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Green Button Initiative David Wollman – NIST Smart Grid and Cyber- Physical Systems Program Chris Irwin – DOE Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy.

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1 Green Button Initiative David Wollman – NIST Smart Grid and Cyber- Physical Systems Program Chris Irwin – DOE Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability

2 Smart Grid Data Generate Move and Store Use Physical Infrastructure Policy / Custodian Data Standardization

3 Smart Grid Customer Domain RetailMarkets Wholesale Customer Domain

4 Source: What is Green Button? Common-sense idea that electricity customers should be able to download their own energy usage information in a consumer- and computer- friendly format.

5 Green Button – What is it? Standardization: Common xml format based on standardized information model (Energy Services Provider Interface – North American Energy Standards Board) Branding: public facing – Green Button Download My Data – Green Button Connect (Green Button Connect My Data) User communities: Open Automated Data Exchange Applications: DOE Apps for Energy, Smart Grid Data Access FOA, Hack-a-thons, vendor implementations, apps repositories Future: Continued work to engage stakeholders and recruit implemeters, firm up formats, revise/profile standards including international, add testing/certification, privacy policies

6 More Details Markets: Residential, commercial and industrial Type: initially electric consumption data, but the data standard is extensible to gas and water data Timeliness: Data is typically at least 24 hours old; up to 12 or 13 months worth of data Time interval: Again the data standard is extensible and could include any interval of data (monthly, hourly, 15 minute) Many utilities will provide hourly data or 15 minute interval data. However, some will provide monthly data Metering system: AMI or AMR; however smart meters are not required (example: monthly) Transfer of data: Green Button Download My Data –direct download from the utility to the customer, safely and securely Green Button Connect (My Data) - automated data transfer from the utility to a third party with affirmative customer authorization and action

7 Utilities & Electricity Suppliers with Green Button today (almost 10 million homes) Utilities and electricity suppliers in 24 states across various regulatory regimes will provide 30 million US homes and businesses Green Button data… American Electric Power Austin Energy Baltimore Gas & Electric CenterPoint Energy Chattanooga EPB Commonwealth Edison Glendale Water and Power National Grid Oncor PECO Pepco Holdings PPL Electric Utilities Pacific Power Rocky Mountain Power Southern California Edison Virginia Dominion Power NSTAR PG&E Reliant SDG&E TXU Energy Green Button commitments Excitement of initial implementations and growing commitments

8 Utilities Utility software vendors Apps developers Device manufacturers Standards organizations The ecosystem of companies and organizations supporting and using Green Button data…

9 Source: New Green Button Apps and Competitions Green Button Apps! Consumers challenged to reduce electric use via Smart Meter Texas portal

10 Source: What might Green Button data be good for? Insight: entrepreneur-created web portals analyze energy usage and provide actionable tips; Heating and Cooling: customized heating and cooling for savings and comfort; Education: community and student energy efficiency competitions; Retrofits: improved decision-support tools to facilitate energy efficiency retrofits; Verification: measurement of energy efficiency investments; Real Estate: provide energy costs for tenants and/or new home purchasers; Building Benchmarking: transfer monthly data Solar: optimize the size and cost-effectiveness of rooftop solar panels. Empower Consumers and Spur Innovation

11 Source: What people are saying… It may finally give consumers a reason to care about the smart grid. – SF Chronicle Solar companies are also eager for consumer data because understanding a homeowner's electricity use is key to the sales process. – San Jose Mercury News The project is important because it is a broad-based plan to take energy data and standardize the format of it, open it up (while also providing security) and make it readily available to consumers. – Gigaom I'm a big fan of simplicity and open standards to unleash a lot of innovation.…I'm going to reach out to ConEd, the utility in NYC, and find out when they are going to add Green Button support to their consumers data. I hope it is soon. – Fred Wilson (Venture Capitalist) Among those in attendance was software developer Joss Scholten of Austin, Texas, who created an app in 12 hours using PG&E’s green button. The app, which he displayed on his iPad, shows hourly, monthly and daily electric usage in a customer-friendly display. – PG&E Currents

12 Future Plans New SGIP Priority Action Plan 20 for Green Button – Additional revisions to NAESB standards, international standardization, development of testing and certification (UCAIug OpenADE – Open Automated Data Exchange) Green Button Download My Data – Consumers directly download their energy usage information, typically hourly interval data (available one day later) for previous 13 months, then they can choose to share it with third parties to receive value-added services Green Button Connect (Green Button Connect My Data) – More persistent and automated data exchange from utilities to third parties as authorized by consumers – Uses fuller functionality of NAESB ESPI standard, for utilities that are ready and interested in implementing DOE Smart Grid Privacy program Implementations engaging consumers: DOE Smart Grid Data Access FOA recipients

13 Additional back up information

14 Tech Details: Developer’s page: 14

15 Energy Usage Information 15 Measurements of power, energy, gas, water, … Quality: Raw, validated, estimated, … Source: Meter near real-time, utility back end, third party Economics: Consumers need to know the cost of their consumed power (but we did not construct a pricing model) Identification: by customer, device, location Readings Interval data Summary Information Power Quality Metrics

16 Standardization: Energy Usage Information Model UsagePoint ServiceCategory MeterReading IntervalBlock IntervalReading ReadingQuality ReadingType ElectricPower Summary ElectricPowerQuality Summary Note: This information is multidimensional. Many different reading types, summaries, and readings possible. EUI comes from and to residences and businesses Best practices include modeling information in UML; generating documentation and Schemas directly from the UML for life cycle model and data management

17 Green Button Schemas 17 “colored text” “grid view” “graphic view”

18 Alternate pathways to energy usage information via single format 18 Single Data Format: all at once Single Data Format: as sequence Sources of EUIUses of EUI Via: ESPI, SEP2, Web Portal Power Utility

19 New SGIP Priority Action Plan PAP20 to support Green Button going forward 2Q123Q124Q12 Timeline: Standards (NAESB) International Version T&C (UCAIug) Implementation (EnergyOS) REQ18/WEQ19 Maintenance Update ESPI Errata Update ESPI New Reqs Update Green Button Test Plan ESPI Test Plan Green Button SDK OpenESPI UCAIug ITCA Specification Deliverables: SGIP PAP Activities: Requirements for Green Button and ESPI Rollout Facilitate / Coordinate SGIP interactions Privacy assurance recommendations Cybersecurity recommendations for EUI exchanges CSWG Test plan consistency ITCA assurances SGTCC Coordinates with PAP 20 Where: 19 Implementation activities not formal part of PAP

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