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Janet de Maine Post 16 Learning Aims Presentation.

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1 Janet de Maine Post 16 Learning Aims Presentation

2 Documentation – Useful Links 2014-15 funding guidance can be found here 2014-rates-and-formula Further information on RPA (Raising Participation Age) can be found here: 01391/raising-particip-age DfE Census Guidance Scomis Census bulletin will be published in the Summer holidays

3 Help and Advice Funding queries should be directed to the EFA at DfE : Data collection service request form: Local Authority School Census contacts Devon: Jane Batten – Plymouth: Asif Saddique – Torbay:

4 CHANGES! Collection of qualification and non-qualification hours of study Collection of Core Learning Aims Collection of students in Employment QWS QAN and AO QAN codes 4

5 Collection of qualification and non-qualification hours

6 Spring 2014 Release Planned Learning Hours Tools | Academic Management | Course Manager | Course Manager Settings Default Qualification and Non-Qualification Hours can be entered for each level On save these default are added for courses at those levels that do not already have hours specified When a course is created it will inherit default hours as specified for its level.

7 Spring 2014 Release Planned Learning Hours Basic panel of Tools | Academic Management | Course Manager | Maintain Course Fields introduced allow schools to record Planned Qualification and Planned Non-Qualification hours per year These can be used for calculation in Maintain Programme of Study

8 Planned Learning Hours Inherited from Course Manager Settings Patch 19597 can be requested to clear Course Manager Planned Learning Hours and Learning Hours from all courses in Course Manager.

9 Spring 2014 Release Planned Learning Hours Tools | Academic Management | Course Manager | Maintain Programme of Study Academic Year Effective date defaults to Census date Calculate from courses if you have hours in Basic details of courses Overwrite existing values if you want to refresh from hours in Basic Details section of courses These fields can be edited Values can be typed in here and flood filled to selected students

10 Summer 2014 Release Preparation Using the Summer Release Tools | Academic Management | Course Manager | Maintain Programme of Study - setting can be switched on to highlight hours under the threshold

11 Summer Upgrade Timetabled Hours have been added – Offsted are likely to be interested in how these are reflected in the timetable. Notes are for explanations as to why planned hours are not fully reflected in the timetable.

12 Planned Hours Schools need to calculate the proposed hours for the qualifications they offer based on the timetabled provision and the length of the year taught. Planned Learning Hours as opposed to Guided Learning Hours

13 Core Learning Aims

14 Spring 2014 Release Set Core Learning Aim Core Learning Aim can be set through Focus / Student / Courses

15 Spring 2014 Release Set Core Learning Aim Membership and Results panel of Tools | Academic Management | Course Manager | Maintain Course When a single year is viewed the column will include a tick if this course has been selected as the Core Aim for the student Where a Core Aim is changed the warning message will be received.

16 Post 16 Employment

17 Spring 2014 Release Post 16 Employment Additional Information panel of Focus | Student | Student Details for Year 12 and 13 students New table provided with a row for each period of Post-16 Employment and columns for: Start Date, End Date, Hours and Notes

18 Post 16 Employment Extract from rpa/a00201391/raising-particip-age rpa/a00201391/raising-particip-age “Full-time work is defined as a job lasting a period of 8 or more weeks consecutively and for 20 or more hours per week. Part-time accredited training is defined as a minimum of 280 guided learning hours per year, which is the equivalent to one day per week but doesn’t necessarily have to be taken that way – it could be distance or evening learning for example. It is important to note that these definitions are only relevant for young people who choose to meet the requirement to participate through full-time work combined with part-time study. Where jobs do not meet the definition – such as part-time, holiday or weekend work – this can continue as now, but young people will need to participate in education or training in line with one of the other options above.”

19 Collection of Post 16 Learning Aims School Census – Autumn 2014

20 Summer Upgrade 2014 – delayed Capita have identified issues with the Summer Upgrade around Assessment, Reporting and School Dinner Money. There have been a series of re-releases which has impacted our release date.

21 Summer Upgrade 2014 The Summer 2014 upgrade is now scheduled for the weekend of 18/19 th July. Autumn 2014 Census files are loaded with the Summer Upgrade. Bulletin on our home page

22 School Census Autumn 2014 Early Census Date - Census Date: 2 nd October

23 QWS QAN and AO QAN Codes

24 QWS QAN / Discount Codes Discount Code Amendments Please note the following excerpt from the Latest News section of the DfE QWS websiteDfE QWS website In advance of the 2014 census the department has carried out a quality review of discount codes on QWS and have found that there are some QANs for which discount codes need to be amended. A list of these QANs is at the end of this bulletin. We are sorry that amending these QANs will cause extra work for some schools, but we hope that these amendments will make the return of data in the autumn more straightforward. This does not affect any other QANs on QWS. We would like to make it clear that this exercise is entirely separate from the advice of 31 March below. The QANs whose Discount Codes have been amended in the current exercise are listed here: 50102436, 60017442, 60020131, 60048803, 60049066, 60053318, 60053902, 60054189, 60054335, 60054980, 60056393, 60062137, 60065898, 60075971, 60080838, 60085460, 60085824, 60087869, 60099148, 60103796, 60105434, 60122547, 60123643, 60124362, 60125275, 60127466, 60127508, 60129050, 6004973x, 6010434X, M1033988

25 Import Latest QWS QAN Catalogue In accordance with QAN / discount changes – please import the latest QWS QAN / Discount Code Route is now in Tools / Examinations / Import Qualification Data

26 Tools / Examinations / Import Qualification Data QAN catalogue can be imported – Performance Measures File will import on Summer upgrade only (see notice on bulletin).

27 What Data is Collected in the Autumn Census

28 Post 16 Data collected in the Autumn 2014 Census Planned learning hours for 2013/14 and 2014/15 Planned employability, enrichment and pastoral hours for 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 Full-time employment indicator (on roll pupils only) Core Aim Qualification accreditation number Discount code Learning aim start date Learning aim planned end date Learning aim actual end date Learning aim status

29 Curriculum Year 12 and 13 Learning Aims are required for learners in National Curriculum Year Group (Year Taught In) 12 or above for whom the school wishes to claim Post 16 funding from the Education Funding Agency (EFA). Learners are expected to be in National Curriculum Year 12 and above if the majority of their learning is at level 3 or above. Students in Actual National Curriculum Year Group 11 (or below) with the majority of their learning at level 2 are no longer included in the return.

30 Exam Results Exam results, e.g. A, A*, etc. and the outcome of the previous year’s Learning Aims (pass, fail or result not known) are not collected in this year's Autumn return. However, results are displayed in the Learning Aims panel for identification purposes only, provided that the Use Exam Result to determine QAN/Discount code check box has been selected (in the Source for Learning Aims Planned End Date dialog) when calculating all details

31 Producing the Autumn 2014 Census

32 Producing the School Census Post 16 Learning Aims

33 Produce the Return Routines / Statutory Returns / School Census (Returns Manager and Returns Operator permissions) Calculate all details will generate a NEW dialogue box

34 New Options on Calculate All Details Choose to populate the course end dates from the previous return or Course Manager. Choose to use Exam Result to determine QAN/Discount Code

35 Check the Learning Aims Panel To sort the data – click on a heading Compare with Previous Autumn – differences are highlighted in yellow Compare with Course Manager if you have made manual edits

36 Check the Learning Aims Panel The recalculate button refreshes the panel from Course Manager and Exams NB Recalculate preserves any manual edits already saved in this panel Data in the panel can be filtered The Add / Exclude buttons are only available when the unlock Padlock button is displayed. Adding LA here is not recommended

37 Check the Learning Aims Panel Planned end date should not be changed. Actual end date can change if student completes the LA early If the planned end date has been overwritten from the previous Autumn return the cell is highlighted in yellow Double Clicking on a student’s name displays the student’s courses panel Core Aim must be indicates for students following Vocational courses and not necessary for students following an academic program Select Columns to display extra student data columns

38 Check the Learning Aims Panel Results appear where AO QAN has been chosen for this column (from the options when calculating details) Status shows where a LA has been completed, withdrawn or continuing. A yellow background indicates a manual edit and does not indicate an error AO QAN is displayed where there are results, otherwise QWS QAN is displayed. If courses do not have a QAN they are not included in this panel

39 Check Reports Create and Validate the return in order to check the Reports. New! Detail Report – Programmes of Study

40 Check Detail Reports Learning Aims by Status Report gives a comparison to previous years

41 Check Detail Reports On Roll Students Learning Aims A similar report can be produced for Leavers

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