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SRS Readout electronics Hans Muller, CERN PH

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1 SRS Readout electronics Hans Muller, CERN PH

2 SRS idea - choose the frontend ( ASIC, hybrid) that fits your detector - provide a common readout backend with standard DAQ SW - start from minimal systems - > scale to large systems if needed

3 SRS chip-link: HDMI cheap, v. high quality, 3Gbit/s, power, works very well Extension up to 30 m ADCFEC 16 hybrids/FEC 2048 channels

4 SRS hybrids on Detector

5 SRS Minicrate a portable solution for up to 4k channels 1 x FEC -ADC card Combo ATX –SRS power adapters +12,+5,+4V2,+3V3,+1V8,-5,-12 ` `

6 Eurocrate a scalable solution for up 16 k channels/crate ATX power adapter 8 x FEC card from frontside 8 x ADC card from backside CTF Trigger and Clock Fanout in SRS slot 9 HP version up 4 FECs, 1 ATX, incl. power for 64 hybrids FP version up 8 FECs, 2 ATX, incl. power for 128 hybrids

7 3U-extension cards for SRS Projects for 3U SRS cards: - Programmable HV for MPGDs, CERN - UV pulse generator for MPGDs, CERN Lanzhou - Trigger pickup shaper/threshold card - Timepix adapter, Univ. Bonn requires 3U subrack in Eurocrate

8 SRS Rack environment DTC links (CAT6) Connect 40 FECs to 1 SRU Max 92 k channels / Rack

9 Scalable Readout Unit (SRU) 40 x DTC links 4 x LVDS trigger TTCrx optical 4 x NIM in 4 x NIM out 4 x SFP+ 2 GB DDR Virtex 6 DTC links For readout of 40 FECs 2011 DTC link development with SRU for ALICE EMCaL

10 CTF module for Clock and trigger -CLOCK: distributes clock to all FEC cards, 40 MHz or external LVDS clock -TRIGGER: distributes trigger to all FEC cards, external NIM, auto-10Hz, manual

11 Online, Control and Monitoring via GBE link Minicrate 1 FEC -> direct to Laptop Eurocrate with several FECs -> Network switch -> Laptop 1 Gbit UDP over Ethernet 9 kB Jumbo packets Network plug -Detector Monitoring -Data Analysis -Slow Controls

12 Online software for SRS SRS-LabviewDATE, MMDAQ, RCDAQ ( Linux based ) Online Monitoring: pulse-shape, x-y plots, pedestals, noise Root Analysis: Event statistics, distributions, cuts and fits

13 SRS User Status 4/2012* CERN experiments ATLAS CSC upgrade MMegas ( 8kch APV-SRS systems, 1 st SRS testbeams, MMDAQ developer ) ATLAS CSC upgrade MMegas, (VMM1 readout chip developer, SRS Adapter by Arizona Univ, MMDAQ ) ALICE EMCaL + FOCAL, SRU-based backend ( 50 kHz upgrade via SRS, DATE, new: Focal readout via SRS-Beetle ?) ALICE TPC upgrade, SRS readout electronics with DATE backend ? NA62 ref. tracker with Micro-Megas (1kCH-SRS Minicrate, MMDAQ ) CMS high Eta GEM collaboration ( VFAT hybrid and VFAT SRS adapter, in prep. ) Totem upgrade R&D, SRS VFAT readout, DATE ? Applications with Cosmic Tomography FIT Florida, Muon Tompography for homeland security, GEMs ( 1 st 16K SRS application, DATE ) Geoscienes CRNS- Waterquality in Rocks, MMegas ( 5kCh SRS Crate, DATE, Labview) R&D with MPGD’s ( small systems ) Bonn/Mainz Univ, Timepix readout ( SRS- Timepix adapter card ) Helsinki HIP, GEM-MMega ( SRS evaluation, Trigger pickup box via CSP ) MEXICO UNAM, THGEM 2x ( SRS Minicrate, DATE ) C.E. Saclay, Micromegas ( 2k Ch SRS Minicrate, MMDAQ) WIS Israel, THGEM 3x ( Minicrate, Beetle hybrid, SRS- Labview Beta tester INFN Naples (Minicrate, Labview for SRS developer, CTF card, Zero-supression code HEP experiments NEXT Coll., dual Beta decay, SiPM, PM ( Collaboration on SRS HW & FW, FEC cards, DATE ) BNL GEM detector readout ( 2kCH. APV Minicrate, PHENIX SRDAQ porting to SRS ) Jeff. Lab Virginia Univ. GEM prototyping, ( Minicrate, Offline Data evaluation via AMORE + DATE) * in red: SRS developers in green: to be confirmed in blue: USER Teams waiting for commercial SRS delivery (orders via CERN store ) RD51 lab, Radcore, WIS, USTC, SAHA, INFN Bari, INFN Napoles, Stony Brook, Freiburg Univ Yale Univ, J-Parc-RIKEN, East Carol. Univ., Jeff-Lab, Tsinghua Univ, Univ Texas, SRS crate 16k ch. SRS Minicrate up 4k ch.

14 SRS cost (MPGD Detectors) Sales via CERN store, Commercial production Example: 82k channel SRS system ( 1 Rack, 5 crates, 1 SRU ) 640 hybrids~ 65 khybrids 34% 5 Crates full power~ 6 kelectronics + cables 66% 1SRU in Alu box~ 3 k 40FEC + ADCcards~ 83 k 320 cables (HDMI+Flat)~ 6 k Total 163 kEu Channel cost (82 k) ~ 1.98 Eu/ch Small systems 1 Minicrate 2 hybrids (256 channels) start from 4.5 kEu Large systems

15 Project*: re-map SRS in ATCA HDMI connectors Equivalent of SRS ADC card 1.) higher channel integration => reduce cost/channel for large systems 2.) certified crate standard 3.) replace DTC cables by backplane RTM option: Clock and trigger interface like CTF + direct ethernet to DAQ * with eicSys and ELMA Germany

16 ATCA implementation draft ATCA blade = FEC equivalent SRS FEC card: Virtex 5, DDR2 1 Gbit SFP

17 SADC adapter mezzanine =equivalent of ADC adapter SRS ADC card 8 HDMI ports 16 x ADC MHz

18 ATCA Blade with SADC adapter = equivalent of SRS combo (FEC+ADC) 24 HDMI ports = 48 hybrids 128 ch. = 6144 channnels SRS FEC + ADC max 8 HDMI ports per Combo

19 SRS-ATCA blades stack channels ~ 67 k channels in one ATCA Crate SLOT 1 Connected via fabric link to slot 2..14

20 ATCA equivalent SRS Eurocrate 67 k channel/crate SRS Crate

21 ATCS equivalent for SRS Minicrate SRS Minicrate

22 Conclusions  SRS : a (first?) complete & open solution for the readout of MPGD detectors  Chiplink concept proven: so far 3 types of SRS frontend hybrids  Portable Minicrates for the Desktop and Laboratory  SRS developers contribute on all fronts to make the system complete  Eurocrates for scalable systems up to very large size Rack-based systems  SRU box for the readout of 40 FEC cards to one link (10 GBE)  Up-scaling of small systems : keep the crate-based electronics, same SW  Tens of 2011 SRS systems already deployed in various Labs  2012 SRS demand ( ¼ Million Eu ) exceeds by large the first 2012 production  First semi-commercial production of SRS in 2012 expected with impatience  CERN-store adopted sales and logistics of SRS “as is”  Fully commercial SRS pardigm under negotiation  Commercial ATCA crate standard very promising for “new look and feel ” of SRS  Novel ideas for SRS cards with MPGD-specific functionality (trigger, HV, UV pulsing)  Sponsors, Developers, manpower, more Ideas, Welcome

23 Backup

24 SPECIFIC COMMON SRS readout architecture as is now DAQ/Online/Offline Control,Trigger Networks 1/10/48 Gbit Readout Units DTC links: CAT6 Data/Trigger/Control FEC cards chip-link adapters Chip links Frontend ASICS/Detectors

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