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CHL Instructor’s Guide

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1 CHL Instructor’s Guide
Instructor’s Guide to the Texas Concealed Handgun License Program.

2 Instructor’s Lesson Plan
I have designed an Instructor’s Lesson Plan. The program is located at Found under the heading of “Information”. Subheading of “Four Hour Course Curriculum” The following is a list of what this program offers.

3 A GUIDE TO INSTRUCTION The CHL is a “Serious Subject”. It cannot be taken lightly. Make sure that your students know that it is an awesome responsibility. You have 6 hours to cover 4 subjects Handgun Handling Safe Storage of a Handgun Force Options (Deadly Force) Non-Violent Dispute Resolution.

4 Have a Plan to Shoot Bottom line is: This is serious! No Joking.
Student’s tend to remember more of what was presented last. Consider teaching Deadly Force first and Non-Violent Dispute Resolution at the last. PowerPoint Presentations are great… but don’t get hooked on them. If you have a power failure, you will need to be prepared to finish the class anyway.

5 Instructor’s Manual Includes
List of things you need to know. List of things you need to understand. List of things that you need to present to the student. Left and Right Section. Left is what you need to have for reference Right is what the student needs to hear.

6 Appendices Appendices have all of the information that you can print up and distribute to the student in a packet so that PowerPoint slideshows would not be necessary. Appendix “C” has PowerPoint slideshows that you can use to add “Dazzle” to your classroom. This can help if available. If not, have a packet available for each student.

7 Classroom Time

8 Instructor’s Manual Appendix “A”: PDF folders that are useful to the student. One of which is the CHL-16 (useful laws, rules, regulations for the CHL) Appendix “B”: Signs that are common to the CHL. Appendix “C”: PowerPoint Slide Shows for use in the Teaching Phase (available only on the digital format)

9 Instructor’s Manual Appendix “D”: Quizzes and State Exam
Appendix “E”: Answer Sheet for Student Appendix “F”: A fillable CHL-6 (Digital Format) Appendix “G”: Sign-in Sheet for each class. Appendix “H”: Information Sheet that the instructor can use to fill out paperwork during student Quizzes.

10 Instructor’s Manual Appendix “I”: Check List for the student to follow when filing application. Appendix “J”: A “Release of Liability” for the instructor to use to reduce liability for the Range.

11 Digital Format The digital format is a “Thumb Drive” where all the information from the instructor’s manual can be reproduced. Otherwise, just make copies of the material from the Manual. Appendix “C”: The PowerPoint presentations are only available on the Digital format. PowerPoint Slideshows only project bullet points. You must be familiar with the subject in order to “Fill in the Spaces”.

12 CHL-16 There are two versions of the CHL-16 found on the digital format The original that is presented by the Department of Public Safety. This booklet will also give detailed information about all the types of weapons that are considered “unlawful”. It also gives details about Judges, LEO’s, Magistrates, Military, and much more that might not apply to your students.

13 CHL-16 There are two versions of the CHL-16 found on the digital format A reduced version that only covers specific information that every student must know and understand. If you give this version to the student, they must understand that they can get the original from the DPS website at They will sign an affidavit that they have read the entire CHL-16.

14 Range Safety You are responsible for safety regardless of whether it is your range or someone else's. Make sure that you provide for each student to have the necessary safety equipment while on the range. Inspect (or have them inspected) all the pistols that are used on the range. Inspect (or have them inspected) all the ammunition that is used on the range

15 Be Professional Dress Professional: Sharp, pressed, appropriate for the atmosphere Speak Professionally: Use your words wisely. No inappropriate words Talk Professionally: Loud Enough, Annunciate, Clarify, Understand the Subject before you talk. Be Professional: Have the attitude that you need to make others feel that you are in charge.

16 Classroom Needs to be accessible to everyone.
Restrooms and Break Rooms Good lighting. Good ventilation. Temperature appropriate. Tables, Chairs, etc. Charts, Projectors, Handouts, etc.

17 Range State approved: Safe, Sound, and Secure.
Commands: Be in-charge. Rule the Range! First Aid supplies as needed. Communication for; Students Emergency

18 Feedback Students need to be able to give the instructor feedback concerning the training. After Action Review: Get input from the students concerning items that they would have liked in the program and did like that you did present in the program.

19 Documentation If you did not document it; it did not happen.
Make sure that you have a copy of everything. Make sure the student understands that they need to keep a copy of everything. Have a booklet, folder, file, etc. for keeping all copies for a minimum of 3 years (5 if you are smart). Be ready for an audit from the DPS each year.

20 Good Luck and God Bless Be on the right side all the time. Any failure thereof will only come back to haunt you. Give the students a way to contact you for more information, referrals, and professional assistance. Make sure you read the Instructors Manual thoroughly before you start.

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