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Year 12 parents’ information evening September 11 th 2013 Redland Green Learning Community.

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1 Year 12 parents’ information evening September 11 th 2013 Redland Green Learning Community

2 Post 16 Leadership Team Marian Curran Director Ben HoughtonAssistant Head teacher P16 Sarah HaineStudent Services Leader Jo DanielAcademic Mentor Owen TipladySenior Tutor Lucas BlascoSenior Tutor Supported by reception/admin team

3 Student council 2013/14 Jacob Puglisi-Allegra Co-president Yasmin Worsley Co-president Jon Ball Vice president Will Amos Phoebe Brown Jake KitsonTara ParryZoe Rasbash

4 Outcomes for this evening Overview of your child’s P16 education Introduce you to some of our processes Overview of how we support parent/carers

5 North Bristol Post 16 A2 Results 2013 National Averages A* 13% A* 7.6% A* - A 34%A*-A 26.3% A*-B 62.5%A* - B 52.9% A* - E 99.5%A* - E 98.6%

6 A levels AS – Yr 12 A2 – Yr 13 Mix of exams and coursework BTEC Level 3 Equivalent to 1 or 2 A levels Graded Distinction * Distinction Merit Pass Graded A-E at AS A*-E at A2 100% coursework BTEC level 2 Equivalent to 4 GCSEs 1 year course

7 Life in the centre 8.25morning registration 8.45period 1 9.45period 2 10.45break 11.05period 3 12.05period 4 1.05lunch 2.05period 5 (3.05twilight lessons) Assembly every Friday @ 8.25

8 Enrichment & Enhancement Enrichment Every Wednesday period 5 PE/Games Community Service – Envision Claremont school Post 16 buddies Subject mentors Paired reading Access to Bristol Lecture programme Debating group Student led groups encouraged Much more…. Enhancement General studies AS Critical thinking AS Extended project AS (from T 6)

9 Attendance All time tabled sessions + assembly and tutor time is compulsory Expectation is 95% attendance Reporting illness – daily (by parent/carer) Absence in advance (by student) E.g’s of unauthorised absence – Driving lesson – Part time work – Holidays – Routine medical appointments – Leisure activities e.g. Glastonbury Texting parents Absence line 0117 353 3474

10 Each student assigned 1 hour of SBS per fortnight for each subject they study During SBS students have to remain in school They can use this time to: Complete home work Review notes Read ahead Organise notes Discuss work with class mates Revise for tests School Based Study (SBS)

11 Study periods Any blank period on a time table students should still use for study They are not obliged to stay in school for these sessions… But we advise that they do!

12 Academic Mentor on hand to help students with work. - Organisation and time management - Revision tips - Research skills - Proof reading strategies - Essay structuring Access to computers and desk space. Quiet working space in 2F1. Compulsory for some Drop in offer Teacher and/or self referral Supervised study sessions when you are not timetabled for lessons.

13 3 progress reports a year (Nov/Jan/Mar) ‘Minimum Grade’ Academic reviews with tutors Subject changes Regular feedback from teachers Collapsed timetable days 1:1 study support IAG for next steps Outside agencies & wellbeing 16-19 bursary Supporting students Tutor/senior tutor Subject teachers Friends Parents P16 team (parent surgery)

14 What to expect over the next two years…

15 Punctuality Attendance Pressure Transition vrs expectation Time management Self responsibility Managing changing relationships

16 Buy a ring binder and ask your teacher to go through what sections it can be divided up into Buy a really loud alarm clock! Talk about what you have learned with your classmates after lessons – it helps it all sink in Don’t be put off by the first two weeks – it does get easier! Use your study periods to keep on top of your work – don’t waste it Talk to your teachers for help – they’re really helpful! Don’t be scared to admit if you don’t understand something Get organised from day 1 and don’t forget about deadlines! The Voice of hindsight yr 13 students

17 How to contact us… 0117 353 3433 Parent surgery – Weds 3.30 – 4.30 appointment only please Parent Engagement Group (PEG)

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