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2013-14 Mathematics and Science Partnership Grants Post Award Meeting Kimberly Powell, Grants Manager Office of Science and Health Education

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1 2013-14 Mathematics and Science Partnership Grants Post Award Meeting Kimberly Powell, Grants Manager Office of Science and Health Education 804-225-3609 Eric M. Rhoades, Director Office of Science and Health Education 804-786-2481

2 Grant Awards Notice of Grant Awards were sent to the Principal Investigator (PI) or first-listed co-PI Award is for approximately 19 months (ends on September 30, 2014) MSP program is not one of the programs that is currently (as of March 2013) slated to be eliminated. It is expected to receive about the same appropriation as last year.

3 Project Activities Fall within scope of reviewed and approved grant proposal Target audience: Teachers, as written in your grant proposal Materials and expenses should directly relate to project activities and directly related to budget –Title II, Part B funding – teacher training –No classroom sets of materials –Reasonable meal expenses –Limited travel (as included in the grant proposal) –Out-of-state travel not included in grant proposal must be approved by Eric Rhoades

4 Budget & Reimbursements It is important that you align the expenditures with what is in the budget. All costs are on a reimbursement basis –Made after they are submitted in OMEGA (on paper for those not in OMEGA) and approved –At least 4 approvers at VDOE

5 Budget & Reimbursements Email budget change requests to Eric and Kim before entering in OMEGA Award funds S366B120047 must be encumbered by September 30, 2014

6 Websites OMEGA User’s Guide tion/omega_user_guide.pdf OMEGA Web site s_acct_reporting/omega/index.shtml

7 Finance - OMEGA Online Management of Education Grant Awards DOE online system for grant reimbursements. Allows all involved with your grant direct access—you, your finance person, and DOE Will not let the grant overdraw budgets within object codes. More control Shorter turn-around approval time

8 Step 1: Fill out and Turn in User Permission Form (OP1) forms. ce/budget/grants_acct_reporting/omega/i ndex.shtml ce/budget/grants_acct_reporting/omega/i ndex.shtml Finance - OMEGA

9 INSTRUCTIONS for OMEGA User Permission Form OP1 (Rev. 02/17/10) About Form OP1 - OMEGA User Permissions - This form allows school divisions to request that DOE add and assign OMEGA permissions to a new user; change a current user's permissions; or remove a user's permissions from OMEGA. OP1, pages 1 and 2, cover permissions for all of the awards and request types that can currently be processed through OMEGA. Check boxes are to be used to select permissions. (OP1 should be used in place of forms OM1-Maintenance of Grant Approval Levels, OU1-User Logon Establishment, OR1-Reimbursement Request Responsibilities, OB1- Budget Request Responsibilities, and OA1/OA2 -Application Request Responsibilities.) SUBMIT PAGE 1 AND/OR PAGE 2 FOR EACH USER - AS NECESSARY. Completing OP1 (Page 1 and / or Page 2): School Division Name and School Division Code: Input Division information. Required. User Name: Input the name of the user for whom the permissions are to be set up. Required. User Email: Input the user's email address. Required. User Phone: Input the user's telephone number and extension. Required. User SSWS Login: Input the SSWS Login name for the user. Note: the user must be Division Level. Required. Requested User Action: To add a new user select Add New SSWS/OMEGA User (new users must have an SSWS Login ID established by the school division's SSWS Coordinator). To change a user's permissions, select Change Current Permissions (all of the current user's needed permissions must be selected). To revoke a user's permissions, select Remove Selected Permissions. Grant Level Permissions: This section is used to identify a user to be set up to view a grant's activity and all of its request types, identify a user to be set up to establish the grant's approval queue for all request types, and/or receive award notifications. Note: the Grant approval queue must be established before transactions can be processed.

10 Step 2: The User's Guide (PDF) has step-by-step instructions for creating, submitting, and approving object code transfer requests, reimbursement requests, and application requests.User's Guide Finance - OMEGA

11 Step 3: Online Tutorial Overview of Key Features High level system overview of OMEGA Presenter: Karen Lux, August 21, 2006, 13 min. Finance - OMEGA

12 Reimbursement Requests Describe expense with some detail –Lunches: “Homemade’s by Suzanne for 32 teacher participants @ $8/meal” –Stipends for participant teachers: “Joe Teacher – teacher stipend” –Indirect costs: “calculated at X% for the month of March” Only expenses that are in the grant will be accepted Please DO NOT WAIT to send in reimbursement requests Please submit first request by July 31, 2013 – We suggest that reimbursements be submitted on a quarterly basis (if not monthly). Paper submissions MUST be signed in blue ink.

13 1000 Personal ServicesPublicUnspecified 2000 Employee BenefitsPublicUnspecified 3000 Purchased/Contracted ServicesPublicUnspecified Aramark Educational Services Inc working breakfast and lunch for Math Study-25 4000 Internal ServicesPublicUnspecified Service Center Monthly Telecom Charges - 05/31/11 5000 Other ChargesPublicUnspecified"Brown, Betty” TRAVEL TO YORK TO DO MATH VIDEO 5000 Other ChargesPublicUnspecified"Doe, Jane" Food reimbursement as the speaker at the Algebra Conference in Williamsburg from 10/26-10/27/10. 5000 Other ChargesPublicUnspecified"Smith, John" Honoraria for participation in the 21st Century Algebra workshop in Fredericksburg from 8/2-8/5/10. 6000 Materials and SuppliesPublicUnspecified MATH SOLUTIONS PUBLICATIONS 12 copies of Active Algebra: Strategies and Lessons for Successfully Teaching Linear Relationships. ISBN: 978-1-935099-05-5. $35.95 x 12 = $431.40 10% shipping ($43.14) = $474.54. Reimbursement Requests

14 Reports: VDOE Reports due to VDOE –Progress Report #1 – September 30, 2013 –Progress Report #2 – September 30, 2014 Use template that is provided –Add to template for each report –Second report is cumulative Data gathered for these reports will be useful for USED reports

15 Reports: US Department of Education Annual reports are due to U.S. Department of Education (USED) Due to USED by –November 7, 2014 (final report) Online Annual Performance Reporting (APR) system Performance Reporting PI should have received an e-mail from MSP support assigning project director level access to read, edit, and submit reports.

16 Reports: US Department of Education Important APR Notes Links to APR resources: APR Form and Definitions Performance Period 2011 (updated July 2012)APR Form and Definitions Performance Period 2011 (updated July 2012) - http://www.ed- APR User's Guide for Performance Period 2012 (Updated March 2013)APR User's Guide for Performance Period 2012 (Updated March 2013) - http://www.ed- AQs.pdfhttp://www.ed- AQs.pdf MSP FAQs for Annual Performance ReportingMSP FAQs for Annual Performance Reporting - http://www.ed- MSP Project Abstract In the Project Abstract section of the form, you are asked to provide a brief abstract of your project. Please note that the project abstract will be used to describe your project in publications and on the ED-MSP website. Even if your state coordinator has already provided an abstract in another section of the report, the abstract must also be typed or cut and pasted into the space provided so that it can be automatically transferred to the public website. Please note that this is a summary of your project and is limited to 1000 words. You will be able to describe your project more fully in other sections of the APR. Instead of focusing on technical details, provide general information that can orient readers unfamiliar with your work. This includes the partner organizations, regions, participants, and populations affected by your project, as well as the most important elements of your professional development model that would be interesting to others. Include your primary goals and objectives, and any other useful background.

17 Reports: US Department of Education Professional Development Models In the Professional Development Models section, you will be asked for information about the type of professional development model(s) used in your MSP project. This includes the average number of professional development hours per participant, as well as categorizing whether your professional development included a summer institute of at least two weeks (or 60 hours). When providing the Total Contact Hours, be sure that this is the average course load for a participant in your project. Thus, if some participants missed a few hours of a course, you would still count the full hours of that course. But if 20 courses were offered, and the average participant only took 2 courses, you should list the number of hours for the 2 courses. You will also select types of professional development activities from a list, and provide a short narrative description of your professional development model.

18 Deadlines 2013-2014 Mathematics & Science Partnership Grants Due DatesReportingFinancial April 30, 2013 Last day to submit approved budgets into OMEGA July 31, 2013 Reimbursement requests due for expenditure period March 1, 2013 – June 30, 2013. September 30, 2013Progress report #1 due to VDOE (use template) October 31, 2013 Reimbursement requests due for expenditure period July 1, 2013 – September 30, 2013 January 31, 2014 Reimbursement requests due for expenditure period October 1, 2013 – December 31, 2013 February 28, 2014 Annual Performance ReportAnnual Performance Report (APR) due to VDOE April 30, 2014 Reimbursement requests due for expenditure period January 1, 2014 – March 31, 2014 July 31, 2014 Reimbursement requests due for expenditure period April 1, 2014 – June 30, 2014 September 30, 2014Progress Report #2 due to VDOELast day to encumber funds. November 7, 2014Final APR due to VDOEAPR November 14, 2014 Final reimbursement request due for expenditure period July 1, 2014 – September 30, 2014

19 Other Information Regional Meetings in Winter/Spring Questions

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