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Data Conversion and Import

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1 Data Conversion and Import
Data Import Process Child Plus Data Import Details

2 Data Conversion Options
Data can be imported by individual agencies Data comes from single agency database Example - Child Plus and HSFIS Data can be imported for all agencies in single file by the System Administrator Data comes from state wide database in single file for all agencies Example - eHEAT

3 Considerations How much data should be imported
This might depend on the vendor, the reporting capability of other software, and agency needs Import into CSBG or other Module Detailed data for HS needs to be imported into HS Module Basic Data can be imported into a CSBG Program

4 Data Conversion Process
Obtain Data File(s) from other database Adjust Files for Import into Visions Upload to Test Site Verify Mapping Complete – If not map remaining data Process File on Test Site Repeat process on Production Site

5 eHEAT Data comes in a text file Rename file and upload on Test Site
All agencies’ data in one file Processed once for everyone Rename file and upload on Test Site If OK - Upload same file to Production

6 Child Plus into CSBG Program
Setup program in CSBG One component with several Activities Enroll Activity for each Class Wait List Activity Accepted Activity Terminate/Dropped Activity

7 Child Plus Data Create some specific Agency Created Fields in Child Plus (Veteran, Disabled, etc.) if you want to save and import this information Setup and Run 3 custom reports from “Live Report” system Enrollment – Basic HS Information Family – Income and Address Member – Individual Demographics

8 Data is in CSV files

9 Import into Access Database
Use Standard Access Database (mdb file) provided by MinnCAP Clear out Tables Import Data into Existing Tables Rename file with your Agency Code, Operation Year, Program, and File Number Example 099_2012_099HeadStart_001.mdb


11 Choices to make Importing Data
Delimited Delimiter is Comma First row contains Headers

12 Repeat for all three files

13 MS Access File Naming Convention
nnn_ yyyy_ProgramName_001 nnn is agency code yyyy is Operation Year Program Name is Program Name 001 numbers files consecutively Separated by Underscore For agency 099 and Program 099HeadStart_pg 099_2012_099HeadStart_001

14 Import into Test Site

15 Find Access Database and Open

16 Import File

17 Status will change from Uploading to Import Pending to Import Pass

18 Make sure you have the correct Mapping Rule Selected
Click Validation to check if all data is mapped properly

19 To Map Additional Data

20 Program and Activity Mapping

21 Validate Data File

22 Console page to Process File

23 Console Transaction page

24 Repeat on Production Site
If everything looks good on Test Site Repeat the process on Production Other Data Imports in the works Peer Place, etc. Questions

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