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2.0 interactive solutions Dedicated desktop applications Real time desktop notifications.

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1 2.0 interactive solutions Dedicated desktop applications Real time desktop notifications

2 Introducing a 3 rd tool between Internet Browsers and e-mail FACT 1: E-mailing is less and less efficient. FACT 2: The web is plethoric but too big. FACT 3: Real time information is a must. ANSWER: Intelligent widgets are rising! Source IPSOS September 2009 White label desktop app 2 / 16

3 Nosibay’s white label smart widgets A new hope for the Internet relationship Pushes content straight to the users, Helps you gaining new audience, Increases your consumers loyalty, Generates traffic, Animates your users community, An innovative 2.0 technology that: Gives your brand a constant presence on the user’s desktop, White label desktop app 3 / 16

4 A friendly interface: The Carousel Fluid Discrete Easy White label desktop app 4 / 16

5 Patented real time desktop alerts Push notifications on your users PC’s desktops Send the right information… Example for private sales announcements White label desktop app …at the right time… …to all of your user’s installed widgets 5 / 16

6 Your widget with tailor made content Smart widgets may embed any type of content. RSS Feeds Your catalog Web radio TV Live Blog White label desktop app 6 / 16

7 2010: Nosibay creates the Mini Store Due to massive demand, we have developed the concept of mini-store widget. White label desktop app All your product catalog in a tiny, handy interface, always accessible… It comes with the notification system, keeping your customers always aware of your new products. And of course it can be shared with any platform. 7 / 16

8 GO VIRAL! Your widget on every platforms Your widget may be deportalized on any platform Spread intelligent banners all over the web White label desktop app 8 / 16

9 Push updates: a marketing (r)evolution RSS Feeds Your catalog Web radio TV Live Blog The push technology allows the widget to be updated without PROMO White label desktop app Great for occasional events or promotions any intervention of the user. 9 / 16

10 Dedicated back office: Watch your widget activity in real time Manage your alerts and notifications Watch your performances White label desktop app 10 / 16

11 Freeware public app A freeware for windows users A host for RSS feeds, shortcuts and widgets A real time notification system

12 feature lets you search a web site directly from the dock Any web site can be added and searched The accelerator

13 Freeware public app with hundreds of widgets. RSS feeds, Facebook, Utilities, Shortcuts, Games, Shopping and a lot more at your fingertips A Free store 13 / 16

14 The best host for your white label widgets Freeware public app A daily news feature to promote your brand A free widget store with thousands apps 14 / 16 Accelerator feature for easy web access Fully customizable application Over 80 000 installs (April 2010)

15 Over 1 Million users of Nosibay desktop apps! Most french top players already adopted our solutions: A new solution for your B2C & B2B e-businesses 15 / 16

16 For further informations: Espace Concorde - Parc d'activité de l'Aéroport 20 Impasse Jean-Baptiste SAY 34470 PEROLS FRANCE Tel : +33 (0)4 67 07 05 06 Fax : +33 (0)4 67 85 43 14

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