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SRS Readout electronics

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1 SRS Readout electronics
Hans Muller, CERN PH 16/04/2012

2 SRS idea provide a common readout backend with standard DAQ SW
- choose the frontend ( ASIC, hybrid) that fits your detector provide a common readout backend with standard DAQ SW start from minimal systems - > scale to large systems if needed 16/04/2012

3 SRS chip-link: HDMI cheap, v
SRS chip-link: HDMI cheap, v. high quality , 3Gbit/s, power, works very well ADC FEC 16 hybrids/FEC 2048 channels Extension up to 30 m 16/04/2012

4 SRS hybrids on Detector

5 SRS Minicrate a portable solution for up to 4k channels
` 1 x FEC -ADC card Combo ` 16/04/2012 ATX –SRS power adapters +12,+5,+4V2,+3V3,+1V8,-5,-12

6 Eurocrate a scalable solution for up 16 k channels/crate
HP version up 4 FECs, 1 ATX, incl. power for 64 hybrids FP version up 8 FECs, 2 ATX, incl. power for 128 hybrids ATX power adapter CTF Trigger and Clock Fanout in SRS slot 9 8 x ADC card from backside 8 x FEC card from frontside 16/04/2012

7 3U-extension cards for SRS
Projects for 3U SRS cards: - Programmable HV for MPGDs, CERN - UV pulse generator for MPGDs, CERN Lanzhou - Trigger pickup shaper/threshold card - Timepix adapter, Univ. Bonn requires 3U subrack in Eurocrate 16/04/2012

8 SRS Rack environment DTC links (CAT6) Connect 40 FECs to 1 SRU
Max 92 k channels / Rack 16/04/2012

9 Scalable Readout Unit (SRU)
DTC links For readout of 40 FECs 40 x DTC links 4 x LVDS trigger TTCrx optical 4 x NIM in 4 x NIM out 4 x SFP+ 2 GB DDR Virtex 6 2011 DTC link development with SRU for ALICE EMCaL 16/04/2012

10 CTF module for Clock and trigger
-CLOCK: distributes clock to all FEC cards, 40 MHz or external LVDS clock -TRIGGER: distributes trigger to all FEC cards, external NIM, auto-10Hz, manual 16/04/2012

11 Online, Control and Monitoring via GBE link
Minicrate 1 FEC -> direct to Laptop 1 Gbit UDP over Ethernet 9 kB Jumbo packets Eurocrate with several FECs -> Network switch -> Laptop Network plug -Detector Monitoring -Data Analysis -Slow Controls 16/04/2012

12 Online software for SRS
SRS-Labview DATE , MMDAQ , RCDAQ ( Linux based ) Root Analysis: Event statistics, distributions, cuts and fits Online Monitoring: pulse-shape, x-y plots, pedestals, noise 16/04/2012

13 SRS User Status 4/2012* CERN experiments HEP experiments
ATLAS CSC upgrade MMegas ( 8kch APV-SRS systems, 1st SRS testbeams, MMDAQ developer ) ATLAS CSC upgrade MMegas, (VMM1 readout chip developer, SRS Adapter by Arizona Univ, MMDAQ ) ALICE EMCaL + FOCAL, SRU-based backend ( 50 kHz upgrade via SRS, DATE, new: Focal readout via SRS-Beetle ?) ALICE TPC upgrade, SRS readout electronics with DATE backend ? NA62 ref. tracker with Micro-Megas (1kCH-SRS Minicrate, MMDAQ ) CMS high Eta GEM collaboration ( VFAT hybrid and VFAT SRS adapter, in prep. ) Totem upgrade R&D , SRS VFAT readout, DATE ? HEP experiments NEXT Coll., dual Beta decay, SiPM, PM ( Collaboration on SRS HW & FW, FEC cards, DATE ) BNL GEM detector readout ( 2kCH. APV Minicrate, PHENIX SRDAQ porting to SRS ) Jeff. Lab Virginia Univ. GEM prototyping, ( Minicrate , Offline Data evaluation via AMORE + DATE) SRS Minicrate up 4k ch. Applications with Cosmic Tomography FIT Florida, Muon Tompography for homeland security, GEMs ( 1st 16K SRS application, DATE ) Geoscienes CRNS- Waterquality in Rocks, MMegas ( 5kCh SRS Crate , DATE , Labview) R&D with MPGD’s ( small systems ) Bonn/Mainz Univ, Timepix readout ( SRS- Timepix adapter card ) Helsinki HIP, GEM-MMega ( SRS evaluation, Trigger pickup box via CSP ) MEXICO UNAM, THGEM 2x ( SRS Minicrate, DATE ) C.E. Saclay, Micromegas ( 2k Ch SRS Minicrate , MMDAQ) WIS Israel, THGEM 3x ( Minicrate, Beetle hybrid, SRS- Labview Beta tester INFN Naples (Minicrate, Labview for SRS developer, CTF card , Zero-supression code SRS crate 16k ch. Teams waiting for commercial SRS delivery (orders via CERN store ) RD51 lab, Radcore, WIS, USTC, SAHA, INFN Bari, INFN Napoles, Stony Brook, Freiburg Univ Yale Univ, J-Parc-RIKEN, East Carol. Univ., Jeff-Lab, Tsinghua Univ, Univ Texas, * in red: SRS developers in green: to be confirmed in blue: USER

14 SRS cost (MPGD Detectors) Sales via CERN store, Commercial production
Small systems 1 Minicrate 2 hybrids (256 channels) start from 4.5 kEu Large systems Example: 82k channel SRS system ( 1 Rack, 5 crates, 1 SRU ) 640 hybrids ~ 65 k hybrids % 5 Crates full power ~ 6 k electronics + cables % SRU in Alu box ~ 3 k FEC + ADC cards ~ 83 k 320 cables (HDMI+Flat) ~ 6 k Total 163 kEu Channel cost (82 k) ~ 1.98 Eu/ch 16/04/2012

15 Project*: re-map SRS in ATCA
1.) higher channel integration => reduce cost/channel for large systems 2.) certified crate standard ) replace DTC cables by backplane HDMI connectors RTM option: Clock and trigger interface like CTF + direct ethernet to DAQ Equivalent of SRS ADC card * with eicSys and ELMA Germany 16/04/2012

16 ATCA implementation draft ATCA blade = FEC equivalent
SRS FEC card: Virtex 5, DDR2 1 Gbit SFP 16/04/2012

17 SADC adapter mezzanine =equivalent of ADC adapter
SRS ADC card 8 HDMI ports 16 x ADC MHz 16/04/2012

18 ATCA Blade with SADC adapter = equivalent of SRS combo (FEC+ADC)
24 HDMI ports = 48 hybrids 128 ch. = 6144 channnels SRS FEC + ADC max 8 HDMI ports per Combo 16/04/2012

19 SRS-ATCA blades stack SLOT 1 Connected via fabric link to slot 2..14 11 Slots @ channels ~ 67 k channels in one ATCA Crate 16/04/2012

20 ATCA equivalent SRS Eurocrate
SRS Crate 67 k channel/crate 16/04/2012

21 ATCS equivalent for SRS Minicrate

22 Conclusions SRS : a (first?) complete & open solution for the readout of MPGD detectors Chiplink concept proven: so far 3 types of SRS frontend hybrids Portable Minicrates for the Desktop and Laboratory SRS developers contribute on all fronts to make the system complete Eurocrates for scalable systems up to very large size Rack-based systems SRU box for the readout of 40 FEC cards to one link (10 GBE) Up-scaling of small systems : keep the crate-based electronics, same SW Tens of SRS systems already deployed in various Labs 2012 SRS demand ( ¼ Million Eu ) exceeds by large the first production First semi-commercial production of SRS in expected with impatience CERN-store adopted sales and logistics of SRS “as is” Fully commercial SRS pardigm under negotiation Commercial ATCA crate standard very promising for “new look and feel ” of SRS Novel ideas for SRS cards with MPGD-specific functionality (trigger, HV, UV pulsing) Sponsors, Developers, manpower, more Ideas, Welcome 16/04/2012

23 Backup 16/04/2012

24 SRS readout architecture as is now
COMMON DAQ/Online/Offline Control,Trigger Networks 1/10/48 Gbit Readout Units DTC links: CAT6 Data/Trigger/Control FEC cards chip-link adapters SPECIFIC Chip links Frontend ASICS/Detectors 16/04/2012

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