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Easter in Italy Pasqua in Italia EASTER IN ITALY PASQUA IN ITALIA.

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1 Easter in Italy Pasqua in Italia EASTER IN ITALY PASQUA IN ITALIA

2 Pasqua, Pesach, Pascha Pascha comes from ancient greek: Pascho =to suffer But also from Aramaic: Pesach =Passage Latin: pascha Italian: Pasqua Monastery of Novalesa in springtime Turin Alps 800 d.C.

3 The Holy Week La Settimana Santa In Italy we celebrate the Holy Week, the last week of Lent, between the Palms Sunday and Easter Eve. Easter is a moveable feast and the Easter Sunday is the first Sunday following full moon on or after the spring equinox.

4 Palm Sunday Domenica delle Palme It’s the last Sunday before Easter. It commemorates Jesus’triumphal entry in Jerusalem. In Italy we celebrate it with processions of worshipers carrying blessed palms or olive branches. These are then placed at the entrance of houses or above beds until the following year’s Palm Sunday

5 The Holy Thursday Giovedì Santo Missa in cena Domini The Mass of the Lord’s Supper is celebrated on the evening and commemorates the Last Supper of Jesus with his disciples. It inaugurates the Easter Triduum, 3 days which recall the Passion, Death and Resurrection of the Christ. Colour: white During the Mass, the priest washes the feet of 12 people, as many as the apostles Perugino The Last Supper, Convento S.Onofrio Foligno 1494

6 Leonardo Last Supper Chiesa si Santa Maria delle Grazie Milan 1494

7 Good Friday Venerdì Santo On Holy Friday, Catholics recall the passion and crucifixion of Jesus. Every Italian town organises its own holy representation of the Via Crucis, with the stations of the Cross. During the Mass, people venerates the Crucifix by kissing the feet. Colour: red, as the blood of Je sus TORINO 2013

8 Via Crucis in Sordevolo (Biella)

9 Giotto, Scrovegni Chapel, Padua 1305 Mantegna, 1457 Louvre, Paris Lotto, Monte San Giusto 1531 Reni, S.Lorenzo in Lucina, Rome 1669 Tiepolo, Chiesa San Martino, Burano (VE)1727 THE PASSION IN ITALIAN ART

10 Easter Eve and Easter Sunday Veglia pasquale The resurrection of Jesus is celebrated with a Vigil service after nightfall: the most touching moment is the ceremony of Fire, when the Church is completely dark and, then, enlightened by the candles of the worshipers. Colour: white and gold

11 Easter Monday Pasquetta It’s also called «Lunedì dell’Angelo» (Angel’s Monday), when the Angel appeared to the women near the grave of Jesus. We celebrate it with family and friends going outside the town for pic-nics and short trips

12 L’ Agnello The Easter Lamb Raffaello Sacra Famiglia dell’Agnello 1507

13 La Colomba The Easter Dove Piero della Francesca Battesimo di Cristo 1440 ca Mosaico Ravenna

14 L’Uovo The Easter Egg Piero della Francesca, Pala Montefeltro, Milano, 1472 Wooden Madonna, Collegiata of Alatri, XII century

15 Weso ɫ ich Swiat Wielkanocnych SÁSTA NA CÁScA HAPPY EASTER Gledilega Paska Buona Pasqua

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