision column Search on decision column Export decisions to Excel

31 31 Questions? Comments?

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