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Birchwood High School Year 10 Academic Support Evening.

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1 Birchwood High School Year 10 Academic Support Evening

2 What is the aim of tonight..... Give you the knowledge and the tools to support the student during Years 10 and into Year 11 Give a clear understanding of the Interim process and how targets are created and achieved Focus on exam stress and management of stress during the next 2 years To see what academic support is available Understand the importance of attendance

3 Birchwood High Schools Interim system What do you need to access the Interims..... School website address Interim username Interim password

4 Target setting GSCE targets are not just plucked out of thin air....honestly!! How is the target generated? The target is generated by using a data package from the Family Fisher Trust (FFT). This package is used by 80% of schools in the country. FFT use data from Key stage 2 Maths and English (Academic Profile), to estimate a students ‘chance’ of achieving a grade. This is based on the students Academic profile and the context of the school. We then match our students to the 15 th best school of a similar context. For example KSENMABasisSubject G+F+E+D+C+B+A+A*GMGA 25C4APA 15Art99% 96%91%79%46%21%7%CB

5 Making the next two years manageable… Your role in developing achievement

6 What is the impact of parental involvement? Parental involvement in a child’s education is a more influential than academic placement, social class or family size (Flouri and Buchanan, 2004 ) Parents make the greatest difference to achievement in supporting their learning in the home rather than supporting activities in the school (Harris and Goodall, 2007 ) Parental involvement in their child’s education is the greatest predictor of achievement at age 16 (Feinstein and Symons, 1991)

7 Making the next two years manageable… Being prepared… Exam boards and exam ingredients Deadlines – Examinations and Controlled Assessment Using interim data Awareness of targets Supporting with Home Learning

8 A young person in year 11 or below will have to continue in education or training until at least their 18 th birthday. They don’t have to stay at the same school and go into the Sixth Form. They may: continue in full-time education in another school, college or home education take an Apprenticeship or job with regular training take a part-time education or training course if they are employed, self-employed or volunteering for more than 20 hours per week

9 Making the next two years manageable… Planning for the future… Start to explore options for post-16 study Narrow the field Use form tutors, in house and external support to act as a sounding board Look at what you need to do … now

10 ‘Stress is the trash of modern life-we all generate it but if you don't dispose of it properly, it will pile up and overtake your life.’

11 Making the next two years manageable… Stress Management Remember the 5 R’s… Relationships Rest Relaxation Regular exercise Recreation

12 Making the next two years manageable… The role of Birchwood

13 Making the next two years manageable… What will Birchwood do for your child? Student Review Day Interims Targeted Intervention – Academic Targeted Intervention – Pastoral Regular feedback

14 Making the next two years manageable… Making the transition at GCSE Controlled Assessments Target setting Revision and preparation Skill based learning

15 Making the next two years manageable… Understanding marking and assessment Praise for effort and achievement Feedback linked directly to examination criteria Target setting ( the most important element ) for improvement Don’t expect all pieces of work to include a GCSE grade


17 Prepare your flight path….

18 Raise Your Attendance, - Raise your Chances! What does “Good attendance” mean?

19 Do you know what your son or daughter’s attendance is? Do you know what it means to have ‘Good’ attendance? ?

20 If you have 90% attendance – that sounds good, doesn’t it? BUT 90% attendance = ½ day missed every week!!

21 SO …….. 1 school year at 90% attendance = 4 whole weeks of lessons MISSED!!! 39 school weeks Sept July ? Absent for 4 weeks

22 90% attendance over 5 years of secondary school…. = ½ a school year missed! Sept July Y7 Y8 Y9 ½ year off school Y10 Y11

23 What impact might this have on their life……? Research suggests that 17 missed school days a year = GCSE grade DROP in achievement. (DfE) The greater the attendance the greater the achievement.

24 What could their potential earnings look like? Qualifications Potential Earnings average per hour no qualifications £8.63 per hour GCSEs £11.18 per hour A levels £13.25 per hour Graduate degree £18.01 per hour What do you want for your son or daughter?

25 So 90% is not as good as it first seemed.... What can YOU do to improve your son or daughter’s attendance?

26 Tips for top attendance…… 1.Only let them stay at home when they are genuinely ill 2.If you are worried about something at school contact the form tutor 3.Try and get appointments out of school time 4.Beware of the “It’s not worth going in today” type of comments

27 Attend and Achieve! Their attendance should be above 96% if they are to achieve their potential

28 The next 12 months…. 13/3/15 Yr10 Interim 2 goes live 19/5/15 Year 10 Parents Evening 17/7/15 Yr10 Interim 3 and tutor reports go live 12/10/15 Revision Cracked (Tim Foot) 14/10/15 Yr11 Parents information evening 16/10/15 Yr11 Interim 1 goes live 23/10/15 Student Review Day 2 nd to 13 th Nov Mock Exams 16 th to 27 th November Progression interviews 18/11/15 6 th Form Open Evening 11/12/15 Yr11 Interim 2 goes live

29 Next steps.... If you require new or need reminding of your School Interim login/password please complete the slip of paper on your seat and pop it in the box at the back. Please talk to your son/daughter about this evening, reinforce support from both home and school. This presentation is available on the school website. Year 10 Interim 1 went live on 14 th November (86% of students have logged on, 60% have commented). Year 10 Interim 2 goes live on 13 th March.

30 If you have any questions please feel free to speak to me at the end of the presentation or email with your questions. Thank you for your time.

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