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Minitab® 16 Workshop Presented by Arved Harding Your friendly, neighborhood statistician.

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1 Minitab® 16 Workshop Presented by Arved Harding Your friendly, neighborhood statistician

2 Outline  A few new features  Minitab® ’s Assistant  Minitab® Tutorials  Quality Trainer  Quality Companion 2

3 Credit where it is due.  Many slides were created by Christy Bower, a statistician at Eastman in our Applied Statistics Group. 3

4 A few new features “Quality People” might like  Gage R&R Study (Expanded) – Include additional factors, analyze studies that are balanced or unbalanced, specify if factors are fixed or random, and more.  Compare two capability analyses to see if the process has improved.  General Regression – Easily specify interaction and polynomial terms, compute confidence intervals for regression coefficients, and more.  Export to PowerPoint and Word – Directly export your graphs and Session window output for easy reporting.  Nonlinear Regression – Model non-linear relationships between variables.  Power and Sample Size – Use seven new tools to calculate power and sample size. 4

5 More power and sample size options Minitab® provides power, sample size, and difference (effect) calculations for the following procedures:  · one-sample Zone-sample Z  · one-sample tone-sample t  · two-sample ttwo-sample t  · paired tpaired t  · one variance testone variance test  · two variances testtwo variances test  · one-sample proportionone-sample proportion  · two-sample proportiontwo-sample proportion  · one-sample Poisson rateone-sample Poisson rate  · two-sample Poisson ratetwo-sample Poisson rate  · one-way analysis of varianceone-way analysis of variance  · two-level factorial designstwo-level factorial designs  · Plackett-Burman designsPlackett-Burman designs  · General Full Factorial designsGeneral Full Factorial designs You can also estimate the sample size you need to obtain a specific margin of error using Sample Size for Estimation.Sample Size for Estimation 5

6 Sample size for estimation Parameters include: Mean Standard deviation Variance Proportion Rate 6

7 7 Languages In addition to all the stuff we know about you can have Minitab® in a language other than English if you prefer. Under Tools>Options you can change the language KoreanEnglishFrench GermanChineseSpanishJapanese 7

8 Resources for Minitab® 16  Minitab® Tutorials (45 topics) Provides detailed descriptions and examples  Uses for the given tool or analysis  Required data for the analysis  How to complete the analysis in Minitab®  Minitab® Assistant Interactive step-by-step guide to completing common data analyses in Minitab® Provides ready-made reports  Report card of analysis assumptions  Diagnostic reports for evaluating outliers and stability  Summary report of the analysis  Quality Trainer E-learning course with hands-on exercises and quizzes 8

9 Minitab® tutorials 9

10 45 Tutorials on many topics of interest 10

11 2-Sample t Minitab® tutorial 11

12 What kind of data is required and what the worksheet should look like. 12

13 As well as an example and step-by-step instructions on how to use the tool 13

14 Minitab® ’s Assistant

15 When you feel you’re beyond help, consider Minitab® Assistant Minitab® has chosen a specific set of platforms to add in Assistant targeted to help Six Sigma belts get their analyses done more efficiently. 15

16 16

17 Check this out 17

18 18

19 19

20 20

21 Output is much nicer Typical output is a 3-4 page report. Each page can be copied as a graphic to Word or PowerPoint with a right click. Such as this 3 page report from a 2-sample t-test. 21

22 22

23 23

24 24

25 A warning about using Minitab® Assistant Minitab® has tried to make these platforms as simple and easy to use as they could. In doing so, sometimes they took a slightly different statistical approach than the traditional one. So the p-values may not always match up exactly. Minitab® Assistant Minitab® Menu (assuming equal variances) 25

26 2-Sample t using Minitab® Assistant 26

27 Demo using Hospital Rating Data 27

28 Minitab® ’s Quality Trainer

29 29

30 Quality Trainer  Interactive guide to review specific statistical topics  Learn at your own pace  Test your knowledge with exercises and quizzes  Certificate of completion for certification credits is available from Minitab® upon completion of all material and quizzes (approximately 20 hours of training) 30

31 Quality Trainer contents 31

32 Links to more information  For a complete description of the new features see: http://www.Minitab®.com/en-US/products/Minitab® /whats-new.aspx http://www.Minitab®.com/en-US/products/Minitab® /whats-new.aspx   See the link below for access to a Minitab® 16 tour, webinars and more. http://www.Minitab®.com/en-US/products/Minitab® /launch.aspxhttp://www.Minitab®.com/en-US/products/Minitab® /launch.aspx  For prerecorded webinars see http://www.Minitab®.com/en- US/theater/default.aspxhttp://www.Minitab®.com/en- US/theater/default.aspx   To learn what statistical techniques Minitab® assistant uses in each platform and why a detailed white paper has been written, go to http://www.Minitab®.com/en- US/support/answers/answer.aspx?id=2613 http://www.Minitab®.com/en- US/support/answers/answer.aspx?id=2613 32

33 Pricing info 33

34 34

35 Organize 35

36 Execute 36

37 Customize and The Dashboard 37

38 Questions? 38

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