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b y 1990to2007 HOUSING COSTS ON STRIKE UNFAIR While cities throughout the country are skirting around the abolishment of the former vagrancy laws by.

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2 b y 1990to2007

3 HOUSING COSTS ON STRIKE UNFAIR While cities throughout the country are skirting around the abolishment of the former vagrancy laws by making homelessness a crime, it is a violation of Civil Rights!! Typically, the government will come up with the wrong solution for a given problem. One example is the focus on “band-aids” for problems instead of a “fix-it” attempt, as do amendments to an amendment of an amendment. There wouldn’t be more need for more shelters, or food at the kitchens and food banks if the client population was reduced instead of growing!? But contributing to the problem is some of the former donors are now clients!?! The tragedies like the victims of Katrina have dealt with are obviously traumatic. Not so obvious is how equally traumatic it has been for the already current over 3 million homeless without resulting from a disaster, but a slower “explosion” - ( economical ) and results in as much devastation in their life. While economic imbalances have been increasing for over a decade, only recently have concerns been raised. So will it take another 3 million spending 2 or 3 months being let down, lied to, stolen from, experiencing hate crimes, discrimination of facilities, and missed opportunities from false hopes & deception... (!?) Then, if that doesn’t seem enough to deal with... add a created criminal charge to help with progress!? Changes in current “solutions” are needed to make more c ents. I am A. John Doe Homeless JohnDoeHomeless@HomelessReality.ORG

4 Typically, governing agencies come up with the wrong solution to a given problem. HOUSELESS IS NOT HOMELESS Decriminalize Homelessness!! ********************** While the cost of housing has increased over 20 times – during a period that wage earnings increased less than 20%!! WAGES VS. HOUSING COSTS 1960's 1970's 1980's 1990's 2000+ Wages per Hour - Peak $ 1.10 $ 3.00 $ 4.50 $ 5.35$ 6.75 Medium Housing Costs $12,000.00 $17,000.00 $65,000.00 $175,000.00 $500,000.00 Awareness of this gross injustice is necessary, otherwise fewer people will be in a position to see it corrected. Think! Think! Where Where are the homeless populations coming from from (this increasing number of people people just trying to live within their means)!? Consider the advantages of reducing reducing that population population instead of persecuting them for being victims of economic imbalances!!?! Where you are… are… I was! was! Where I am… am… you shall be!? … unless changes are made!

5 A recent (attempted) “solution” not only fails to solve problems of complaints regarding the homeless, but creates additional problems and merely moves them to different areas! Similar to adding water to a leaking radiator without repairing it.

6 A free country will stay free only if civil rights are respected. Examine the definition of Freedom… Examine the definition of Freedom… … WITHOUT RESTRICTION or IMPOSITION….. … WITHOUT RESTRICTION or IMPOSITION….. Example: If you want to pray in school or say UNDER GOD in the pledge, etc. (and if I don't...) I won't say you can't… and don't you tell me I have to..... - NO problem. Either Either EXERCISE EXERCISE your FREEDOMS… or or they will be be EXORCISED!! Watch Dogs watching the Watch Dogs

7 In the 60’s we learned not to typecast....... (I.E. charge or accuse anyone for a crime because of color, religion or other categories that fall into discrimination areas). Not only are there concerns regarding discrimination against the homeless and the need to stop homeless hate crimes, but also to decriminalize homelessness. Apply criminal charges related to the crime committed... not generalize by stereotyping and unfairly targeting the economically disadvantaged. The Constitution protects our rights from criminal charges for merely being black, gay, Jewish, or “ Homeless ” !! Homeless Awareness??? The injustice! …is what needs awareness and mandate a policy correction - before - more harm comes to already damaged lives! I won’t tell you not to pay “landowner support”… * …and don’t you tell me I have to!


9 Either EXERCISE your FREEDOMS… …or they will be EXORCISED!! Incite – more Insight!

10 And then….. then….. Thanks to the ACLU: Homelessness is ruled NOT Illegal!! On April 14th, 2006 the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decided in favor of six homeless persons, represented by the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California. The appeals court ruled that the manner in which the city has enforced the ordinance by arresting homeless people, has… “criminalized the status of homelessness by making it a crime to be homeless In v v v violation of the Eighth Amendment.”

11 In her ruling, Judge Kim McLane Wardlaw said Los Angeles has the highest concentration of homeless individuals in the United States (estimated 42,000). She said about 11,000 to 12,000 homeless people live in skid row, far exceeding the number of available shelter beds at all times. * * * ” All ” All we hold is is that, so long as as there is a greater number of homeless individuals individuals in Los Angeles than the number of available beds, the City may may not enforce enforce section 41.18(d) at all times and places throughout the City against homeless individuals for involuntarily sitting, lying, and sleeping in public. “

12 However- Some areas in California (Sonoma County, L.A., and San Francisco included) … apparently… believe they are above the Federal Law… and persist in Violating Civil Rights in this manner! … as of 2008

13 i n t o t h e O f t h e h o m e l e s s... GROWTH!!?!

14 … and thanks to: For providing words in song with such http://home lessreal Flavor

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