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CN Brampton Import Storage 9 February 2006 (revised 31 March 2006)

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1 CN Brampton Import Storage 9 February 2006 (revised 31 March 2006)

2 - 1 - Agenda  Backgound  Import storage policy  Off-site storage options  Rail 101

3 - 2 - Background  The rapid growth in international trade is placing a strain on all components of the supply chain

4 - 3 - Background 30% 26% 27% 35% 17%

5 - 4 - Background 140% Growth

6 - 5 - Background  CN is positioning itself, and thereby positioning its customers, to capitalize on this growth  Expansion of operating hours  Provision of reserved capacity  Terminal expansion  CN’s Brampton storage policy is designed to create the capacity for CN’s customers to continue growing  Brampton is a cross-dock facility  Storage is offerred where land is not required for primary operations  Customers are better served by ensuring their costs are related to the infrastructure they consume

7 - 6 - Import Storage Policy  Import storage – one free day, thereafter $200/day or part thereof  Day of availability  Day after availability  07:00 the next day Day 0 Day 1 Day 2Day 3 Import Available Free DayDay of Availability$200 $400 07:00

8 - 7 - Off-Site Storage Options  CN provides lower cost off-site storage options for customers unable to pick up their imports upon arrival  $125 for up to 2 days of storage – Day of availability, next two days, up to 07:00 the next day  $75 for each additional 24 hours or part thereof  Excludes Dangerous Goods, running reefers, containers not released by Canada Customs  Containers without a pick up appointment at the time of grounding will be moved to off-site storage  Alternatively importers may select from a variety of service providers who will remove an import form CN Brampton within the free time and store it until the importer is ready to receive it Day 0 Day 1 Day 2Day 3 Import Available Free Day Day of Availability $200 $400 Day of Availability$125 + $75 Brampton Misc Day of Availability plus Two Days for $125 07:00

9 - 8 - Rail  Import trains:  Halifax – daily departure 20:05 Atlantic, arrival 02:30 day 2 (30h transit), pad 03:45  Montreal – daily departure 07:15 Eastern, arrival 17:35 (10h transit), pad 02:30 day 1  Deltaport – daily departure 03:00 Pacific, arrival 03:20 day 4 (93h transit), variable pad  Vancouver waterfront – daily dearture 20:00 Pacific, arrival 09:30 day 5 (106h transit), pad 16:00 day 5  Port loading patterns, ETA availability  Booking appointments  Import must have a published availability – Loaded vs moving  Appointment system must be open Sunday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Monday TD Halifax TA Brampton Import Available Brampton Appointment system opens for Friday TD Vancouver Waterfront TA Brampton Import Available Brampton

10 - 9 - Rail  Pad Availability  To assist the importer with planning their pick up CN will update its systems with an anticipated “pad availability” by noon the day before scheduled placement – This will enable an importer to arrange/comfirm their pick up with the importer

11 Rail  Intermodal Shipment Status

12 Rail  Points to Note:  Scheduled placement is generally conservative – Designed to ensure availability by listed time  If no appointment is made prior to grounding the import will be moved off-site – To ensure import remains at Brampton do not wait until day of placement to make appointment  Appointment may be made when import dispays ETA – Reconfirm after pad availability is displayed – An alert will be sent to the registered address if pad availability precludes appointment from being fulfilled  Certain circumstances may prevent an import being available immediately at scheduled pad placement. To prevent a dead run: – Monitor actual pad availability when scheduling tight – Plan pick up for the free day

13 Rail  Considerations:  If CN has not provided a scheduled pad availability by noon the day before, the import will continue to have two free days  Storage clock will begin with the later of scheduled pad availability or actual availability  If an appointment cannot be fulfilled due to rescheduling/late pad placement the import will continue to have two free days

14 Rail  Storage:  Any party that will guarantee storage should be set up to do so on line  At the present time, storage may only be guaranteed once the container grounds

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