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OUR SOLUTIONS are simple, affordable, run on most mobile phones and can be billed directly by your wireless carrier. OUR PRODUCTS are fully scalable and.

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2 OUR SOLUTIONS are simple, affordable, run on most mobile phones and can be billed directly by your wireless carrier. OUR PRODUCTS are fully scalable and can integrate with many backend systems. OUR COMMITMENT to customer care is unparalleled. OUR CUSTOMERS benefit from the ability to manage off-site employees efficiently as if they were in an office. Actsoft allows companies to gather information in real time so they can better manage employees and assets in the field. The Actsoft Advantage

3 The Challenge The Actsoft Solution A ccountability  Clock in and out through handset. All information is time/date/location stamped  Validate routes and miles driven with GPS tracking  Full map visibility for location C ustomer Care  Coordinate drivers for multiple deliveries to ensure everything arrives on time C ompetitive Edge  Dispatch deliveries through backend solution and send directly to driver handsets E fficiency  Utilize Bar Code Scanning to simplify inventory management process S afety  Panic Button  Enforce speed compliance S avings  It all equals savings!. Solutions to Industry Challenges ACCESS

4 ACTSOFT PRODUCT SUITE Comet EZ Basic web-based workforce tracking and timekeeping application Comet Tracker Robust client and web-based workforce tracking with advanced mobile resource management Comet Mobile Worker The ultimate mobile workforce tracking and back office software solution Advanced Wireless Form Turn any paper form into a wireless version and eliminate clipboards and stacks of documents Scalability and Flexibility

5 Clock In and Out from Mobile Handset Individual employees or supervisors (for entire crews) can log the amount of time spent at a specific site, or on a specific task, then send the information directly to the home office. This data can be sent to backend payroll systems (Legiant, ADP) for accurate job costing and payroll processing, dramatically reducing paperwork and errors. Accountability: Accurate Accounting for Time Data can be broken down to include: Travel time Time on site Lunches and breaks Time at alternate locations (Last minute re-routes, fuel stops, etc.)

6 See the status of all employees on one screen Accountability: Accurate Accounting for Time

7 Asset Database All assets are listed in your Actsoft system In the field, employees can either scan barcodes or enter numerically with the keypad Your system will show the last person who used the asset and its last location. Asset Tracking Devices Devices are available that can be attached directly to valuable equipment Misplaced or lost assets cost you money and valuable time Actsoft offers 2 ways to keep track of equipment Accountability: Track Assets

8 Pinpoint current location and view “breadcrumb trails” of previous travel Ensure driving is job related Review stops and routes traveled Confirm travel with GPS mileage reports Monitor vehicle speed Accountability: Validate Mileage Know where your employees are and where they have been Exact time, speed & stop times can be accessed by clicking the individual pinpoints.

9 Instantly receive alerts if employees are late to a site Monitor speed compliance Speed alerts and stop reports protect drivers from unwarranted complaints and ensure policy enforcement Customer Care: Reduce Complaints

10 Messages are customizable and can include: Completed Deliveries Work Assigned Cancellations/Reschedules Next Steps Reduce inquiries by sending automated emails From: Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 5:16 PM To: John Manager Cc: Manufacturers Representative Subject: Completed Delivery Dear Store Manager; We have completed our scheduled delivery today for customer store number 444. If you have any questions or comments please contact us. Thank you, Jane Doe ABC Transport and Delivery (555)555-5555 Customer Care: Email Notifications

11 Instantly view assigned work for people, equipment and vehicles. Calendars show scheduled work, all assignments and can be color-coded based on skill set to help with scheduling. Avoid overtime, high labor costs and The “waiting to work” syndrome. Deliver on time. Efficiency: Calendars

12 Information is sent directly to the mobile phone  Eliminate unproductive trips  Save time  Reduce payroll costs  Minimize mileage View messages and instructions via handset Send information immediately to the office upon completion of delivery or route Reduce paperwork Increase overall productivity With electronic forms on their phones, employees record time and activity at each site Locate the closest truck and re-route quickly. Efficiency: Respond Quickly

13 Electronic data capture Less paperwork Decrease data entry Automate processes Save time Integrate or Interface with Backend Systems Efficiency: Increase Back-Office Efficiency Mobile Devices

14 Free Software Free Installation Unlimited Free Training – Forever Unlimited Free Support – Forever Rapid Return on Investment Award Winning Customer Care Competitive Edge: The Power To Do More

15 The power of GPS tracking provides employee location in case of emergency Allows you to monitor where they are during work hours. Alerts available for speeding, excessive stop times and more! Address:1234 Halal Blvd.Tampa, FL 12212 27.9980888, -85.4646562 The transportation industry is dangerous. Panic button on mobile handset notifies you in case of emergencies. Safety: GPS Tracking and Panic Button

16 Savings: Reduce Fuel and Maintenance Expense Efficient routes result in less fuel consumption and reduce wear and tear on vehicles Knowing where your vehicles are at all times reduces “side jobs” on your dime.

17 Mobile Resource Management’s ROI story is straightforward and impressive, with customers reporting significant reductions in operating costs, increased employee productivity and improved customer relationships.* *Frost & Sullivan, 2008 ROI Calculator

18 Accountability  Clock in and out from handset  Validate miles driven and routes taken  Track your employees and assets Customer Care  Verify time en-route, on-site, etc.  Deliver on time Competitive Edge  Collect real time data from the field  Access employee data Efficiency  Assign jobs directly to mobile phone  Deliver a task immediately Safety  Panic button and GPS Tracking Savings  Accountability, excellent customer care, and optimum efficiency saves time and money Actsoft Delivers

19 Thank You. For more information on how Actsoft can improve your bottom line, contact us at: (888) 732-6638 or visit

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