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RQM Test Artifact Importing Anoop

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1 RQM Test Artifact Importing Anoop Chathoth/India/IBM@IBMIN

2 Objective The following slides gives you a step by step instructions on how to import TestCases and TestScripts into RQM from MS Excel Spreadsheet (.xls) file. Microsoft Excel and Word are popular document formats used by many test organizations to author, store and maintain their test assets. RQM provides a utility that allows the Excel and Word applications to import test data to RQM via HTTP.. 2017/4/8

3 What you need to begin the import process?
To download the importer utility follow the steps below. What you need to begin the import process? The RQM Excel/Word Importer is all you need to start the activity Login into (You need to have a registered login account) Click on Downloads Tab, based on your product release version. 2017/4/8

4 Installing MS Office Primary Interop Assemblies
Now that you have RQM/ Excel importer utility downloaded on your local machine. Please don’t start the installation. Please refer to the link for updated information on how to install the above interop packs Before installation there are few prerequisites to be installed 2017/4/8

5 Installing RQMExcel importer utility
After having installed the required prerequisite. Run the RQMExcelImporterSetup.exe Extract the installation files from RQM-Extras-RQMExcelWordImporter-<version>.zip to a temporary location. Run the install setup file, RQMExcelImporterSetup.exe for Excel Once you are done with the installation, we you will find the files and folders in the location – c:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\RQMExcelImporter 2017/4/8

6 Verify the Installation
Verify the Installation by opening Excel Spreadsheet and look for RQM menu as shown below Open any spreadsheet and see if RQM appear as a Menu Item 2017/4/8

7 Reviewing the Excel Spreadsheet and Config file.
You can find lot of sample files (Config / Excel) in the location - > C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\RQMExcelImporter\Samples 2017/4/8

8 Sample Excel file format
This is one of the sample excel file format which we have used in our team 2017/4/8

9 Sample Config file (.CFG)
In the screen below are the lines from config file referring to the columns in the Excel file Config file can be saved with .CFG extension. 2017/4/8

10 Start the Importing of Excel into RQM
Once your Excel Sheet and Config file are ready for importing Open your Excel Spreadsheet. Navigate to RQM menu and will find the below two options available. We have used Export to Repository Option for importing into RQM. 2017/4/8

11 Start the Export Process
Click on Export to start the process. 2017/4/8

12 Viewing the imported TestCase and Scripts in RQM.
Login into RQM Project Area <> Go to Construction > View Test Cases & Scripts **** You will see the Manual Steps we have in our excel spreadsheet imported in RQM **** 2017/4/8

13 Reference RQM on Forum: 2017/4/8

14 2017/4/8

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