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Food and Nutrient Based Production Records

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1 Food and Nutrient Based Production Records

2 Why are Production Records Important?
The paper copy is a legal document for meal claiming. Accurate and complete production records are necessary to support the claim for reimbursable meals. Identify information needed for nutrient analysis of school meals. Used to forecast future food preparation when the same menu is planned and served again. Since the production record is a legal document, any menu/serving notes should be on a separate paper

3 WebSMARTT Production Records are developed using WebSMARTT and some of the required information is pre-printed on created records.

4 Viewing/Printing Production Records
Select “Daily Production Report Worksheet – Nutrient Standards for School Meals” and click view.

5 Viewing/Printing Production Records
Select the date range you would like to view/print and click view. As a tip, only select and print a couple days in advance so you have the most current and up to date production record.

6 Production Record

7 Contribution Amount New column added this year, you do not have to do anything with this column.

8 Required Pre-Printed Information
Serving Site Date of Meal Student Planned: The planned number of reimbursable meals to be served to students Menu Type (breakfast, lunch, supper)

9 Required Pre-Printed Information
Recipe ID Meal Component Serving size and unit

10 Pre-Printed Required Information
These are the result of the Lead “projecting” in WebSMARTT the number of students who will eat that item.

11 Additional Required Information
Nutrition Services employees must complete additional information. Must be handwritten on the Production Record on the day of meal service. Some of the information must be written on the BEFORE meal service. Some of the information must be written on the AFTER meal service.

12 Before Meal Service

13 Record Portions Prepared
Total number of portions prepared for each item offered as part of the meal:

14 Record Portions Prepared
Nutrition Service employees must write the number of portions prepared for every food item and every food component served.

15 Planned Vs. Prepared The quantity prepared can be different from the original (planned) projection. Actual number of hot dogs prepared for meal service was 150 The number of hot dogs originally projected was 160

16 Planned Fruits and Vegetables
We must PLAN for enough fruits and vegetables to be served to all students we think will be eating with us. However, we can prepare the quantity we think the students will take.

17 Planned Fruits and Vegetables

18 Record Time and Temperature
Time and temperature must be recorded for all hot items The time an item is taken out of the refrigerator must be recorded for all cold items

19 Thermometer Calibration
Thermometers are calibrated every Tuesday. See SOP 2 Indicate on the production sheet that your thermometers have been calibrated. Calibrate a bi-metallic food thermometer. Thermometers are to be calibrated when they are first taken out of the original package. Afterwards, re-calibration is done on a weekly basis, and when dropped.

20 Additions to the Production Record
Any leftovers or additions to the production record needs to be listed. Recipe items (s-items) need to have to the menu item # recorded. Items like fruit or vegetables with Item IDs do not need to have the number recorded. The serving size needs to be written on the Production Record.

21 Substitutions to the Production Record
You can find the correct portion size on a previous Production Records Cross out menu items and the serving sizes that are not being served

22 Substituting Fruits and Vegetables
We can sub any type of fruit for another. However, for vegetables we have to make substitutions within the sub group or make sure we offer a vegetable from that sub group during that same week.

23 Sub Chart

24 After Meal Service

25 Record Total Number of Portions Served

26 Record Leftovers as Being Saved or Tossed

27 Record Time for Leftovers

28 Record Actual Student and Adult meals served
Students Served: Reimbursable student meals and earned student meals Seconds/Adults Served: Includes adult meals sold (earned, and on account) and student second meals The total number of student, seconds and adult meals served can be found on the Sales and Meal Count Report that prints with your end of day paperwork

29 Sales and Meal Counts (End of Day)
Students Served: This number includes earned meals Seconds/Adults Served: Sum adult meals and total student meals (seconds).

30 Record Actual Student and Adult meals served
250/225 4/2 Remember: Students Served are both reimbursable student meals and earned student meals. Seconds/Adults Served are adult meals sold and student second meals

31 Sign and Date Leads need to sign and date the last page of the production record for each meal service served (breakfast, Lunch, FFVP, Head Start and Supper). Jane Doe

32 Key Points Accurate and complete production records are legal documents that are required to pass state and federal reviews/audits. Nutrition Services employees must fill out the Production Record completely as outlined in this tutorial in order for the meal reimbursement to be claimed.

33 Key Points Production Records must be printed with total amount of portions projected and total portions prepared filled out BEFORE meal service. Production Records must be filled out with the total amount of portions served, saved, and tossed out AFTER meal service. When making substitutions, you must record the correct recipe ID and serving size.

34 Key Points You are required to serve all items menued on the production record. Thermometers are calibrated every Tuesday (or weekly) and must be indicated as such on the production record (see SOP 2) At the end of the day, record the number of students and adults meals served on the production record. Leads need to sign and date the last page of the production record for each meal service served (breakfast, lunch, FFVP, head start and supper).

35 Key Points In areas where there are no lines (blank spaces), no information from you is required. Production Records must be completed and filed in the Quarterly Notebook every day. Production Records should be used to help you plan for your students favorite menu items! After ordering (planning), you can adjust the number of entrees prepared. This can help reduce food waste for those unexpected field trips or class absences.

36 If you have any questions about Production Records, please contact your Program Manager.

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