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PRESENTS: Coldwell Banker Gundaker’s Rapid Response System & Lead Incubation Tool WHAT IS LEAD ROUTER ?

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3 Coldwell Banker Gundaker’s Rapid Response System & Lead Incubation Tool WHAT IS LEAD ROUTER ?

4 Because Online Consumers: Ideally want a response in 15 Minutes E-mail 5 other brokers when they e-mail you! WHY A RAPID RESPONSE SYSTEM? (E-Consumer research from NAR)

5 Almost 50% of all internet leads are not responded to at all!!! Average Agent response time is 54 hours!!! INTERNET INQUIRY FACTS:

6 WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? A powerful listing tool A valuable part of your unique value proposition for home sellers Impress consumers with your fast response time Truly Remarkable Service!

7 Our Goal: To respond to inquiries Fast and First

8 Captures inquiries from our online sources Routes them to you on your cell phone Provides an on-line “Contact Management System” for you to track your leads Improves customer satisfaction, lead conversion opportunities and SALE$! WHAT DOES LEADROUTER DO?

9 Where do Leads Come From?** Yahoo!** 60+ Newspaper Sites Source: comScore Media Metrix (MM) July 2009 – based upon unique visits * Top 4 Real Estate Web Sites Agent’s Branded Site Agent’s personal website Also:

10 HOW DOES LEADROUTER WORK? The Inquiry arrives at LeadRouter LeadRouter routes it to you

11 WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Your phone rings, Within 60-90 seconds CUSTOM RINGTONE FOR YOUR LEADS

12 THE PHONE CALL FROM LEADROUTER LeadRouter “Speaks” over the phone It reads the inquiry details to you, and repeats itself You will hear: “ If this is not voice mail, please press 1 To ACCEPT, PRESS AND HOLD 1 FOR A SECOND (decline press 2 or hang up!)

13 Call or E-mail the person ASAP! Why? 88% of Consumers stay with the FIRST Realtor who responds to their inquiry! (Source: NAR) The Lesson: A Rapid Response can increase your business opportunities THEN WHAT? Get there fast—Get there first

14 WHAT ELSE YOU SHOULD KNOW? Once the lead is accepted: An e-mail is immediately sent to you with the lead’s information The Lead Router Website is updated with info The consumer receives an e-mail with your name and contact information. If the lead comes in after hours: Consumer receives an e-mail stating that they will hear from you during business hours - M-Sat 8:00am to 9:00pm, Sun 10:00am to 6:00pm FYI: Your business hours can be customized

15 LET’S REVIEW THE PROCESS LeadRouter Contacts You A Working Relationship Begins Consumer Makes an Inquiry You Rapidly Respond

16 3 Types of Leads What Kind of Inquiry? Listing Inquiry Direct to Agent Inquiry General Inquiry An Inquiry Arrives from One of Our Internet Sources

17 1. Listing Inquiry 3 Types of Leads Inquiry about your listing 15 minute “claim time” Lead Router will systematically notify you to update leads

18 2. Direct-To-Agent Inquiry 3 Types of Leads Consumer registers & requests you as a Preferred Agent Consumer contacts you directly regarding: Listing Inquiry Personal Message - Automatically accepted for you.

19 3. General Inquiry 3 Types of Leads Company generated leads from non CBG listings (IDX) General requests for information Leads assigned to The eTeam

20 YOUR RESPONSIBILITY Update your leads It only takes a minute or two Maintain an active “green light” status Update Notifications will be received: After 4 hours Again after 7 days Again every 30 days thereafter 4 hrs – 7 days – 30 days

21 HOW TO UPDATE A LEAD Log into Lead Router from a computer Log into Lead Router using the internet browser on your handheld mobile device and going to Tip: save this URL as a favorite/bookmark


23 Input your User ID (your Gundaker E-mail address) Click on Forgot Password if you don’t know your Password Email Address Password For first time users use P assword34 capital P. Local Admin links to our NRT Gateway Site If you do not know your password – Select Forgot your Password. Put in your User ID And click Next and follow the steps.

24 NRT Gateway gives one point of entry to many areas Click on LeadRouter


26 INITIAL SETUP Choose Primary or Alternate Phone Number Primary number is always your cell phone number The FIRST time you need to retrieve a lead – call this number and enter your pin#


28 UPDATE A LEAD 2 WAYS List of leads needing attention 1

29 Click on Name to see Details and Update Status Maintain Green Light Status UPDATE FROM MY LEADS 2

30 ACTION & COMMENTS 1.Select an Action from the pull-down menu 2.Enter Comments in the box 3.Select Submit Called lead and setup an appointment.

31 COLOR CODES AND STATUS Green Light Status Lead is in compliance with required update timelines Yellow Light Status Lead needs to be updated within 24 hrs Red Light Status Lead is out of compliance with required update timelines 4 HRS – 7 DAYS – 30 DAYS

32 Lead Information: All contact information, updates and original consumer email are stored here. Contact Information – View client contact information captured by LeadRouter. Add additional contact info e.g. address and phone number to centralize. Agents can also assign Attributes to lead (buyer, seller, etc),. Click SUBMIT if adding or editing contact information. History Tab – Stores all Agent updates and shows a history of comments.. Original Email – Displays original client email from the web. Lead Emails – Displays additional emails related to this lead. LEAD INFORMATION

33 If any of your profile info is inaccurate contact your office administrator Customize your hours here Signature MY PROFILE

34 All eMail communication coming from LeadRouter will be from you. Signature needed for Action Plan Features to Work MY SIGNATURE Do you have Real Estate needs outside of my coverage area? I can help you find a Real Estate professional ANYWHERE in the U.S! Ask me how! Jane Doe Coldwell Banker Gundaker 123 Mary Street City, State (123) 456-7890

35 LeadRouter & Outgoing Bonus Program Agents who close outgoing referrals usually receive an average of $1,050 per closing! You can now earn bonuses when you close your 3rd thru their 7th Outgoing Referral in a calendar year! You could earn an additional $3,750 this year, in addition to the extra income you earn by sending and closing an outgoing referral through our Cartus Broker Network!

36 LeadRouter & Outgoing Bonus Program Success Story: “The client was originally a Lead Router referral. While showing him houses in the area, we discovered he had not listed his home. We offered to have an experienced agent from Coldwell Banker contact them about marketing their home. He was pleased with the service we were providing and asked us to have a local agent near his home contact him. The moral of the story is, you must ask for the business and work to prove your worth to the client” You could earn an additional $3,750 this year, in addition to the extra income you earn by sending and closing an outgoing referral through our Cartus Broker Network!

37 Open Internet Browser on Smartphone device NRT Extranet Log in Lead Router Mobile Call NRT Help Desk for Lead Router Mobile issues

38 Click on “Leads” Click on the “Name” to update LeadRouter Mobile


40 18 months = Time from contemplation to actual purchase: Preliminary Research= 8.1 months Active Research= 5.8 months Finding, negotiating, closing on purchase: = 4.1 months 18 Months INCUBATION is key! Internet Consumer Behavior

41 Automated series of events Emails Calendar Events Apply an action plan to a prospect, then: System automatically sends emails from you Drip Marketing over any period of time Activities appear in your calendar What are Action Plans?

42 Plans can be created by: Coldwell Banker (national brand) Coldwell Banker (local company) Your own customized plan Agents can use existing plans or copy, edit, and create their own Can also use for leads that don’t arrive from the Internet Types of Plans

43 Action Plans Available: Buyer Plan Seller Plan Relocation Past Client Repeat Buyer

44 LEADS Screen Select a Lead Select Action Plan Action Plan tab Magnify glass to preview Select a Plan for a Lead

45 Set-Up Menu: Action Plan Settings Action Plans Viewing the Plans




49 Three steps: 1.Create auto-emails. 2.Create calendar events. 3.Associate emails and events with your plan. You can also COPY a Coldwell Banker plan and make your own changes. Customize your own plans

50 Images to use in your auto-emails IMAGE GALLERY 1.Brand 2.Company 3.User Drag & Drop your image to your signature

51 LEADS Menu My Action Plan Activity What is happening for me?

52 Keep Checking In. Remember the statistics: the FIRST Realtor to respond will usually be the person the prospect purchases with. Don’t Give Up. Internet consumers may not respond right away. They need systematic incubation. Follow-up emails Market Action Reports Home Search Alert eNewsletters Just sold / Just listed cards STAYING IN TOUCH

53 FINALIZING A LEAD Closed Transaction !!!!! Bogus – Invalid Contact Info Dead – Don’t Consider a Lead Dead Unless: The Consumer requests no contact Multiple contact attempts including e-mails and voicemails over a 3+ week period Why ? – About 50% of consumers take 12-24 months after initial contact to complete a transaction

54 LeadRouter Re-Cap To Accept a Lead Press and #1 on your cell phone HOLD

55 Lead Arrives Agents get first chance via cell phone 15 Minute Claim Time (Assume claimed) Initial Follow Up Agent must update lead within 4 hours Next Check In Next update within 7 days Periodic Follow Up Periodically updates every 30 days until lead becomes a transaction or dies 4 - 7- 30 THE PROCESS

56 Lead Router 877.735.3237 NRT Help Desk 877.NRT.HELP Important Phone Numbers Enter these in your cell phone!

57 Email us to let us know you’ve completed this training at


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