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The Cape Fear Capital Connection News Hour: Friday, November 21, 2014 A Live Internet TV Broadcast of News and Information About Technology, Capital Markets,

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1 The Cape Fear Capital Connection News Hour: Friday, November 21, 2014 A Live Internet TV Broadcast of News and Information About Technology, Capital Markets, and Business In The Cape Fear Valley On MyTalker Radio and TV With Thomas Vass The Private Capital News Network Presents

2 Segment One: Our Special Guest: Jeb S. Spencer, Managing Partner, TVC Capital, San Diego, California Article by Jeb Spencer: On a Wing and a Prayer: 300,000 Angels in Search of a Unicorn The ratio of investments to exits is usually about 10:1. …an independent study all of the investments made in the last ten years, and found that only 0.7 percent of those funded deals will grow to achieve a billion dollar market cap. They are as rare as unicorns. Another study found that 66 percent of the 22,0000.7 percent of those funded deals venture deals done in the last decade yielded a 1x return or less.

3 Number of VC firms has decreased 50% in 15 years. Since 2001, the number of active VC firms in the US has decreased by about fifty percent. While we are setting records on capital deployed right now, this is largely driven by more money in fewer deals invested by fewer firms. Much more money is going into the winners showing dramatic revenue growth, and this has all created a void for the entrepreneurs in the garageactive VC firms in the US

4 Angel Capital Targeted to New Ventures In the last five years, angels have invested over $100 billion dollars in startups—often really, really early startups. We estimate that by the end of 2014, 350,000 companies will have received angel funding since 2010.

5 About TVC Capital How do you and TVC go about evaluating potential investments? What form of investments, or securities do you most prefer? What is the relationship between venture capital investments and regional economic growth?

6 Segment Two: In addition to the decline in the number of VC firms, have you seen a decline in the rate of product innovation? At the top of the deal funnel, how do you find potential new deals that fit with your model of investing? Do you have some type of model or framework for predicting the direction of technology in the potential markets that you like?

7 How Will Accredited Investor Crowdfunding Affect The Rate of Capital Investments? Most angels are looking for unicorns in new ventures. Do you think accredited investor crowdfunding is more suited to established operational companies that would never be a candidate for either VCs or angels? How will accredited investor crowdfunding affect your company or the angel community?

8 Segment Three: The Other Economic Gap In The Cape Fear Economy: High Skill Training CNN spotlights Apprenticeship 2000 program in Charlotte, Ken Elkins Senior Staff Writer- Charlotte Business JournalKen Elkins the basics of the program, which brings high-school students into local industry for training while paying them a salary. Students who complete the program get a job in a local plant.brings high-school students into local industry

9 Skill Training Is One Component of The Cape Fear Capital Market Infrastructure Small tech companies need high skill workers to meet the standards and criteria of the bigger companies in clusters like aviation, marine biotech or ag-biotech. Training workers is very costly for both the companies, and for public schools.

10 An example: $15 per hour job, no training component No skills certification certificate for worker, only job experience. No loyalty to company. Training takes up to two years to complete and requires worker to miss production time.

11 The Added Cost per hour of training the $15 per hour worker Over a two year period, the cost to train a worker to the highest skill level is $20 per hour, but the production value of the worker is only $15. No incentive for the firm to train the worker. Both the worker, and the regional economy gain benefits if the skill levels of the regional workforce go up.

12 Solution: Private Sector Only Program; Public Sector Provides Services Private sector sets on-the-job training schedule. Private sector administers end-of-training skill exam. Public sector offers supplemental academic and theoretical classroom training. Private firms obtain tax credit at end of training for each worker who passes the skill certification exam. North Carolina Department of Labor awards trainee skill certificate.

13 Segment Four: News WrapUp and What The News Means for the Cape Fear Economy DocsInc: This Wilmington digital health startup is one of NCTA's 2014 Beacon Award winners.By Laura Baverman, “We started this company to make a huge impact across the nation, and NC is a great base from which to grow,” says CEO Julie Thomas, who built the software tool with the assistance of physicians. Thomas says. “A year from now, we expect to see significant growth, with an established customer in every state. And we’ll be proud to point to NC as home when we do so.” “DocsInk took in a series A round of funding totaling nearly $1 million in January of 2013. Our company remains extremely well funded and securely poised for quick growth and scalability.“

14 Vertex Direct Job Creation of 1300 workers not nearly as important as the indirect job growth effects For rail-car maker Vertex, incentives weren't a priority For every one job at Vertex, the Vertex plant will stimulate the creation of another 3 jobs in its supply chain. All the indirect jobs will require a very high level of skills. It would be a really smart idea to target the future buying of Vertex to existing Cape Fear companies

15 GE Nuclear Operations Is A Service Firm to The Nuclear Industry GE's Castle Hayne facility gets $300 million order. By Jim Brumm Exelon Generation, operator of the largest nuclear fleet in the U.S., has turned to General Electric's Castle Hayne nuclear operations for $300 million of fuel and other services over the next four years. The announcement comes four weeks after news of Exelon's $500 million GE gas turbine order, GE said, noting this was the first U.S. order for its highest efficiency HA turbine.

16 GE Hitachi Receives Federal Funds To Assess New Nuclear Technology By Jenny Callison, posted Nov 6, 2014 inShare GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) will perform a comprehensive safety assessment of its PRISM sodium-cooled fast nuclear reactor, thanks to a multi-million-dollar federal investment from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the company announced Thursday. GEH officials are not sure yet of the exact amount of federal funds allocated to the project, company spokesman Jon Allen said Thursday. This research investment by the DOE will enable Castle Hayne-based GEH to partner with the Argonne National Laboratory in developing up-to-date risk assessment methodologies for PRISM and then to perform the assessment, according to a news release from the company.

17 Next week, NC Aerospace, will present the first of two programs outlining the markets and opportunities for North Carolina companies NC Aerospace aims to become a statewide advocate and economic-development group connecting aerospace companies, educators and potential employees, said Penny Whiteheart, the organization’s managing director. Next week, NC Aerospace, will present the first of two programs outlining the markets and opportunities for companies that may not know that their work and products could make them ideal suppliers for the aviation industry. “Aerospace Markets and Opportunities for N.C. Manufacturers” is designed to attract companies from a wide variety of specialties that include such trades as precision machining, bonding, welding and assembly, fabrics and semiconductors.

18 News About The Military Technology Cluster CARY, N.C., Nov. 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Autonomic Resources has successfully completed the security assessment of their Autonomic Resources Cloud Platform (ARC-P(TM)) up to Impact Level 5 of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Cloud Security Model (CSM). This assessment was conducted by accredited 3rd Party Assessor, Veris Group, LLC. To meet the DoD requirements, Autonomic implemented 68 additional security controls beyond their FedRAMP JAB authorization and 48 previously assessed FedRAMP controls were enhanced to meet tightened security parameters.Autonomic Resources

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