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+ Amendments 16-27 Of the United States Constitution.

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2 + Amendments Of the United States Constitution

3 + Amendments ratified in th Amendment: Allows Congress the power to pass income tax laws and to collect taxes 17 th Amendment: Allows senators to be elected by the people of their states

4 + 18 th Amendment: Prohibition  Bans the making and selling of alcoholic beverages  passed in 1919

5 + 21 st Amendment  Ends Prohibition  Gives the states the right to decide whether or not to ban liquor  Passed in 1933

6 + The 19 th, 23 rd, 24 th, and 26 th Amendments Amendments that Extended voting rights

7 + The 19 th Amendment  Gives women the right to vote  The first state to give women the right to vote was Wyoming in 1890  The fight for women’s right to vote continued until the passing of the 19 th amendment in 1920

8 + The 23 rd Amendment Since the late 1700s people living in the District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.) were not allowed to vote in national elections Passed in 1961, this amendment gave citizens living in DC the right to vote for president and vice-president

9 + The 24 th Amendment  Ended the poll tax in federal elections in  Many southern states adopted a poll tax in the late 1800s  People had to pay this special tax before they could vote.  Many people thought that this tax was meant to keep African Americans from voting.

10 + 26 th Amendment  Before 1971, the states set the voting age and this age varied among the states.  This amendment set the voting age at 18 in all states.

11 + Amendments related to government offices The 20 th, 22 nd, 25 th, and 27 th amendments

12 + Amendments 22 and 25 The 22 nd amendment limits the term of the president to two elected terms Passed in 1951 The 25 th amendment identifies who will fill the positions of president and vice-president if these persons leave office or become disabled Passed in 1967

13 + Amendments 20 and 27 The 20 th amendment sets new dates for Congress to begin It also sets January 20 as the day the President takes office Passed in 1933 The 27 th amendment says that any pay raise that Congress votes for itself will not take place until after the next Congressional election Passed in 1992

14 + Amendments that have not passed  After the 15 th Amendment, 43 years passed before changes were made to the Constitution.  Twelve amendments were added (Amendments 16-27) from 1913 to  Since 1971, several amendments have been proposed but most have failed to pass

15 + Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) Congress approved the ERA in 1972 The amendment stated that equal rights should not be limited due to a person’s sex Congress sent the ERA to the states for approval It DID NOT pass!!! Congress extended the time limit for ratification until 1982 Again, It DID NOT pass!!!

16 +  In 1989 Congress proposed an amendment that made it illegal to burn the American flag.  The Supreme Court ruled that this amendment would be unconstitutional.  people’s right to burn the flag was a form of free speech protected by the 1 st Amendment

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