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SERIE GOYA Elegance in tobacco sale: GOYA See manual

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1 SERIE GOYA Elegance in tobacco sale: GOYA See manual
See technical characteristics

2 Design and the latest JOFEMAR technology have been united to create the line of tobacco spending machines Goya. GOYA Jofemar gives you innovation A whole range calculated to offer the best service at the time of managing tobacco sale in public places, with an eye caching outer finishing and several models to choose depending on the storage necessities and decoration that different atmospheres may need.

3 With enthusiasm to perfect all our products quality, in JOFEMAR the last technological advances integration is studied day to day equipping all our machines with the most complete sales systems that the Vending market can need. GOYA Thanks to it we can guarantee the optimal operation and minimum deterioration of all JOFEMAR Vending systems.

4 GOYA The Goya line is included among tobacco sale machines as a perfect design to be integrated in public locals as bars and restaurants by its elegant shape.

5 The models are differenced by the channels number that contain to store products which can vary from eight to thirty two, as a remarkable choice is the Goya Lux design finished in wood that in addition to elegance provide discretion or the Goya 25/25 with smaller dimensions to be placed in any space. GOYA

6 In each one of the channels a product brand can be stored and in different channels the products can be repeated to increase its storage. GOYA In case is wanted to offer greater diversity than the number of channels contained in the machine can offer, divided channels could be incorporated so in a single channel two different selections could be stored.

7 GOYA If in addition to elegancy we ad the correct cabin interior measures where the channels are, the complete programming system and the diverse security systems we will have the most practical and trustworthy machine in the market

8 MODELS GOYA MODEL CHANNELS NUMBER TOTAL CAPACITY Simples Channels Divided Channels Goya 8 8 10 314 306 Goya 12 12 16 470 454 Goya 16 22 626 602 Goya 22 31 860 824 Goya 32 32 41 1130 1094 Goya Lux Goya 25/25 25 466


10 Cabin GOYA The GOYA machine cabin is constructed in 1´5mm thick steel treated against corrosion and the safety lock has three anchorage points. A fundamental element in Vending machines construction is without a doubt the security, since these are going to be constantly exposed to the public in many cases without any security, for that reason JOFEMAR constructs their machines with the strongest materials diminishing the risk to be forced.

11 Product container and extractors
GOYA Within the GOYA cabin the products are stored in vertical channels; in the each channel base is a motorized extractor in charge to separate the product and make it fall by the slope until the collection tray accessible to the consumer from the machine frontal inferior part.

12 Model Width Height Depth Goya 8 331.5 1201 3 Goya 12 447.5 Goya 16
Advertising Panel The Goya machines, except the Goya Lux model, counts in the front door with an illuminated panel by fluorescent lamps whose functionality is to attract the customer attention and can in addition be used to insert any advertising reason. GOYA Model Width Height Depth Goya 8 331.5 1201 3 Goya 12 447.5 Goya 16 576.5 Goya 22 760 Goya 32

13 Programming system GOYA In the GOYA the prices programming and channels union is made by means of the frontal keyboard and the programming button in the inner door part, with this we will access to the programming menu and with the keyboard we will edit in each one of the directions the wished options as language, channels union, prices by product etc… Programming button detail

14 GOYA In addition to this method the programming can be made by card reader integrated or as portable terminal, we will be able to introduce the wished configuration in a 32K card and transfer it to the machine in just seconds, by laptop computer connecting it directly to the serial machine port, or by telephone line if this has been built in we will be able to program the machine from our work place.

15 Coin acceptance The GOYA has an integrated five return tubes compact coin mechanism programmed to delay the out of change to the maximum selecting the appropriate coins to give back at every moment. GOYA The coin validator is equipped with several sensorial security systems as two anti-thread and diverse sensors that analyze all the legal coin programmed parameters to obtain a complete rejection of the false one.

16 It contains in addition an advanced system anti-blockage that avoids the coins jamming in the tubes entrance which could leave out of service the totality of the device. GOYA JOFEMAR payment systems are designed as the most trustworthy and complete of the market obtaining thanks to the investigation and development department daily work the greater reliability in coin validation.

17 Model Maximum power (W) Maximum intensity (A) Goya 8 100 1 Goya 12
Power supply: GOYA Connection voltage: 220 +/- 10% VAC Model Maximum power (W) Maximum intensity (A) Goya 8 100 1 Goya 12 Goya 16 125 1.2 Goya 22 150 1.5 Goya 32 Goya Lux Goya 25/25 60 0.5

18 GOYA Dimensions and weight

19 Model GOYA Goya 8 Goya 12 Goya 16 Goya 22 Goya 32 Goya Lux Goya25/25
Dimensions (mm) Weight (Kg) Height Width Depth Simples Channels Divided Channels Goya 8 Packed 1710 385 450 82.5 87.5 unpacked 1600 363 405 76 81 Goya 12 500 460 104 109.5 478 415 96 101.5 Goya 16 620 480 121.5 129.5 600 425 112 120 Goya 22 810 162 169.5 785 150 157.5 Goya 32 605 198 202 475 185 189 Goya Lux Goya25/25 950 795 107,5 GOYA


21 Outer tubes GOYA Due to the great amount of product that can be contained in some GOYA models, at certain moments the machine can get to finish the change introduced in the internal coin mechanism tubes, for that reason external tubes can be connected inside the cabin with a great capacity to slow down the out of change to the maximum. These tubes will only give change when the internal tubes are finished and until in these the necessary change to do a return are introduced.

22 Special channels GOYA Besides the usual twenty cigarettes packets the channels can be adapted to other packets sizes as ten cigarettes packets, extra-long, tobacco bags for pipe, being able to include up to six channels of these characteristics. For this product diversity a kits range is offered that allows to modify any channel with special sizes partitions and extractors. For tobacco bags, one of the Standard channels can be replaced by a spiral channel on vertical position.

23 Fonovending GOYA A public telephone designed by JOFEMAR can be integrated with the Multiplus. This offers advantages for the consumers using the machine and will increase profitability by offering this service to the public. The telephone modem can be used to access the machine for programming and telemetry to monitor operations, inventory, and sales results, cash/coin supply data, and operating status for service and restocking frequency.

24 Card reader GOYA Adding a card reader allows for transactions when potential customers have no cash/coins. Sales are always higher with cashless systems, since people spend more when not “counting out the money by hand.” Card systems can be personalized for locations and by individual users for loading and reloading cards. The advanced JOFEMAR card reader systems can be adapted to go beyond the normal card reader functions. They can also be used as an additional programming elements in managing the machine functions.

25 Bill acceptor GOYA Adding a bill reader will depend on products to be sold and prices to be set. The new JOFEMAR bill reader is designed for perfect recognition of all bills programmed. It is an MDB device and is fully compatible with any of our machines.

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