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14-19 update1 Review of BTECs - changes to internal assessment arrangements - review of BTEC Nationals - implementing DfE 14-16 level 2 voc qual reforms.

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1 14-19 update1 Review of BTECs - changes to internal assessment arrangements - review of BTEC Nationals - implementing DfE 14-16 level 2 voc qual reforms - implementing DfE post-16 level 2 voc qual reforms 2

2 Changes to BTEC assessment requirements In addition to existing requirements, new rules have been introduced for all learners starting BTEC Firsts and Nationals courses in September 2014 They provide much clearer guidance on what is and is not allowed They provide clear rules on ensuring authenticity of learner evidence There are restrictions on resubmissions and retakes 14-19 update2

3 Resubmissions A resubmission can only be authorised if: The learner has met initial deadlines set in the assignment The tutor considers that the learner will be able to provide improved evidence without further guidance. If a resubmission is authorised, it must be: clearly recorded and given a clear deadline for resubmission within a fixed period of time of the learner receiving results of assessment. undertaken by the learner independently, with no further guidance. 14-19 update3

4 Retake opportunities – QCF BTEC only QCF BTEC does not allow compensation (i.e. every pass criterion must be passed to successfully pass the qualification) If all of the pass criteria have not been met, one retake opportunity may be authorised This must be a new task or assignment targeted to the pass criteria only (M or D will not be awarded) A clear deadline must be agreed and recorded before the learner commences a retake No further resubmissions or retakes are allowed 14-19 update4

5 Review of BTEC Nationals 14-19 update5

6 DfE criteria for level 3 vocational qualifications Characteristic Interi m (2016) Full criteria Applied General (2018) Full criteria Tech Level (2018) A. Purpose – progression to…... range of subjects at a higher level or to employment... work in specific vocational areas – directly or via HE B. Size Min 150 glhMin 300 glh C. Recognition 3 HEIs5 employers/1 PB D. Appropriate contentMin 60% mandatoryMin 40% mandatory E. External AssessmentMin 40%Min 30% F. Synoptic Assessment G. Grading H. Employer involvementDelivery/assessment I. Progression J. Proven Track RecordTake-up in first 2 yrs 14-19 update6

7 Review of BTEC Nationals – for first teaching 2016 for 2018 Performance Tables Being reviewed to meet all 10 criteria for 2018 Performance Tables Revised qualifications will be on the NQF with larger core Applied General/Tech Level depending on size/sector External Sector Advisory Group set up for each subject – employer, HE, professional body and teacher representation Pearson World Class Qualification methodology being used o demanding, rigorous, inclusive, empowering o benchmarked against high performing jurisdictions o signed off by panel of experts from around the world First teaching September 2016 14-19 update7

8 Review of 14-16 level 2 vocational qualifications 14-19 update8

9 Reform of level 1 & 2 14-16 vocational qualifications Level 1 and level 2 vocational qualifications for inclusion in DfE KS4 (14-16) Performance Tables are now known as Technical Awards. DfE criteria are as follows: At least 120 guided learning hours (size of one GCSE) At least 25% external assessment (rising to 40% for new qualifications for 2018 Performance Tables) Synoptic assessment Content that will develop a broad and comprehensive understanding of a vocational sector, with limited inclusion of specialist knowledge and/or practical skills Equivalent to one GCSE in Performance Tables, whatever size Provide progression route to level 3 vocational quals post-16 14-19 update9

10 Review of post-16 level 2 vocational qualifications 14-19 update10

11 Review of 16-19 level 2 vocational qualifications These are called Substantial Vocational Qualifications at level 2 They are intermediate (level 2) technical qualifications for post-16 students wishing to specialise in a specific industry, occupation or occupational group. They cover occupations where employers recognise entry at level 2 or where a level 2 qualification is required before students can progress to a Tech Level (i.e. at level 3). They equip students with specialist knowledge and skills, enabling entry to an Apprenticeship, employment or progression to a Tech Level. In some cases, they provide a ‘licence to practise’ or exemption from professional exams. 14-19 update11

12 Criteria for Substantial Vocational Qualifications at level 2 Must have clear statement of purpose Size: at least 150 glh – must relate to purpose Recognition – by employers, professional/trade bodies, or national licensed professional registration schemes A minimum of 40% mandatory content A minimum of 25% external assessment Must contain synoptic assessment Must be graded Employer involvement in the delivery and/or assessment Evidence of progression 2 years after first awards Evidence of appropriate levels of take-up 14-19 update12

13 Web links DfE technical guidance for 16-19 vocational qualifications: qualifications-technical-guidance DfE technical guidance for 14-16 vocational qualifications: _data/file/320473/14_to_16_qualifications_- _2017_to_2018_performance_tables.pdf 14-19 update13

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