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Recommendation to proceed with promotion process for Thomas Kutter Kutter came to LSU in Fall 2004 as an Assistant Professor Promoted to Assoc. Prof. in.

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1 Recommendation to proceed with promotion process for Thomas Kutter Kutter came to LSU in Fall 2004 as an Assistant Professor Promoted to Assoc. Prof. in 2009 Research Accomplishments While at LSU, has been a key part of several extremely important large experiments: Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) and Kamioka Neutrino Observatory experimental programs (K2K, T2K). These are the pioneering experiments discovering and measuring neutrino masses (“oscillations”). Now involved in the next steps of this program, the Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment (LBNE) to measure neutrinos produced at Fermilab in a detector a long distance away in S. Dakota. LBNE is a priority program for the DOE.


3 Research Leadership positions in six T2K data analysis and calibration groups, including “Neutrino Research Group” Member Institutional/Technical Boards (governance) of: T2K, LBNE, K2K, SNO - various internal reviews, task forces, collaboration institutional boards - convener of various working groups within all projects Benjamin Franklin Medal in Physics (SNO collaboration 2007) John C. Polanyi Prize (SNO collaboration, by NSERC 2006) Research Funding Very strong record; currently co-PI on DOE umbrella grant ($1.28M) at LSU, with Matthews and Tzanov, three years 2013-2015. Kutter’s share ($581K) was separately reviewed and funded. Increases each year. DOE Outstanding Junior Investigator (OJI) award 2007-2009 Two current subgrants DOE $78K (thru 2015) Continuous DOE funding (various) since 2006

4 Publications 43 refereed journal publications, 40 since at LSU. (plus 3 submitted papers at this time) All in prime journals: Phys Rev D, Phys Rev C, Phys Rev Lett, Ap. J., NIM. Steady rate: 3.6 per year from 2005-2013, four years with > 3 papers, five years with 3 or less ( no “zero” years). Unusually important papers: 7 with >500 citations ( ! ), 14 with >100 citations h-index = 27 (excluding self-citations; 30 for all) Anticipate an acceleration of publications rate from now on: T2K is a relatively new experiment. (There were 7 published in 2013, 8 pub/submitted so far in 2014).

5 Students At LSU, has supervised seven graduate students: -Two graduated with M.S. degrees -Four changed fields before completing degree with Kutter Chris Greenley has been working with him since 2013; -Twelve committee memberships Has worked with many undergrads at LSU -5 have gone to grad school in Physics -Most recent: Brinson (NSF Grad Fellowship), Leder (Grad Fellow at MIT) Has had seven postdocs. Teaching Courses Has taught Intro, Physics-major, and Graduate level courses “Instructor” and “Course” ratings typically at or above College mean values

6 Service Department: -space, safety, grad curriculum, grad admissions, qualifying exam, steering committees -search committee chair for exp. neutrino positions (2008,2010), experimental nuclear physics (2010) -Faculty mentoring committee chair for Tzanov (2011,2012,2013 member) -High school recruiting event (2009) College, National: -Thesis/Faculty Research Award committee (2011 - present) -Journal referee; DOE proposal reviewer -DOE review panel for Daya Bay (China) reactor neutrino experiment; chair of central detector sub-unit review panel Outreach: Three talks at Highland Road Observatory

7 Robert J. Wilson Co-spokesperson of the LBNE collaboration Professor of Physics, Colorado State University Director, CSU Program in High Energy Physics and Particle Astrophysics Leader, Physics Working Group LBNE Project Manager, Deputy Spokesperson HUSEP (Henderson Underground Science and Engineering Project) “ … international reputation... His choice of projects to pursue shows excellent scientific and technical judgment” “The recent (spring 2014) DOE/NSF Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel (P5) report designated these science goals as highest priority for the US domestic program in the next decade” “ … he compares quite well with others who have gone on to promotion to full professor at comparable institutions”

8 J.J. Beatty Chair and Professor, Department of Physics Professor, Department of Astronomy The Ohio State University “… cited widely at a strong level for someone at his career stage. He is on track to emerge as a top senior leader in the field.” “… his efforts are highly valued and respected by those in the best position to evaluate them” “… ranks among a very small number of top contributors to his subfield at a comparable career stage. I would expect an Associate Professor with similar evidence of increasing responsibility and scientific productivity to be easily promoted to full professor in our department.”

9 Francis Halzen Hilldale and Gregory Breit Professor, University of Wisconsin - Madison Director of the IceCube Project and Distinguished Professor Director of the Institute for Elementary Particle Physics Research Affiliated Distinguished Professor, Technical University Munich, Germany (2011). International Helmholtz Award of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (2006) “… leadership experience (is) a matter of record. As a member of the advisory committee of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory, I witnessed his substantial contributions and dedicated service to some of the most important analyses.” “Kutter ranks in the top tier of particle astrophysicists of his generation … Neutrino physics is at the intellectual frontiers of particle physics … Kutter is ideally placed to capitalize on this development” “… would undoubtedly qualify for this promotion at UW–Madison. This promotion is consistent with the outstanding quality and international reputation of LSU’s particle astrophysics program.”

10 Arthur B. McDonald Director, Sudbury Neutrino Observatory Gordon and Patricia Gray Chair in Particle Astrophysics, Queen’s Univ. 2006 - Present T.W. Bonner Prize in Nuclear Physics from the American Physical Society, 2003 Canadian Association of Physicists Medal for Lifetime Achievement in Physics, 2003 Gerhard Herzberg Canada Gold Medal for Science and Engineering, 2003 “… strong collaborator on the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory … “ “ …clear speaker and has also presented his work well at collaboration meetings. He also works well with graduate and undergraduate students. “ “… a well known international expert in the field of neutrino physics and has been an effective leader of a research team at LSU “ “On the basis of my direct observations of his research work on the SNO experiment, his ability to develop and lead a university research group, his contributions to research and service at LSU, his international reputation and his future potential, I consider Thomas Kutter to be well qualified for promotion”

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