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November 16, 2002 Greetings to CLSI Users A Time of Transition W. Thomlinson CLSI Executive Director.

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1 November 16, 2002 Greetings to CLSI Users A Time of Transition W. Thomlinson CLSI Executive Director

2 November 16, 2002 My Most Sincere Appreciation and Thanks to my Predecessors Mike Bancroft and Mark de Jong who have guided the CLS through all of the extraordinary achievements in its young life, assuring success as a national and internationally recognized center of synchrotron scientific excellence.

3 November 16, 2002 Personal Background 1964 – 1980Low Temperature Physics and Materials Science PhD – Yale University – Low Temperature Physics (Solid He 3 ) Post Doc – Cornell University– LTP (Solid He 3 NMR) Physicist – KFA Jülich – LTP (Liquid He Critical Phenomena) Physicist – Brookhaven National Lab Department of Physics – LTP (milli-Kelvin and Neutron Scattering on He thin films and magnetic superconductors) 1980 – 2002Synchrotron Radiation Technology, Science and Management National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS) – (1980-1998) X-ray Beamline Installation and Experimental Support Section Leader Synchrotron Medical Research Facility Director (SMERF) Associate Chair for ES&H European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) – (1999-2002) Beamline Responsible for Medical Research Beamline Senior Management Advisor

4 November 16, 2002 Nov. 1, 2002 W. Thomlinson replaced M. de Jong as Executive Director 1999 – 2002 Construction Project 2002 – 2003 Construction to Operations Transition 2004  User Operations + Scientific Facilities Expansion A Time of Transition

5 November 16, 2002 Project Completion Address User Priorities Balance Academic and Industrial Use Balance Local, National and International Priorities Enhanced Operations Funding Advanced Scientific and Machine Programs #1 PRIORITY SAFETY My CLS Agenda

6 November 16, 2002 Communications CLSStaff CLSU of S CLSBoard of Directors CLSCommittees CLSFunding Agencies CLSGovernment Agencies CLS Scientific Community

7 November 16, 2002 Facility Infrastructure Operations Funding – Nearing Target Seeking Additional Funding through NRC, NSERC, CIHR, Genome Canada, U of S Research Director Position Job Description and Advertisement Ready for Release Review of Staffing Profile – Organization Chart Create User Administration Office Expand Scientific Program Support Hire Operations Safety Personnel Review of Committee Structure for Operations Phase

8 November 16, 2002 CLS Organization Chart Communications (TBA) Quality Assurance (E. Matias) Health, Safety & Environment (M. Benmerrouche) Board of Directors Executive Director ( W. Thomlinson) Users Advisory Committee Scientific Advisory Committee Director of Research (TBA) Responsible for: Proposal Review User Support Insertion Devices Scientific Support Experimental Systems and Beamline Operations Director of Operations (M. de Jong) Responsible for: Accelerator Operations & Development Controls & Instrumentation Development Engineering & Technical Services Information Technology Services Chief Financial Officer (B. Lepage) Responsible for: Accounting Human Resources Receiving / Purchasing Business Development Officer (R. Slinger) Responsible for: Industrial Services Marketing User Administration Office for Industrial & Academic Users

9 November 16, 2002 User Support Communications Increased Web based information input/output Enhanced presence and interactions with management Increased distribution of reports, minutes, decisions Housing (low cost, quiet, convenient…) – ESRF Model Lutheran Seminary Space under consideration On site/campus services (Offices, labs, user space) Joint UofS / CLS Integration Committee Use of Distributed facilities in University Departments Construction of facilities within CLS Study of National Synchrotron Radiation Center

10 November 16, 2002 Joint U of S / CLS Integration Committee Increased access of CLS users to U of S departmental facilities and personnel Joint appointments for CLS staff with U of S or other Canadian Universities

11 November 16, 2002 USER ACCESS Beam Team Agreements (Memoranda of Understanding) First negotiations underway prior to December 1 Finalize process for all beam teams by March 1, 2003 Access Fee Structure Reconstituting initial BPAC subcommittee E. Hallin, T. Ellis, J. Cutler, T.K. Sham Enhanced committee being formed by addition of industry representative, academic users and staff Effort commences prior to December 1 Finalize fee structure by February 1, 2003

12 November 16, 2002 Success depends on cooperative efforts of the CLS Staff and the User Community

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