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Into The Wild MAY 16, 2014 …AND NOW WE GO INTO THE WILD…..

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1 Into The Wild MAY 16, 2014 …AND NOW WE GO INTO THE WILD…..

2 Period 7 Homework – ◦Period 4 – Read Chapters 15 - 17 ◦Period 7 - Read Chapters 15-16 Reflection Paragraph – Chris seemed to have many different character traits, many which contradicted one another. Who do you think the real Chris is? (Give me quotes from what others said about him to support your answer. (Due Monday)

3 Fourth Period Field Test on Monday 4 th Period For Monday May 19 – You will be in the atrium, Liam and Daniel will be in B214. This will be from 2 nd – 4 th period. You will receive 15 pts. for being there.

4 In groups of 3 - 4 We are going to analyze the relationships of the McAndless Family. 1. Chris (Alex) 2. Carine 3. Billie (The Mom) 4. Walt (The Father) SWBAT Analyze the family dynamic of the McAndeless’ and determine if it attributed to his trip Into The Wild.

5 Get direct quotes about their relationships. Does the relationship directly show you why Chris ran away or are there other factors? What are those factors? 1. How does Chris feel about his family? 2. How does Carine feel about Chris and her family? 3. How does Billie feel about Chris, Walt, Carine? 4. How does Walt feel about Carine, Billie, and Chris

6 We will continue watching the movie What are things we notice about how the relationships are portrayed here?? Is this enough to run West and Into The Wild.

7 Who Is Chris??? (May 19) Chris is full of contradictions that may or may not be related to his family relations. Perhaps he was just “Born This Way” How do his friends describe him??

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