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Nuno Aghdassi Head of Flight Safety

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1 O Sistema de Segurança Operacional da NetJets Europe – Um exemplo prático.
Nuno Aghdassi Head of Flight Safety NetJets Transportes Aéreos, S.A. (NetJets Europe) Seminário “Anexo 19 - Gestão da Segurança Operacional” Lisboa - 30/01/2014

2 NetJets Europe – Highlights
Flight Crew: 700 (27 nationalities) Fleet of 102 aircraft (all CS- registered) Operations Centre (Paço de Arcos): 500 employees Other offices in UK, France and Germany

3 NetJets Europe – Fleet 7 29 34 16 4 9 3 Cessna Citation Bravo
Cessna Citation XLS Hawker Beechcraft 750/800 Dassault Falcon 2000 2014: Embraer Phenom 300 4 9 3 2015: Bombardier Challenger 350 Dassault Falcon 7X Gulfstream G550 Bombardier Global 6000

4 Operating Environment
EU-OPS AOC (Portugal) IOSA registered since 2004 Partnership with Lufthansa 4

5 Industry Involvement EASA European Commercial Aviation Safety Team (ECAST) RAeS Flight Operations Group NATS Safety Partnership Agreement (SPA) UK CAA Task Group – Airborne Conflict EASA European Operators FDM Forum FRMS Forum European Society of Air Safety Investigators (ESASI) 5

6 Fractional Ownership – The Concept
All the benefits of full aircraft ownership at a fraction of the cost

7 The Concept Fractional Ownership:
An undivided interest in a specific, serial numbered aircraft based on the number of hours you fly in a year Key: whole plane = 800 “occupied” hours Fractions: 1/2 = 400 occupied hours 1/4 = 200 occupied hours 1/8 = 100 occupied hours 1/16 = 50 occupied hours

8 Safety Department 7 full-time staff Flight Data Monitoring
Safety Reporting System Safety Investigations Emergency Response Plan 5 Safety Pilots Flight Safety Officer Honest Brokers Wide range of expertise Flight operations Civil aviation regulations Aerospace engineering Human factors, etc…

9 The Safety Balance Bankrupt The Safety Space Investment in safety
Accident Commercial interest 9

10 Safety Management System
NetJets has implemented its SMS by combining its existing safety processes into a single management system in 4 phases: Implementation and culture development (2011/2012) Risk management (2013) Training and promotion (2014) Safety assurance (2015) 10

11 Safety Management System
Ensure fixes still work Identify safety hazards and apply fixes Training/Education Communication Culture Documentation System architecture Accountabilities

12 Safety Management System
Policy and Objectives Safety Policy Accountable Manager Postholders Safety Review Board Risk Management Safety Reporting System Flight Data Monitoring Safety Action Team NetJets Safety Committee Safety Assurance Safety performance indicators Compliance Safety audits Training and Promotion Training programme Communication plan 12

13 Analysis and Identification
Risk Management and Safety Assurance Safety Reporting System; FDM; NSC; Flight Safety Investigation; Safety Interviews; HFACS; Safety Audits; External audits; Investigations reports; Safety seminars/conferences Articles, studies, etc. Risk Identification Assessment Mitigation Monitoring Hazard Analysis and Identification Event Risk Classification (ERC) Safety Issues Risk Assessment (SIRA) Safety Performance Monitoring Safety Audits Management of Change Continuous Improvement of the SMS Safety Recommendations; Safety Action Teams Safety Review Board 13

14 Risk Assessment Methodology – ARMS

15 Safety Management System Progress
Strategic Reinforce Risk Management Risk Register Review Fatigue Risk Management System Tactical Safety Critical Processes Flight Data Monitoring Safety Reporting System Auditing

16 Risk Register Review Most significant operational safety issues highlighted by EASA and the UK CAA. LOC-I Airborne Conflict Runway Excursion Fire CFIT Ground Handling Runway Incursion Risk assessment carried-out for each one to specifically identify NJE exposure and determine: What mitigating actions are needed (if any)? What safety performance indicators do we need to put in place to monitor evolution in time? 16

17 Risk Register Review Accident Category Contributing Factors
Mitigating Actions Regulations Resources Keywords/Taxonomy Internal Stakeholders External stakeholders Performance indicators Existing Possible

18 NetJets SafetyNet 18

19 Flight Data Monitoring
FDM is mandatory by EU-OPS (>27000 Kg MTOW) Fleets Global Express Gulfstreams Falcon 7X Cessna Citations Hawker 750/800 2014: Embraer Phenom 300 2015: Bombardier Challenger 350 FDM allows us to: Be proactive Achieve a better oversight of the operation Aim higher than regulated safety standards Lead the field in private aviation 19

20 Safety Initiatives Safety Alerts and Bulletins Safety News
Safety Awards 20

21 Emergency Response Plan

22 Leading the field in Safety
IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) Internationally recognised and accepted aviation safety standard Held by the world’s leading airlines NetJets is only one of few private aviation companies awarded with this distinction Lufthansa Airline Safety & Quality Assessment Complete assessment of safety and quality processes within NetJets Fatigue Risk Management Systems An international requirement NetJets is helping shape international standards applicable to private aviation A leader also in FRMS 22

23 O Sistema de Segurança Operacional da NetJets Europe – Um exemplo prático.
Nuno Aghdassi Head of Flight Safety NetJets Transportes Aéreos, S.A. (NetJets Europe) Agradeço a vossa atenção. Seminário “Anexo 19 - Gestão da Segurança Operacional” Lisboa - 30/01/2014 23

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