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By Fantastic Group WelcomeWelcome to Our School 4 Junior High School of Bandung.

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1 By Fantastic Group WelcomeWelcome to Our School 4 Junior High School of Bandung


3 After 4 years of Indonesian independence, exactly on the date of 9 September 1949 feet of a school by name Abuse and grow to form the name SMP Negeri 4 Bandung. Throughout his journey SMP Negeri 4 Bandung Emerging Filial even makes the parent to another public school, such as SMP 30 Bandung located at Jl. Sekejati.

4 1. Rd. Th Djadjadisastra s.d Rd. Ali Kartakusumah s.d Th R.Md.S. Th Hadiprawiro s.d Endar Muda Siregar s.d Th Rd. Th NAyadinata Nonong s.d Djatnika s.d Th Sujana HAdisumarta, BA. Th s.d Drs. Th Hartoyo s.d Drs. Asep Supriyadi s.d Th H.E. Hasan Badjuri, BA. Th s.d

5 11 Drs. H. Ateng Subrata, SH. Th Drs. H. Th Trisnasuandi Ateng s.d Drs. H. Th Sutresna Machdar s.d W. Sunandar, BA. Th Drs. Djudju Sundjadja s.d W Th Drs. H. Drajat, M.M.Pd. Th 2002 s.d Drs. H.K. Edi Permadi, M.M.Pd. Th s.d Suyanto, S.Pd., M.Pd. Th S.d Drs. H. Adang Komara, M.M.Pd. Th s.d now

6 VISION Excellence in achievement, insightful, ethical and berakhlakul karimah manners

7 mision MISSION 1. Optimizing teaching effectively. 2. Generate output suitable students to national standards. 3. Foster a spirit of students in the field of ektrakurikuler. 4. Develop on profess religion, thereby becoming a source kearipan in everyday acts. 5. Empowering students with vision IMTAQ and science and technology. 6. Empowering Teachers and personnel 7. Preparing extracurricular Volleyball and basketball so well that produces the best performance at the city of Bandung. 8. Creating a culture of orderly, conducive and quality.

8 Strategy STRATEGY Improved infrastructure, increasing personnel knowledge, foster cooperation and kinship, optimal service improvement, implementation of work in accordance with the program.

9 Featured Programs 1. Schools Become an International School Standard 2. Developing Attitudes and Religious Competencies 3. Developing Potential Students 4. Developing language skills, science and Information Technology 5. Increasing the input and output

10 1. Building Space Science Laboratory 2. Building a virtual library 3. Completing the Library Services and Tools, Multimedia and Computer Lab 4. Repair and Field Sports Pengecetan 5. LAN Infrastructure Network Development (Intranet and Internet) 6. Development of Information Systems School (SIS)

11 Drs. H. Adang Komara, M.M.Pd. is the head of SMP Negeri 4 Bandung to 19 since the founding of this school in Born in Bandung in Spending a little time to complete the senior secondary level in Bandung. Colleges that follow are Unpas Bandung Adpen led him to become a scholar in 1987, the completion of Masters in Management Education in 2003 at the Islamic University of Nusantara Bandung.

12 Drs. H. Adang Komara, MMPd started his career in education in became Master SDN 2 Paseh, teachers SMPN 2 Paseh years , head of Pondok Gede Bekasi SMPN , head of SMP 41 Bandung Year , the Head SMP 11 Bandung Year , head of SMP Negeri 4 starting in 2008 until now through SK Bandung Mayor 821.2/Kep.060- BKD/2008 number







19 We love our school so much, come to our school and we would like to show you everything about our school.

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