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3 DESCRIBE FIREARMS IMPORT AND EXPORT RULES About Firearms  A firearm is a mechanical device that uses pressure from a burning powder to force a projectile through and out of a metal tube.  Firearms import; Means to buy firearms (importation) from another country for use in your own country.  Firearms export; Means to sell firearms (exportation) to another country.

4 FIREARM CONT.......  Firearms exportation and importation is inseparable in many countries due to different purposes such as hunting activities and business e.g. when purchased it has to be transported from one country to another, by doing so there are some regulation to be followed which are applied almost in each country as follows: Export of Firearms: when the owner of a firearm leaves the country and exports his firearm, he/she must surrender his license and obtain an export license.(Ordnance cap 223 of firearm and ammunition)

5 FIREARM CONT.......  Import and Export: All dealers and agents must obtain an import/export permit. Applications are forwarded by the Regional Police Commander to the Director of Criminal Investigations for approval. All firearms dealers must also be in possession of a valid license to operate. Applicants must meet 21 regulatory criteria before they are permitted to sell guns, shotguns, rifles, bullets or explosives. (5) The criteria include:  The applicant must not have a previous criminal record;  The dealerships should be impregnable and guarded by security personnel.  The applicant's employees should have experience with weapons and know how to operate and maintain them. (5)

6 REASON OF EXPORT AND IMPORT FIREAMS IN WILDLIFE AND TOURISM  Protection:  Against dangerous animals, poachers, clients by professional hunter, biologists and other people working in Protected Area, Tourist in Protected Areas, Human property from dangerous animals, vermin and pests  Control wildlife populations:  From over increasing to destroy habitats and raiding crops and human property by scaring

7 FIREARM CONT.....  Wildlife utilization  (i) Hunting for different purposes not forgetting  - Subsistence hunting to provide need protein to local people.  - Cropping operations for meat and trophies as one way of getting revenue  - Culling operations to control populations  - Sport hunting  (ii) Wild animals capture operations with capture gun. Animals captured could be for domestication, research, translocation, treatment of diseases etc.

8 EXPOTATION OF FIRE ARMS,APPLICATION SHOULD HAVE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATIONS: A cover letter outlining the dates of travel and nature of the export (temporary) and some type of confirmation of your travel and its purpose (e.g. booking confirmation or invitation letter issued by your outfitter, flight itinerary, etc.). The letter should also state that the export is being made for personal use on the hunting trip and that the exported articles will return you country of origin. Confirmation that you have import authority to bring your firearms into the foreign country, or a statement that you will arrange for such permission at the time of import at your destination (your outfitter might be able to assist you).

9 CONT……….. A valid foreign import authorization that clearly identifies the consignee and the firearm being exported. This documentation may take the form of an International Import Certificate, an Import Permit or Import License issued to the final consignee by the foreign firearms import authority.

10 CONT…………… An example of a description of ammunition might be "375 caliber sporting ammunition.” Ensure that the noted unit value correctly reflects the unit of measure used. Generally, quantities and values are stated “per box” or “per cartridge”. You are required to provide your self-assessment of the Export Control List numbers that apply to your export, serial number of your firearms.

11 GENERAL REGULATIONS:  Importation and exportation of firearms should be done on registered port or prescribed town.  No importation or exportation of prohibited firearms (Schedule ) without the approval of the president.  No importation or exportation of the personal firearms and muzzle loading firearms (schedule ) without declaring to custom officers or other officers at the time of export and produce a license of possession of such firearms.  No importation or exportation of firearms and ammunition by post

12 EXPORT RULES A cover letter from the exporter clearly outlining the transaction entered into between the exporter and the consignee with regard to the proposed export. Documentation from the applicant/exporter showing that the firearms proposed for export are legally registered in (in country of origin)and a clear statement of, or documentary proof that, the exporter has the permission of the owner of the firearm. A copy of a valid Firearms License held by the exporter for the legal classification of the firearm proposed for export

13 C ONT……… You will be exporting the goods to yourself to the foreign address of your outfitter. The consignee information should be listed as: your name, “Care of” the name and address of your outfitter. When listing ammunition on your application, indicate the correct caliber, unit of measure, quantity and unit value where required.

14 IMPORT REGULATION Application of permit should be made in advance, so that the airport knows before your arrivals to the airport, if not then you will not take out firearms from the airport. Application will be made up on your behalf by the outfitter, a fee is payable to obtained the firearms depending on your outfitter its between $200.00 -$300.00 per firearm. Each hunter may import 1 up to the3 firearms in to Tanzania. Hand gun, semi automatic firearms are strictly prohibited. Maximum amount of ammunition permit is 200round per firearms. Maximum caliber allowed for dangerous animals such as buffalos, elephant and lion are 375. Minimum caliber in all game is 240.

15 APPLICATION DOCUMENT Copy of passport, photographic detailed page. Copy of ownership of fire arm, document must include fire arm your intending to bring-licensed permit for hunters. 6-pasport photographs (send them through e -mail.  Your outfitter will ask you to send the above documents to him via E-mails or post, he will also need to know the exact No of round ammunition to be brought in.  Some of the outfitters will prefer and happy to accept the detailed make action caliber and serial number of your firearms just supplied in written by yourself, sending documents proof (customs form 4457 firearms license



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