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BLY CPA Verification- A DOE’ Perspective Archak Pattanaik New Delhi, 20-01-2012.

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1 BLY CPA Verification- A DOE’ Perspective Archak Pattanaik New Delhi, 20-01-2012

2 Content CPA Verification Process Role of a DOE in CPA verification Issues in CPA/ PoA verification Potential Issues in BLY CPA verification Climate Change Services at LRQA

3 CPA Verification Process 1. periodic independent review and determination of GHG emission reductions after implementation of the CPA 2. occurring as a result of a CPA included in a registered PoA during the monitoring period. Verification is pre-requisite for issuance

4 Steps of CPA Verification Process Verification Team Selection Verifier Selection Verifier Contract Establishment Verification Report publicising the monitoring report on UNFCCC website Request for Issuance to UNFCCC Issuance of CERs by Executive Board On-Site Assessment Role by color codes: Project ParticipantDOECDM EB Resolution of Findings

5 Role of DOE Extended arm of UNFCCC Evaluate implementation and monitoring of CPAs with registered PoA-DD, Included CPA-DD & Monitoring Methodology Systematically verify and certify the monitoring parameters and calculation of GHG emission reduction DOE participated in Validation of the CPA under PoA can not carry out the verification.

6 Issues in CPA/PoA verification Complexity Large size of data Sampling methodology Sampling by DOE during verification In case problems detected during sample of samples Non availability of standardized Monitoring Report template High Risk for DOEs Higher verification cost (Risk + Man-days)

7 Potential Issues in BLY CPA Verification Deviation from monitoring plan of PoA-DD / CPA-DD Accuracy of Ex post Survey Reports (Q pj & Failure rate) Calibration of monitoring/testing equipments Detection of invalid meters/ replacement of meters CFL disposal/Failure of CFL/ Breakage of CFL/ Replacement /shifting of CFLs to another household Awareness level in households Data reliability/ Data Archiving Internal Audit/Review

8 Some clarfications on related to PoA Verification EB 60, Annex 26. PoA can be amended post registration to include additional Host party – Thus, International PoAs (PoAs spread over more than one nation) are allowed. Annex 66/67 not applicable to PoAs Existing Procedures for seeking a Deviation / revision in MP are applicable to PoAs as well. EU-ETS clarification PoAs registered in Non LDC countries, before 2013 under CDM, CPAs included post 2012 are also eligible can indeed be used for EU compliance.

9 Who we are?

10 We are part of the Lloyd’s Register Group 278 offices delivering services in 228 countries 7,500 employees of 90 nationalities Celebrated our 250 year anniversary in 2010 Four business divisions: Marine Transportation (rail sector) Energy (ModuSpec, Scandpower) Management Systems (LRQA) 2009/10 turnover US$1.25bn

11 LRQA Climate Change Services Validation and verification of emission reduction projects CDM validation and verification (UNFCCC) WCD assessment (EU compliance for CDM) Organisation / product GHG verification ISO 14064 PAS 2050 EU ETS Aviation Corporate social responsibility CSR report assurance

12 Services are provided by LRQA and other members of the Lloyd’s Register Group. For further information visit For more information, please contact: Archak Pattanaik Climate Change Service Manager, South West Asia Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Limited Unit 63 & 64, Kalpataru Square, Kondivita Lane Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400 059, India T +91 22 4260407 (Direct) M +91(0) 8879004816, E w

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