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Triangular Trade Route Imports and Exports

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1 Triangular Trade Route Imports and Exports

2 Colonial Trade By the 1700s several towns along the Atlantic coast had grown into large port cities. New York City Philadelphia Charleston They all had good harbors and grew because of trade.

3 Port Cities Ships arrived almost daily in these port cities, (New York City, Philadelphia, and Charleston) carrying new settlers and imported goods. After a few weeks in port, the ships sailed away loaded with exports.

4 Imports Imports – goods brought into the colonies from other countries. Tea Sugar Spices Cloth Shoes Stockings Buttons

5 Exports Exports – goods produced in the colonies sent to be sold in other countries. Furs Lumber Fish Cash crops

6 England and Colonial Trade
Many ships followed a direct route between England and the 13 colonies. England wanted the colonies to trade only with them. The government also wanted the colonists to buy goods only from England.

7 Triangular Trade Route
Many ships followed a route that connected England with the 13 Colonies, the Caribbean Islands, and Africa. These points formed a triangle on the Atlantic Ocean.


9 Traveling the Trade Route
Ships transported manufactured goods, raw materials, and enslaved people from Africa. The Triangular Trade Route was also called the Middle Passage.

10 Growth of Coastal Cities
Many coastal cities grew because of trade but people made a living in others ways too. Fishing and Whaling Shipbuilding Workers with special skills: hat makers, printers, tailors, carpenters, etc.

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