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P RO C OM For Your Business Communication Needs A Proposal Communication Company Slide 1 of 16.

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1 P RO C OM For Your Business Communication Needs A Proposal Communication Company Slide 1 of 16

2 P RO C OM Proposals and documentation for Government procurements and project administration Government contracting since 1993 Documentation meets identified requirements for a variety of business communication needs Slide 2 of 16

3 Experience with a Variety of Agencies National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) Housing and Urban Development (HUD) General Services Administration (GSA) Departments of the Army, Air Force, and Navy Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Corps of Engineers Defense Commissary Agency (DECA) Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) Internal Revenue Service (IRS) (List not all inclusive) Slide 3 of 16

4 Experience with a Variety of Services Administrative Services Real Estate Management Commissary Services Food and Mess Attendant Services Hospital Operations and Maintenance Commercial Facilities Management Base Operating Support Services (BOSS) Hospital Housekeeping Custodial Services Grounds Maintenance Refuse Collection and Recycling Landfill Management Mechanical Maintenance Warehouse Services Military Family Housing Maintenance and Management Multi-Function Support (List not all inclusive) Slide 4 of 16

5 Experienced Personnel ProCom Principals Michelle L. Hutchens Michael J. (Mike) Walker Provide unique combination of work and business/administrative experience Experienced writers accustomed to working under deadlines Slide 5 of 16

6 Michelle L. Hutchens B.A., English with focus on Business Communications Worked with Northrop Worldwide Aircraft Services, Inc. (NWASI), ITT Federal Services, and real estate and independent contractors Experience includes rental property management, office management and administrative services, Government project performance and administration, proposal preparation and submittal, invoicing, and accounts payable and receivable Participated in mobilization and demobilization efforts during Desert Shield and Desert Storm at a large Directorate of Logistics Project Slide 6 of 16

7 Mike Walker Geophysicist/biologist who spent over a dozen years employed by the exploration departments of domestic oil companies Worked as a Customer Service Manager for a software company and has owned and operated several small service businesses, including janitorial services and building maintenance Prior to working as a freelance writer and editor, wrote for a small newspaper Experienced in presentation and proposal preparation and submittal Slide 7 of 16

8 Working with You, We… Review the solicitation, identify the requirements, and estimate our level of effort and fee Request necessary information from you, such as: Company Background Staffing for the Project Resumes of Key Personnel Past Performance Information Other Required Information Develop a proposal strategy Slide 8 of 16

9 You Know Your Business Best We leave the pricing, staffing, and related elements to you Staffing, supplies and materials, scheduling, and related information reflected in proposal as required We can assist with generating task lists, formatting of spreadsheets, or similar tasks as mutually identified and at an agreed-upon fee Effective communication ensures your proposal reflects how you do business Slide 9 of 16

10 We Work as Part of Your Team Communication is maintained throughout the proposal process Coordinated proposal preparation approach Interaction and exchange of ideas during draft process ensures proposal fulfills your needs and meets the customer agency’s requirements ProCom guarantees confidentiality of your proprietary information Slide 10 of 16

11 The Final Document Comprised of concise, clear language presented in an organized approach Provided to you via E-mail in the appropriate Microsoft Office format You print and submit your proposal to the customer agency When requested in advance and for an additional fee, we can provide the completed, printed proposal package to you for your signature and submittal to the customer agency Slide 11 of 16

12 Our Support Continues… After Submittal Assist with Clarification Responses Prepare Revised Proposal Pages Participate in Discussions and Debriefings (as Desired) (As mutually agreed, additional fees may apply based upon level of effort) Slide 12 of 16

13 We Can Assist You with Other Business Communication Needs Plans, Procedures, and Report Forms Administrative Requirements for Active/ Newly Awarded Contracts Other Business Requirements Correspondence and Speeches Presentations and Reports (Fees based upon level of effort) Slide 13 of 16

14 Cost-Effective Services We augment your team only when needed We can assist your team with larger projects, when you are overwhelmed with multiple projects, or whenever your team will benefit from additional support or outside point of view We aren’t on your payroll year-round ProCom charges only for the work we perform and level of effort expended, not a percentage of your hard-earned profit Slide 14 of 16

15 ProCom Benefits Your Team Professional documents prepared in straightforward language Experience with a variety of agencies and services Personnel with diverse, relevant backgrounds Cost-effective services Confidentiality of data is guaranteed Slide 15 of 16

16 Thank You for Your Interest! ProCom: A Proposal Communication Company 5605 FM 49 Mineola, TX 75773-4207 Telephone: 903-857-2458 E-mail: Slide 16 of 16

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