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Gifted and Talented Public Elementary School Options In The Bronx November 5, 2014.

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1 Gifted and Talented Public Elementary School Options In The Bronx November 5, 2014

2 OPTIONS New York City Department of Education - Gifted and Talented Programs District Citywide

3 DOE G&T Websites General website: dTalented/default.htm dTalented/default.htm G&T handbooks: dTalented/Resources/default.htm dTalented/Resources/default.htm G&T Request for Testing:

4 DOE Gifted and Talented Programs How Do They Compare? General Education School Enrichment Model District G&T Programs Citywide G&T Programs

5 Comparisons All DOE programs development curriculum to meet the Common Core Standards. School Enrichment Model adds clusters of instruction around themes/skills/interests. District Programs take the Common Core and enrich it and accelerate it where appropriate. Citywide Programs not only enrich but often start out accelerated. All G&T teachers are certified or working toward certification in G&T classroom teaching. Children in G&T programs are selected based on certain criteria, such as testing, to determine gifted traits or potential.

6 District vs Citywide Comparisons District programs are generally one to two classes within a larger school, thus 25-50 students per grade. District programs run K-5 or K-6 depending on district. At this time, one can apply K-3. Citywide programs are the whole school. Citywide programs run K-8 or K-12 depending on the school. Qualifications differ. To qualify for a District program a child must have a total G&T percentile score of 90% or above. To qualify for a Citywide program, a child must score 97% or above.

7 The Bronx District Programs District Programs are subject to change. Unless otherwise indicated, these Bronx schools housed K-5 programs in 2014. District 8: PS 182 District 9: PS 199X-The Shakespeare School (K in 2014) District 9: PS 204 (1 st, 2 nd in 2014) District 10: PS 7 Kindgbridge District 10: PS 24 Spuyten Duyvil District 11: PS 121 Throop District 11: PS 153 Helen Keller

8 Citywide Programs The Anderson School – Upper West Side of Manhattan – K-8 th Grade – 50 spots per grade NEST+M (New Explorations in Science, Technology and Math) – Lower East Side of Manhattan – K-12 th Grade – 100 spots per grade TAG (Talented and Gifted) – East Harlem in Manhattan – K-8 th Grade – 50 spots per grade BIS (Brooklyn School of Inquiry) – Bay Ridge, Brooklyn – Will be K-8 th Grade – 50 Spots Q300 (30 th Avenue School) – Astoria, Queens – Will be K-8 th Grade; middle school will be in a different building – 50 spots STEM (Science, Technology, Enrichment, Math) – Astoria, Queens – Phasing out a year at a time. In 2015-2016 will be 2nd-5 th grade – 50 spots

9 DOE Procedures Starting in early October, October 8 th in 2014, Request for Testing Form is available at, at an Enrollment office or at a school if your child attends a DOE school. Deadline to submit is early November, November 7 th in 2014. Application is identifying information. Have option to choose testing date/location/time in January if not in DOE school. Testing date/location/time confirmed in December. Testing options eliminated in 2014 for those applying for 4 th or where appropriate 5 th grade. Watch for any updates

10 DOE Procedures, continued Children tested 1-1 for K and do not bubble in; tested in small groups and do bubble starting in 1 st grade. Children presently in a K-2 DOE school are tested at school in January and February. Children presently in PreK or non-DOE school tested at local elementary schools from January 10 th -February 1 st on weekends. Test results due early April. If score 90-96%, offered a District application. Have option to apply to District schools out of district. If score 97% or above, offered an application with both Citywide and District options that can be mixed and matched. List only schools to which you would send your child. List schools in order you want your child to attend. No gaming this. Applications due back mid April, April 23rd in 2015. Placement offers made late May, week of May 25 th in 2015. Pre-registration runs May 28 th to June 11 th in 2015.

11 Placement Procedures Then students are placed based on scores (lotteries within percentiles) and ranking of schools and availability of seats. For sibling questions, please see the handbook or ask the DOE representative present In attrition rounds through October, children with lower scores will be offered seats at District schools. If a higher option becomes available, you will be offered in attrition rounds. Following years have to retest and can only apply from a District to a Citywide. Transfers between District programs or Citywide programs by PERs.

12 Touring/Info Sessions You will not be able to tour at Citywide schools until you have your scores in April and find out you have qualified. PACE (Parents Alliance for Citywide Education) will hold info session in April with Citywide panelists. For District schools which house both G&T and General Education, try to tour earlier in the year. Limited time and availability of tours between time scores come out and rankings are due.

13 DOE Testing In 2015, two measures which each count for 50% of Total G&T score. Subject to change in future years. Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT) – Considered Verbal component. Only receptive language, no expressive language required. Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT2) – Considered the Performance component. Sample questions in G&T Handbook. Children compared to others within 3 months age.

14 Prepping Give child sample questions in G&T Handbook. Consider other activity books, especially those which focus on visual perceptual skills like patterns, sequences, analogies. Read to your child, take them to museums, provide opportunities for new experiences. Caution on burning out children by over- prepping, making them feel anxious will not get a question right, taking away the novelty.

15 Special Music School For children with musical talents and acuities. Located at Lucy Moses Complex at 129 West 67 th St. near Lincoln Center. Child does not need to be playing a musical instrument to apply prior to application for grade 3. Download application from website. Deadline is December 1 st for K (first 400 applicants), January 15th th for 1-2 (first 60 applicants for each grade) and March 15 th for grades 3-8. Open houses throughout fall and early winter. Tours after accepted.

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