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Coping with Kidding Caprine Outing September 18, 2010 Mary C. Smith DVM.

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1 Coping with Kidding Caprine Outing September 18, 2010 Mary C. Smith DVM

2 Topics to be covered  Breeding  Pregnancy diagnosis  Some problems during pregnancy  Vaccination and nutrition programs  Normal parturition  Dystocia  Care of the kid, including colostrum  Reviving weak kids  Floppy kid disease  Record keeping




6 Pregnancy diagnosis gestation ~150 d goat progesterone a nonpregnancy test real time ultrasound best sector scanner ideal (count fetuses) transabdominal, esp right side, esp 45- 90 days



9 False pregnancy of goats common in pets, out of season breedings, does intentionally not bred serum progesterone elevated fluid but no caruncles or fetus undulating walls, snow scene if ballotte abdomen



12 False pregnancy of goats “cloud burst” if self corrects sometimes bloody discharge as if aborted 5-10 mg dinoprost (Lutalyse®) or 125- 250 mcg cloprostenol (Estrumate®) repeat in 12 days


14 Tetanus and Enterotoxemia the simplest vaccination program two or three doses, then boosters at least once a year booster before kidding

15 Abortion diagnosis and prevention suspect infectious cause if >2% abort diagnostic lab support required – fetus, placenta, paired serum samples toxoplasmosis, chlamydiosis, Q fever listeriosis, Cache Valley virus, stress, iodine or selenium deficiencies

16 Goiter ! Normal thyroids <2 g

17 Abortion math  5 abortions in a flock of 50 bred does = 10% = abortion storm, almost certainly infectious  5 abortions in a flock of 500 bred does = 1% and may be normal losses – not concerned yet, but label and save fetuses and placentas  >2% is cause for concern and testing (2 abortions in a small herd)

18 Mummified fetuses are common with toxoplasmosis; the twin may be normal

19 Abortion diagnosis and prevention most diseases zoonotic wear plastic sleeves isolate aborting doe destroy fetuses and placentas cull if chlamydiosis, don’t cross foster inject long-acting oxytet 3X or feed chlortetracycline (extralabel – need vet)

20 Do you call this hay? Provide energy, protein, selenium, vitamin E

21 Pregnancy toxemia late pregnant goats carrying multiple kids twin lamb disease

22 inadequate feed offered fat mobilization fatty liver anorexia from other disease Pregnancy toxemia or ketosis

23 A full uterus crowds the rumen while kids demand more nutrients

24 Obese goat in late pregnancy cannot eat much forage fat stored in omentum takes up space doe becomes ketotic even though fat, needs higher quality forage and some grain

25 Diagnosis of pregnancy toxemia standing or lying apart depressed, may seem blind or grind teeth off feed – small fecal pellets diarrhea when fetuses die ketones in urine (be ready to collect !) ketones in blood (smell breath)

26 uterus rumen omentum has been removed

27 Normal parturition ligaments soften and disappear – within 12 hours of parturition doe waits for quiet period in barn 30 – 30 – 30 rule ballotte abdomen for additional kid if suspect a problem

28 Kidding is close! Udder full Vulva relaxed Slight mucus Ligaments around base of tail gone

29 Assisting parturition wash vulva sterile glove lubricant (Dawn)

30 The glove protects you and the doe from infection

31 Meconium stained = Help now!





36 Correction of dystocia elevate hindquarters or turn dam over lamb puller epinephrine 1 cc IM one front leg and head one hind leg cut off head if dead subcutaneous fetotomy penicillin, flunixin IV, tetanus prophylaxis



39 Caesarian section if does not respond rapidly to medical treatment of pregnancy toxemia if > 141 days gestation pretreat with 20 mg dexamethasone if surgery delayed or kids premature, to develop surfactant in the lungs local anesthesia injected in the flank or gas anesthesia blindfold, don’t give xylazine


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