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Belgian CAA Occurrence Reporting System BULMF Safety Symposium Brussels, 16 March 2013.

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1 Belgian CAA Occurrence Reporting System BULMF Safety Symposium Brussels, 16 March 2013

2 16/03/2013Occurrence Reporting 2 Contents of the presentation Why report occurrences? Who needs to report and how? Occurrence reporting Belgium What can be done with occurrence reports? By the National Authority At an European Level Belgian Safety Plan

3 16/03/2013Occurrence Reporting 3 Why report occurrences? Without occurrence reports All we can do is guess!

4 16/03/2013Occurrence Reporting 4 What to report? The more we know – the more we can do!

5 16/03/2013Occurrence Reporting 5 Who needs to report? Currently: DIRECTIVE 2003/42/EC and RD 22/04/2005 Mandatory Occurrence Reporting by Commercial Aircraft Operators; Commanders of a turbine-powered or a public transport aircraft; Manufacturers and Designers; Maintenance Organizations; ATC; Airport Operators; Ground Handlers.

6 16/03/2013Occurrence Reporting 6 Who needs to report? Today there is a revision of EU legislation on occurrence reporting in civil aviation. BCAA shall establish a Voluntary Occurrence Reporting System (VORS). Also GA VFR pilots can report within this VORS system directly to the State.

7 16/03/2013Occurrence Reporting 7 How to report? Cfr. guidance material (Circular) CIR/ INS-01 published on the BCAA website E-mail address: Fax number: 02/277.45.55 Currently BCAA is working on a Voluntary Reporting System with link on the website

8 16/03/2013Occurrence Reporting 8 Occurrence reporting Belgium Year20082009201020112012 Number of Occurrences 22092027227025862808

9 16/03/2013Occurrence Reporting 9 Occurrence reporting Belgium 99.999% of data originates from Commercial Aviation. This means there is no safety initiative for the ULM community. The BSP is only focused on Commercial Aviation This might have a negative influence on the ULM activities. You have an opportunity to raise your voice!

10 16/03/2013Occurrence Reporting 10 Using occurrence reports – National At a National Level – Reports are a key part of the Belgian Safety Programme Without occurrence reports there is no understanding of where risks lie Regardless of the size of the operator, every single report is like part of the national jigsaw Your report is vital to improve Belgian aviation safety

11 16/03/2013Occurrence Reporting 11 Using occurrence reports – Europe At an European level – de-identified reports are fed into the ECCAIRS European Central Repository EASA Network of Analysts performs analysis at an European Level Supports the European Aviation Safety Plan and EASA decision making Your reports can directly affect European safety policy


13 16/03/2013Occurrence Reporting 13 OM1: “Bird Strike”  Establishing a Belgian Aviation Wildlife Hazard Committee and drafting a national action plan to prevent collisions with animals; OM2: “(Near) Collisions Aircraft/Vehicle”  New national regulations with respect to ground handling; OM3: “Unruly Passenger”  Drafting regulations and procedures with respect to unruly pax; Belgian Safety Plan 2010-2014 Operational Measures (OM)

14 16/03/2013Occurrence Reporting 14 OM4: “Flight Controls”  Annual detailed analysis of the reliability of flight controls for commercial aircraft in Belgium; OM5: “Laser”  Complete the Aviation Law with respect to the “Targeting of Aircraft with Hand Held Lasers”; OM6: “Runway Incursion”  Implementation of the European Action Plan for the Prevention of Runway Incursions (EAPPRI). Belgian Safety Plan 2010-2014 Operational Measures (OM)

15 16/03/2013Occurrence Reporting 15 OM7: ”Airspace Infringement”  Establishment of a national action plan for the Reduction of Airspace Infringement Risk;  6/7 OM’s have no influence on ULM activities  OM7 may have a negative impact (especially if there is no reaction from ULM community). Belgian Safety Plan 2010-2014 Operational Measures (OM)

16 16/03/2013Occurrence Reporting 16 Belgian Safety Plan 2010-2014 2013 Update Third update of Belgian Safety Plan 2010-2014; New safety actions based on: oResults risk analysis 2012; oAlignment with EASp 2012-2015. Fourth update WITH influence of ULM federation?

17 16/03/2013Occurrence Reporting 17 Kaisli Anna Slobben Risk Manager Belgian Civil Aviation Authority Tel: +32.(0)2.724.12.17 E-mail: Contact

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