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Chapter 16 Technical Reading.

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1 Chapter 16 Technical Reading

2 Technical Reading Vs. Literary reading
Technical Reading: technical subject matter, emphasis on precision, specialized vocabulary, use of graphics, description of mechanism and process. Literary reading: draw inferences, interpret symbolic language.

3 Before you read Preview the material Skimming Anticipating
Activate your background knowledge p

4 Before you read II Anticipate the line of reasoning: most technical passages focus on: Process or procedure Cause/effect mechanism

5 As you read Pace yourself Read slowly Read small amounts of info
Read the selection twice Activate your background knowledge Familiarity with the subject and vocab.

6 As you read II Annotate the reading passage
Take your own notes, use abbreviations, outline the passage, note what is significant, consider graphic organizers, and answer questions

7 As you read III Repeat more difficult notes aloud
Understand the vocab. (technical vocab, acronyms pp Lean to read graphics Understand the purpose of graphic Read the graphic closely Pay attention to numerical data

8 Moodle assignment Please visit moodle to see the 3 assignments posted on Moodle Thank you

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