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Melissa Fincher, Ph.D. Deputy Superintendent, Assessment & Accountability

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1 Melissa Fincher, Ph.D. Deputy Superintendent, Assessment & Accountability

2 Georgia Milestones Comprehensive – single program, not series of tests (e.g., CRCT; EOCT; WA); formative assessment tools to complement summative Coherent – consistent expectations and rigor to position Georgia students to compete with peers nationally and internationally – consistent signal about student preparedness for the next level, be it the next grade, course, or college/career – consistent signal about student achievement both within system (across grades and courses) and with external measures (NAEP; PSAT; SAT; ACT) Consolidated – combine reading, language arts, and writing into a single measure to align to the standards

3 Georgia Milestones Grades 3 – 8 – End of Grade (EOG) in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies High School – End of Course (EOC) in 9 th Grade Literature & Composition, American Literature & Composition, Coordinate Algebra, Analytic Geometry, Physical Science, Biology, US History, and Economics

4 Georgia Milestones Guiding principles stipulate that Georgia Milestones: be sufficiently challenging to ensure Georgia students are well positioned to compete with other students across the United States and internationally; be intentionally designed across grade levels to send a clear signal of student progress/growth and preparedness for the next level, be it the next grade level, course, or college or career; be accessible to all students, including those with disabilities or limited English proficiency, at all achievement levels; support and inform educator effectiveness initiatives, ensuring items and forms are appropriately sensitive to quality instructional practices; and accelerate the transition to online administration, allowing – over time – for the inclusion of innovative technology-enhanced items.

5 Georgia Milestones Features include: – inclusion of constructed-response items in ELA and mathematics, in addition to selected-response items; – inclusion of a writing component (in response to text) at every grade level and course within the ELA assessment; – inclusion of norm-referenced items in every grade and content area to complement the criterion-referenced information and to provide a national comparison; and – transition to online administration over time, with online administration considered the primary mode of administration and paper-pencil back-up until transition is completed. Addition of technology-enhanced items beginning in 2016-2017.

6 Georgia Milestones Transition to Online – Online administration will be the primary mode of administration for Georgia Milestones, with paper/pencil serving as back-up transition will occur over time – Administration procedures will change – Online practice center will be available for students A demo of CTB’s online platform can be accessed at this link – Click on any one of the tests to open the Sample Test Page Click on “Start the test” at the top of the web page Click on “Login”, no credentials are required Note – this demo was designed for the CRCT Retest in mind so the tests that you will see are for Grades 3, 5 & 8, Reading & Math.

7 Georgia Milestones Transition to Online – Year 1: minimum of 30% online – Year 3: minimum of 80% online – Year 5: minimum of 100% online Paper/pencil versions will be available for the small number of students who cannot interact with computer due to their disability. Braille forms will be available.

8 Georgia Milestones Blended: Criterion-Referenced and Norm-Referenced Georgia Milestones will provide: – criterion-referenced performance information in the form of four performance levels, depicting students’ mastery of state standards – norm-referenced performance information in the form of national percentiles, depicting how students’ achievement compares to peers nationally Note: To provide norm-referenced information, some norm-referenced items may not align to Georgia’s content standards. Only aligned NRT items will contribute to proficiency designations.

9 Georgia Milestones Item Types Selected-Response [aka, multiple-choice] – all content areas – evidence-based selected response in ELA Constructed-Response – ELA and mathematics Extended-Response – ELA and mathematics Technology Enhanced – to begin in 2016-2017 Constructed response is a general term for assessment items that require the student to generate a response as opposed to selecting a response. Extended-response items require more elaborate answers and explanations of reasoning. They allow for multiple correct answers and/or varying methods of arriving at the correct answer. Writing prompts and performance tasks are examples of extended-response items.

10 Examining Georgia Milestones Item Types Example – Grade 3 Mathematics – Fractions

11 Multiple Choice Which fraction is largest? A A B B C C D D The content and presentation of these items are for illustrative purposes only.

12 Constructed Response George and Ana each had a 12-inch pizza. Both pizzas were split into 8 equal pieces. The shaded pieces are the portion of their pizzas that George and Ana ate. Express in fractions how much pizza George and Ana ate. Use the symbol to show who ate more pizza. > The content and presentation of these items are for illustrative purposes only. George Ana

13 Constructed Response 12 inches George Ana 9 inches 12 inches George 12 inches Carlos The content and presentation of these items are for illustrative purposes only.

14 Technology Enhanced > The content and presentation of these items are for illustrative purposes only.

15 Georgia Milestones General Test Parameters ELA will consists of 3 sections, 1 of which will focus mainly on writing Mathematics will consist of 2 sections Science will consist of 2 sections Social Studies will consist of 2 sections

16 Georgia Milestones Writing at Every Grade – All students will encounter a constructed-response item allowing for narrative prose, in response to text, within first or second section of the test. – Within the writing section of the test, students will read a pair of passages and complete a series of “warm-up” items: o 3 selected-response items asking about the salient features of each passage and comparing/contrasting between the two passages o 1 constructed-response item requiring linking the two passages o 1 writing prompt in which students must cite evidence to support their conclusions, claims, etc. Genres Writing prompts will be informative/explanatory or opinion/argumentative depending on the grade level. Students could encounter either genre. Warning: Students who simply rewrite excerpts from the passage(s) to illustrate their point(s) will not receive favorable scores.

17 Resources Available NOW Content standards – frameworks, formative lessons, PARCC evidence statements Sample items – formative items/benchmarks via Georgia OAS→GOFAR; – released items via PARCC, SBAC, other states (KY, NY), NAEP – parent’s guide to Georgia’s new assessment developed by the National PTA [ ] Technology Specifications Eliciting Evidence of Student Learning Modules Also consider the use of the CRCT Readiness Indicators and Lexiles.

18 Formative Assessment Initiatives Bringing a Balanced Assessment Focus to the Classroom Assessment Literacy Professional Learning Benchmark Assessments Formative Item Bank 1600 new items loaded 1140 science and social studies items will be loaded in fall 2014 Formative Instructional Practices (FIP) [ 7 foundational modules launched in summer 2013 ] 24 Benchmarks developed Additional 12 modules that expand upon the foundation Coming soon: items for grades 1 & 2 and additional writing prompts

19 Resources Available SOON Sample items specific to Georgia Milestones Ancillary support resources, such as – Assessment Guides – Student Study Guides – Accommodations Guidelines – Informational videos [parents & public / educators] Focus on teaching and learning – eliciting evidence of student learning during instruction and adjusting as needed.

20 Our Assessment Landscaping is Changing Assessment development is a process, not an event – information and ancillary materials will be provided as soon as available Georgia is transitioning from a set of long-standing, mature programs – districts, schools, students, parents, and the public are familiar with and know what to expect This transition provides Georgia with an opportunity – however, as with any change, there will be periods of uncertainty and discomfort

21 Georgia Milestones In closing, some reminders: – New program – new development [not redevelopment] – Georgia educators are involved in test design and development – Georgia Milestones replaces the CRCT, EOCT, and Writing Assessments in grades 3, 5, and 8 writing, in response to text, will be assessed as part of the ELA assessment in each grade and course the Georgia High School Writing Test (GHSWT) will be administered and remains a diploma requirement for the 2014-2015 school year

22 Georgia Milestones Georgia Milestones represents a significant change and importantly – an opportunity – for our state. This opportunity allows us to recalibrate, as a state, and refocus on teaching and learning as a primary emphasis with assessment and accountability serving a supporting role.

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