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Syntec Optics: History & Overview. Agenda Who We Are What We Do How We Do It Who We Do It For.

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1 Syntec Optics: History & Overview

2 Agenda Who We Are What We Do How We Do It Who We Do It For

3 Who We Are: Advantages & Objectives Syntec Advantages: Largest private custom polymer optics manufacturer in North America Strategic Location: Rochester, NY, renowned for optics excellence Strong brand in Medical, Defense and Biometrics industries Commitment to solving complete applications needs Full service custom optics, focus on integrated assemblies ISO Certified 9001:2008, ITAR Business Goal: To grow through a “customer centric” approach by maximizing innovation and constantly improving process controls to provide quality solutions as well as quality products while reducing overall costs and production time for our customers. Introduction

4 Who We Are: Keys to Success Steady revenue growth Stable, talented workforce, encouraged to collaborate and Innovate Focus on fast growing applications areas (ei. Medical, Defense, Biometric) Diverse customer mix Global Customer Base Introduction Strategic Rochester, NY location –One of top Optics & Imaging centers in the world –Legacy of Eastman Kodak –Access to engineering and research experts from high-ranking institutions –42 Colleges & Universities in the region including UB, U of R, RIT, Cornell –Access to robust transportation system –#1 city in the world for patents-per-capita

5 Who We Are: Experience = Quality Results Management Team: 70 Years of Combined Industry Experience VP/GM, Rick Arndt : 30 years of Experience VP of Manufacturing Operations, Lori Steffenilla: 10 yrs Bob Orcutt, GM (Wordingham): 30 yrs Experience Engineering/Design Engineering Manager Four Project Managers Production: Process Mfg. Analyst Optical Mfg. Analyst Tooling Specialist Quality Assurance: QA Manager Document Control Manager Customer Service Manager

6 Innovation at Every Step Collaborative Teams = Innovative Solutions Business Model Innovate — with design for manufacturability Innovate — through material selection Innovate — at quality and metrology Innovate — at order fulfillment Innovate — at every step, for consistent quality, cost savings & customer satisfaction

7 Who We Are: History of Innovation 1981: Syntec Custom Injection Molders, Inc formed 2006: RTM & Syntec relaunch as Syntec Optics w/ $1M Expansion 2000: Syntec expands into Optics. Acquires Rochester Tool & Mold. Receives award for 1 st Biometric ID devise 1999: Acquired by Millennium Ventures, becomes Syntec Technologies Inc. 2004: Introduce RAMP to shorten lead times, improve yields, reduce costs. Won Raytheon Accelerator Award as a Top Supplier. 2005: Syntec files patent app. For High Refractive Diamond Turning Introduction 2008: Syntec receives Frost & Sullivan’s Polymer Optics Growth Excellence of the Year award. 2009: Achieves ISO 9001:2000. Class 10,000 Clean Room Added 2010: ISO Certification 9001:2008, Impliments Alliance with Wordingham 1981 Present

8 What We Do: Design & Engineering Fixturing Diamond Turning Mold Making Injection Molding Quality Control Sub - Assembly Assembly Product Distribution Business Model

9 How We Do It: Locations Syntec Pavilion Headquarters, Manufacturing & Assembly Pavilion, NY Syntec Rochester Diamond Turning, Tooling & Molds Rochester, NY 1 Introduction 3 3 Wordingham Technologies Machining, Milling Victor, NY

10 Location: Pavilion Corporate, Manufacturing & Assembly, Clean Room Capabilities: –Pavilion, NY –20,000 sq. ft. –60 employees, 3 shifts Introduction

11 Location: Rochester Diamond Turning, Tooling: –Rochester, NY –6,000 sq. ft. –15 employees Introduction

12 Location: Victor Machining, Milling: –Victor, NY –30,000 sq. ft. –35 employees Introduction

13 Equipment Introduction Tooling Equipment:  Moore Nanotech DT Centers  Milltronics Milling Centers  Ultramill CNC  Makino Wire EDM  Hyprez Plano Polishing Machine  Trinco Dry Blast Glass Bead System  Multiple CNC Lathes, Mills, EDMs  Multiple Surface Grinders Manufacturing Equipment: 14 Presses ranging from 7 to 220 ton including:  Arburg Injection Molding  Toshiba Injection Molding  Engel Injection Molding  Branson Sonic Welders  United Silicone Hot Stamp Metrology Equipment:  Contura GL Ziess CMM  Zygo White-Light Interferometer  Fisba Twyman-Green Interferometers  Taylor Hobson Profilometers  Mitutyo Profilometer  Nikon Vision System  Keyence Laser Confocal Measuring  Optical Comparator  Multiple Microscopes

14 Who We Do It For: Industries Medical = 50% of Revenues Defense = 30% of Revenues Biometric = 15% of Revenues Other (Opaque Molding) = 5% of Revenues

15 Medical Applications Blood Gas Analyzer: -Optical channel micro fluidic slide cell assembly Challenge: -Costly Due to Limited Life Span Syntec Solution: Reduced number of components through proprietary over-molding Integrated lubricated polymer with base to eliminate ext. lubrication step and contamination risk Extended component life by reducing wear potential Reduced overall costs Delivered from “dock to stock” Syntec Markets

16 Medical Biom Lens Pack: -Used in Vitreoretinal Eye Surgery, 130° Wide Field View Challenge: -Needed to be Precise, Small and Disposable Syntec Solution: Moved from Glass to Plastic Again, reduced number of components Reduced overall costs Delivered from “dock to stock” Syntec Markets

17 Medical Applications Are-O-Scop: -Used in Colonoscopy for Cancer Screening Challenge: -Needed to be Small and Disposable w/ 360° view Syntec Solution: Designed precision 360° view lens Again, reduced number of components Reduced overall costs Delivered from “dock to stock” Syntec Markets

18 Defense Applications Headlight: Used in HumVees (some commercial applications) Challenge: -Needed to be Reliable, Durable, DOT compliant Syntec Solution: Designed Single molded piece Introduced high polished finish Reduced overall costs Syntec Markets

19 Defense Applications Heads Up Display (HUD): Display for Oxygen Masks Challenge: -Needed to be Reliable & Durable Syntec Solution: Produced two different lens, 1 concave, 1 convex Utilized two different materials Reduced overall costs Syntec Markets

20 Biometric Applications Fingerprint ID: Used for Security Challenge: Diverse applications each requiring different packaging Syntec Solution: Designed one set of optics for stand-alone, embedded, USB or PCMCIA packaging Achieved low cost targets by designing from ground up Optimized plastic optics to fit in tight spaces using atypical surfaces Reduced overall inventory needs without increasing risk of stock-outs Syntec Markets

21 Biometrics Applications Vision Access 3D EnrolCam: Used for facial recognition Challenge: Reduce costs while maintaining quality w/ reliable delivery Syntec Solution: Designed forensic quality lens Used a 2-D camera and infrared laser system Designed unique packaging to ensure safe delivery Syntec Markets

22 Innovation = Faster, Smaller, Lighter Assembly innovations –3-D Facial Imaging System with repeatable assembly and testing process Process innovations –HRDT to enable diamond turning of polyetherimides & polyethersulfones to imaging optical surface roughness (can cut total development cost up to 5X) –Formula driven approach to compensating for shrinkage (reduces post processing up to 50%) –DOE = Scientific Approach to Design –Over Molding and converting metal or glass to plastic Materials innovations –New Acrylic Copolymer Blend with UVT High transmission and purity below visible wavelengths Business Model

23 Industry Qualifications Certifications: –ISO 9001:2008 –ITAR –FDA –DoD Awards –2008 Frost & Sullivan North American Polymer Optics Growth Excellence of the Year Award –Raytheon Accelerator Award –Indentix Business Development Award –Several Kodak Awards

24 Industry Affiliations & Awards US and Global Conference Presence - Participation at several international events including: tradeshows, seminars & training Industry Group Participation -Optical Society of America Member -SPIE Corporate Member -Rochester Regional Photonics Cluster Member -Photonics Industry Association of New York Member University Partnerships: U of R, RIT, Cornell, UB

25 Contact Info: Diamond Turning and Tooling: Rick Arndt Optics and Molding: Doug Hand Machining and Milling: Bob Orcutt Community Relations & Strategic Partnerships: Chad Zambito

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