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Heritage Conservation, Lifelong Learning and Young People in the Community.

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1 Heritage Conservation, Lifelong Learning and Young People in the Community

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4 Transformed by I.R. 18 th /19 th centuries The landscapes are littered with reminders of the industrial past Example of highly productive but also destructive working landscape

5 with 17-18s Educational facet  Schools  Community (UWN) “Community “ – young people

6 UWN/CCLL highly successful track record working with 17-18s For the past 4 years CCLL has provided flexible progression routes for young people into and through H.E.

7 Benefits of Level 4 credits Level 4 Modules University experience P/T credits Cert. H.E. 10 credits CV/UCAS Transferable skills Maximising the chances of successful learner outcome (WAG 2009)

8 Working with local educational institutions (17-18 year olds) and FLP UWN devised an innovative Level 4 module that would: Engage the young people (extra curricular) Learn about tourism, heritage and culture on their doorsteps Offer progression routes in tourism and heritage studies (Level 3-5) and employment

9 However, extra curricular participation is: dominated by the more “gifted and talented” (DoE 2005); and a number of forces create “situational barriers” (Calder 1993) for those students who are NOT. Simply encouraging the students not involved to participate in the FLP seems futile; and encouraging those that will, increases their existing heavy workload.

10 Instead of tying to corral the young people into getting involved in the Project CCLL looked at how the Project could get involved with them.

11 The Welsh baccalaureate (“Welshbacc”) An exciting qualification delivered by educational institutions across Wales (meeting 14-19 Agenda of Wales). Offered at three levels: advanced level (17-18) core component Wales Europe, the World.

12 10 Credit Level 4 WEW – many of the LO of the Welsbac  An innovative, flexible and diverse inter-disciplinary module which  recognises that “One size does not fit all”  Widens access and progression  Removes the more traditional barrier to learning  While sustaining “employability as a key

13 Local Authority Area (Newport) overwhelming – potentially 1,000 students. September 2011 piloted to over 70 students 3 institutions. Outcomes/developments presented in a second paper.

14 Whilst young people in this Welsh community might initially struggle to understand the relevance of an historical cultural landscape to their lives….

15 … they may well understand how their future changing environment will shape and influence their place in the global world in 21 st Century...have the opportunity to make an impact on the Project, the community and their life chances...and leave behind their legacy for future generations:

16 the guardians of tomorrow …. and the day after!

17 Centre for Community and Lifelong Learning School of Humanities and Lifelong Learning Faculty of Education and Social Sciences University of Wales, Newport Canolfan Dysgu Cymunedol a Gydol Oes Pennaeth yr Ysgol Ddyniaethau a Dysgu Gydol Oes Y Gyfadran Addysg a Gwyddorau Cymdeithasol Prifysgol Cymru, Casnewydd

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