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Laurel Ledge School P.B.I.S Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports.

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1 Laurel Ledge School P.B.I.S Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

2 Data of Concern/Area of Need

3 Strategies Implemented  Full implementation of P.B.I.S. began in August 2012.  In order to prepare for full implementation of P.B.I.S.  We determined our three school-wide expectations (Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe).  A behavior purpose statement was developed-At Laurel Ledge School, we treat each other with respect, take responsibility for our learning, and strive for a safe and positive school for all.  A school-wide matrix which outlines our three school-wide expectations, and details how these three expectations should be followed across all environments in the school was created.  Lesson plans were created to help support our staff in explicitly teaching these expectations to our students.  We developed ways to reinforce students following the three school-wide expectations. (green tickets/reward menus)

4 Strategies Implemented  We also developed a way to acknowledge staff members (morale boosters/”Caught Being Good” bulletin board.  Reflection forms were created in order to help students reflect on the choice they made.  Office referral forms were developed to track minor/major behaviors in SWIS.  A flow chart was created to assist staff in following the proper protocol when working with students exhibiting minor/major behaviors.  A “Defining Behaviors” form was made in order to help staff determine how behaviors should be categorized-warning/re- teach/minor/major.  Once we had full implementation of all our Tier 1 strategies/supports, we began strengthening our Tier 2 supports and services by developing a Tier 2 manual, as well as check-in/check- out for students who required further intervention.

5 Results/Improved Data

6 Lesson Learned/Next Steps A preventative, positive approach to discipline works! The data speaks for itself!  Our next steps include:  Continue to analyze SWIS data in order to determine the needs of our students.  Continue training staff (including new staff/cafeteria aides, etc.) in order to maintain P.B.I.S. throughout our school.  Continue focused training for cafeteria aides in order to lessen the number of referrals made during recess/lunch.  Continue to strengthen Tiered supports at all three Tiers.

7 Regina Murzak Laurel Ledge School 30 Highland Ave. Beacon Falls, Ct. 06403 203-729-5355 Ex: 203

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