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Maine Statewide Longitudinal Data System June 2010.

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1 Maine Statewide Longitudinal Data System June 2010

2 SLDS Project Goals 2007 Grant - Design, develop and implement a longitudinal data system that stakeholders can draw upon to make well-informed decisions about improving student achievement. 2010 ARRA Grant – Expand the SLDS to examine student progress from early childhood into career while protecting student privacy and confidentiality consistent with applicable privacy protection laws.

3 2007 Project Components Education Data Sources Inventory Statewide Education Data Dictionary Data Warehouse – PreK-20 Single Sign-on Portal E-Transcripts Vertical Expansion of Unique Identifiers Training and Professional Development

4 2010 Project Components Educator Credentialing System Teacher Quality Management System Adult Education System Linkage with other state agency systems Early Childhood Programs Postsecondary Programs Workforce Development Research Studies Training Programs

5 State Agencies in SLDS Project Education (DOE) Pre-K through 12 Child Development Services Four-Year-Old Programs Adult Education Career and Technical Education Health and Human Services (DHHS) Early Childhood Programs Educare/Head Start Pilots Office of Substance Abuse

6 State Agencies in SLDS Project Corrections (DOC) Youth Development Centers University of Maine System (UMS) Seven 4-year universities Maine Community College System Seven 2-year colleges Labor (DOL) Workforce Development/Maine Jobs Council Jobs for Maine’s Graduates

7 Statewide Longitudinal Data System Governance Data Management Team MDOE program areas, LEA representation Monthly meetings Oversees MDOE data systems including data dictionary and data warehouse Governor’s Workforce Cabinet Senior leadership of multiple State agencies Chaired by the Commissioner of Labor Advises on longitudinal data uses and outcomes

8 Data Warehouse Structure Implement a central repository for MDOE data systems including student, staff, assessment, transportation, facilities and financial data Create data marts for evaluation and research including: EDFacts reporting, At-Risk Students Identification, Growth Models and Balanced Scorecards Provide a business intelligence system for reporting and analysis for all levels of stakeholders

9 Data Sharing Agreements Memorandums of Understanding State Agencies Research organizations – REL, MEPRI Security Policies/Governance State Office of Information Technology Data Management Team FERPA HIPAA Non-disclosure Agreements

10 Adult Education System Track and monitor individual student progress towards degree programs and transition into postsecondary programs and the workforce Meet requirements for the National Reporting System for Adult Education and the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 Linkages to the Department of Labor data system and career centers through state student identifiers and Social Security Numbers Monitor GED attainment and outcomes

11 Post-Secondary Education System Align student identifiers Utilize National Student Clearinghouse data for degree attainment and majors Monitor college readiness, remedial course taking and college preparedness programs Analyze transitions from high school and retention Track student progress from secondary through postsecondary education and into the workforce Examine STEM majors in college

12 Workforce Studies Develop Wage Records Matching Center to track earnings of secondary and postsecondary graduates Perform Maine Education and Economic Analytics Employment and Earnings Outcomes of Graduates from: Maine High Schools Maine’s Community College System Maine’s State University System

13 Linkages DOE ↔ DHHS – “A” number/SSID DOE ↔ DOC – SSID DOE ↔ UMS – SSID/SSN/Student ID DOE ↔ DOL – SSN UMS ↔ DOL – SSN

14 Health and Human Services Systems sharing Mainecare “A” number Over 1.4 million records in people table ACES – Adult Children Emergency Services EIS – Behavioral Health MACWIS – Child Welfare MeCMS – Mainecare Services NECSES – Child Support Enforcement Services NEDSS – Disease Surveillance System OSA – Office of Substance Abuse


16 Considerations Assign unique identifiers as early in child’s life as possible No single number is 100% reliable CTE test with National Student Clearinghouse Issues with SSN Need for training The system can never be too secure Centralize administration and governance Document data sharing agreements Community programs lack central database File Federal Program Inventory Reports

17 Legislation Chapter 448 - An Act To Improve the Ability of the Department of Education To Conduct Longitudinal Data Studies Allows collection of student Social Security numbers for matching longitudinal data Facilitates inter-agency data sharing Passed in June 2009

18 Support for Legislation Maine Department of Education Maine Department of Labor Governor’s Workforce Cabinet Maine Jobs Council Jobs for Maine’s Graduates Maine Center for Economic Policy Maine Education Policy Research Institute Maine Children’s Alliance Maine Children’s Growth Council Maine Developmental Disabilities Council Maine Women’s Lobby

19 Legislation Chapter 553 - An Act To Strengthen Job Creation Through Educational Opportunity Programs Increase eligibility for loan programs and the educational opportunity tax credit Monitor effectiveness of programs Passed in June 2010

20 Legislation Chapter 626 - An Act To Increase Maine’s High School Graduation Rates Establishes goal of 90% by 2016 Establishes a stakeholder group to reviews guidelines for suspensions, expulsions and reinstatements, truancy and dropouts, zero tolerance practices, maximum mandatory attendance age and the effectiveness of current truancy laws Passed in June 2010

21 Future Opportunities Finance Authority of Maine Harold Alfond Challenge Grant $500 NextGen grant for all children born in Maine Potential to assign State Student Identifier Maine Higher Education Council Linkage to all 27 public and private higher education institutions in Maine

22 Statewide Longitudinal Data System Q & A Bill Hurwitch – Project Director 207-624-6816

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