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Creating Electronic Portfolios using PowerPoint Portfolios Darina Glover-Russell Area 7 Technology Trainer.

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2 Creating Electronic Portfolios using PowerPoint Portfolios Darina Glover-Russell Area 7 Technology Trainer

3 What is an Electronic Portfolio? A portfolio is a purposeful collection of student work that exhibits the student's efforts, progress and achievements in one or more areas. The collection must include student participation in selecting contents, the criteria for selection; the criteria for judging merit, and evidence of student self-reflection. Educators in the Pacific Northwest, through the Northwest Evaluation Association (1990)

4 Electronic Portfolios… Are selective and purposeful collections of students’ work Focus on students’ reflection of their work Provide records of learning, growth, and change Provide meaningful documentation of students' abilities Provide information to students, parents, teachers, and members of the community about what students have learned or are able to do Represent a learning history

5 Why use Electronic Portfolios? Fosters active learning Motivating for students Effective instruments of feedback Effective instruments of discussion on student performance Easily accessible Can store Multiple Media Allows cross-referencing of student work

6 1. Decide on the Content Areas to be assessed 2. Decide which Curriculum/State standards the portfolio will address 4. Decide what software/hardware will be used 3. Decide how the portfolio will be organized 5. Design the storyboard and template 6. Completed Portfolio Steps to Creating an Electronic Portfolio

7 What should I include in a Portfolio? Personal information Background information Assessments Student pictures Handwriting samples Work samples ResumesDrawingsJournals Personal goals Teacher observations Student reflections Reading samplesVideo recordings

8 What Equipment do I Need?  Multimedia Computer w/microphone  Flatbed Scanner  Digital Camera  Software –PowerPoint –Hyperstudio

9 Portfolio Samples Kindergarten Portfolio Elementary Student Portfolio High School Student Portfolio Devin’s Portfolio

10 Work Cited Electronic Portfolios –"Creating Student Portfolios on the Alphabet Superhighway." 05 Mar Kindergarten Portfolio –Created by Michele Vela, Kindergarten Teacher. Pizzo Elementary. Sample Portfolios –Created by Lori Hartman, Intel Teach to the Future-Master Teacher High School Portfolios –Doe, Sarah. "Electronic Portfolio." Barrington High School. 30 Mar

11 Let’s Get Started!

12 Sample Student portfolio [replace with student’s name] School name Grade School year

13 Background info ReflectionsListen to me readWriting samples Academic profileMath samples Teacher Observations

14 Background Information DOB: Age: Grade: Address: Phone: Emergency Contact: Transportation Home: Allergies (if any): Place student’s photo here

15 Academic Profile Reading Assessment (based on Accelerated Reader/DRA) –First Nine Weeks –Second Nine Weeks –Third Nine Weeks –Fourth Nine Weeks FCAT/SAT Assessment FCAT Writes ESE Staffing (if applicable)

16 Math Work

17 Writing Sample Import a scanned writing sample here

18 Teacher Observations [type date here] Strengths Challenges

19 Books I’ve Read this Year (or you can write Listen to Me Read)

20 Student Reflections This year (or nine weeks) I have learned a lot ….(have students to complete the statement in their own words)

21 Devyn’s Portfolio Kindergarten Pizzo Elementary

22 Birthday: Favorite Color: gold Favorite Animal: lion Favorite Game: Luggio Favorite Activity: glittering Best Friend: Oscar I want to be a football player when I grow up. Devyn

23 Devyn and his friends are exploring connecting cubes. I wonder how long Devyn’s trains are going to be?

24 Devyn Devyn is using the felt board. I wonder what he is planning.

25 Devyn Look who we found in the Home Center! Its our friends Devyn and Jalen.

26 Listen to me read Level 2 : Don’t Wake the Baby Level 1: A Toy Box

27 Devyn

28 January 2003

29 Thanksgiving

30 Sample Student Portfolio [replace with student’s name] School name Grade School Year

31 Table of Contents Letter of Introduction/Welcome Letter Resume and/or Personal Information Mission/Goals Statement Internship Skills Page Accomplishments Letters of Recommendations Reflection Log

32 Welcome to My Portfolio! Add a brief description of your portfolio here

33 Resume and Personal Information Resume Transcript Job Application Letter Personal Values Analysis Additional Information

34 Mission/Goals Statement Type a small paragraph of your mission or goals statement.

35 Internship Overview Application Photos **You can hyperlink these items to actual documents or photos…or you can create additional pages for each item.

36 My Skills SkillsArtifacts Basic SkillsLink a sample of the student’s work to show comprehension of basic skills. Higher Order ThinkingLink a student sample that shows evidence of higher order thinking skills. Affective SkillsLink a copy of one of the student’s self reflective journals here.

37 Accomplishments Artifacts Perceptive Thinker: Identify, analyze, apply information / make responsible decisions Community Service: use time to improve community, value honesty Self Directed: show pride, personal values, set priorities and goals Adaptable Problem Solver: anticipate and solve, adapt to changes

38 Letters of Recommendation Teacher Mentor Other

39 Reflection Log Students can share reflections of their school year. This section can be typed directly into PowerPoint or the students can scan their documents into the presentation.

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