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Use synthetic division to divide

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1 Use synthetic division to divide

2 Problem (9x^3-16x-18x^2++32) / (x-2)

3 Step one: You use the opposite term in the second set of parenthesis to use in your first synthetic division.

4 Step 2: Set up your problem by putting the term out side, and the other terms on the inside in order of the x’s. if there is a missing x put a zero in its place. 2

5 Step 3: You drop the first term down and then multiply the 2 outsides. After doing that you put it in the blank space underneath the second term. Add then repeat through the problem. 2

6 Step 4: Now take your answer and add the x’s using one less than when you started. Now factor the polynomial (3x+2) (3x-2) 9x^2-16

7 Step 5: Factor: include the original factor in your answer
(3x+2) (3x-2) (x-2)

8 Step 8: Graph

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