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The Future for Engaging Students Professor Gilly Salmon www.

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1 The Future for Engaging Students Professor Gilly Salmon www.

2 Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. Malcolm X 16/09/2014G. Salmon CDU2

3 G. Salmon & R. Angood 2014



6 Exploit Blackboard fully Scaffolding- for assessment, knowledge and learning E-tivities- aligning & integrating learning activity & feedback Designing with the end in mind Design once, deliver many times 16/09/2014G. Salmon CDU6 Head in the Cloud- feet on the ground

7 16/09/2014G. Salmon CDU7

8 Stage 1: Write Blueprint Stage 2: Create Storyboard Stage 5: Review & Adjust Stage 3 Build Prototype Stage 4 Check Reality Stage 6 Action Plan 16/09/2014G. Salmon CDU8 Carpe Diem Learning Design Methodology

9 Carpe Diem On Location 16/09/2014G. Salmon CDU9

10 Carpe Diem & E-tivities : Situated Learning 16/09/2014G. Salmon CDU10 " strongly supports constructive alignment...a focus on the learning outcomes, the teaching and learning methods appropriate to achieve those outcomes and the selection of appropriate assessment tasks... The storyboard process...shifts the focus away from course content and towards students’ learning outcomes."

11 Carpe Diem & E-tivities Readiness to change 16/09/2014G. Salmon CDU11 “ great outcomes in seeing staff change their minds about online teaching and get excited by the possibilities. Those staff have then gone on to champion other changes and engage other staff and this is where you can see the beginnings of culture change " JG

12 Carpe Diem & E-tivities: Time & teams 16/09/2014G. Salmon engaging workshop for a group of staff to design their units or courses...great benefits in bringing together the content experts, educational technologists and librarians...good outcomes in a short period of time. I think the sense of achievement that the teams feel at the end of two days is very powerful

13 Knowledge specialists 16/09/2014G. Salmon CDU13 one of the library staff who attended... “Fascinating, rewarding… gave me an opportunity to spend time with and get to know academics I would not otherwise have met face to face”...speaks for us all. The two day process is one of creativity, innovation and high energy

14 The Academic View 16/09/2014G. Salmon CDU14 a great opportunity to reflect/review/restructure/focus the academic content of our disciplines Units and make the student experience vital and more engaging for students. I certainly recommend that we put all our Advertising Units in Communication through the same process. Thanks also to the extended team – learning technologists, librarians, researchers and representatives from Blackboard.

15 16/09/2014G. Salmon CDU15

16 G. Salmon & R. Angood 2014

17 Digitalising…. 16/09/2014G. Salmon CDU17

18 Swinburne’s Graduate Certificate in Learning & Teaching 2003 to 2012: 111 completions 3 semesters 2013-4 215 registrations 16/09/2014G. Salmon CDU18

19 Swinburne Online 16/09/2014G. Salmon CDU19

20 G. Salmon & R. Angood 2014

21 16/09/2014G. Salmon CDU21

22 Level of education held by CD MOOC participants 14% 8% 78% Bachelor Degree Post Graduate Other 16/09/2014G. Salmon CDU22

23 Completion Rates No. of Participants registered No. of participants started No. of Participants – earned all the badges No. of participants accessing course at the end 1426 1022 181 (17.3%) 335 (23%) 16/09/2014G. Salmon CDU23

24 Social constructive environment in small groups leading to open badges Collaboration Information Sharing Knowledge Creation Application Online Activities 16/09/2014G. Salmon CDU24

25 Mozilla Backpack Open Badges No license No Fee Free Staff and Student Support Import /export from institutional Blackboard Groups CourseSites by Blackboard Collaboration Mobile App 16/09/2014G. Salmon CDU25

26 Tools used in the CD MOOC 16/09/2014G. Salmon CDU26

27 More about the Carpe Diem MOOC 16/09/2014G. Salmon CDU27

28 G. Salmon & R. Angood 2014

29 E ngagement 16/09/2014G. Salmon CDU29

30 4 Quadrants of Innovation Deep Dive Shallow Waters Play Pool Treasure Chest NewNew Current/ Existing New Learning Design and Technology Missions Markets Contexts 16/09/2014G. Salmon CDU30

31 S ponsorship 16/09/2014G. Salmon CDU31

32 ‘Deep Dive’ events Learning Futures Seed Funding Research and Secondments Students of the Future Over the Horizon Digital Aquarium Projects 16/09/2014G. Salmon CDU32

33 P roject Methodology 16/09/2014G. Salmon CDU33

34 G. Salmon & R. Angood 2014

35 16/09/2014G. Salmon CDU35 Thanks for watching

36 References & Illustrations G. Salmon CDU3616/09/2014

37 Carpe Diem is based on original research by Prof Gilly Salmon at the Universities Glasgow Caledonian, Bournemouth and Anglia Ruskin. It was developed further at the Universities of Leicester, Southern Queensland, Northampton and Swinburne University of Technology. See E-tivities 2 nd Edition 2013 Chapter 5 gives full details of Carpe Web site for Carpe Diem, handbook and papers : 16/09/2014 G. Salmon CDU 37 Carpe Diem learning design

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